Here’s Everything You Should Know About Customer Testimonials

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Customer Testimonials

What are some important things that you notice while buying a new product from an online store? In my case, the discount on the product, its delivery period, and the feedback of its existing users would be some of the most important things. After all, the existing testimonials of its users can make or break the image of a product.

The good news is that you can also make the most of the customer testimonials in your favor. Here, I will let you know how we can leverage customer stories and feedback to sell your products and gain the trust of your new users.

What Are Customer Testimonials and Why to Use Them

In a nutshell, customer testimonials consist of all kinds of reviews and experience stories of users for a relevant product. They act as social proof, letting us gain the trust of our new users by improving the overall credibility of a product or service.

Let’s say we have two online stores that have been selling similar products for almost a year. The first platform has tons of customer stories listed of people who have bought and enjoyed their purchases. On the other hand, the second store simply has a listing of the product with no existing testimonials. Chances are that you are more likely to purchase the product from the first store if all the other parameters (like pricing and delivery period) are the same.

What Are Customer Testimonials and Why to Use Them - DSers
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That’s why it is recommended to have positive customer testimonials as they can largely affect the overall psychology of your buyers while improving the credibility of your business.

How to Collect Customer Testimonials and Feedback

Now that you know the importance of having genuine customer stories, let’s have a quick look at how you can collect them. Most professionals have admitted that getting fast and genuine feedback from their customers is one of the most challenging parts of the job. To overcome this (and make the process a whole lot easier), you can try the following suggestions.

Tip 1: Leave a Customer Feedback Form after the Purchase

If you are looking forward to getting feedback from your customers right after their purchase, then consider leaving a dedicated form. For instance, once they have made the online purchase of the order (or after they have received it), a form like this can be displayed.

Tip 1: Leave a Customer Feedback Form after the Purchase - DSers
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I would recommend not having a lengthy form and only including the necessary questions (not more than 5-6) so that your customers can easily fill them out. You can have an optional comment section or just ask your customer to rate the purchase instead.

Tip 2: Send them an Email Asking for Their Feedback

This is one of the smoothest and most popular ways of getting customer testimonials. Let’s say a customer  bought a product from your online store and it was delivered a few days ago. Now, you can simply send them an email, asking them about their testimonials for the purchase.

Tip 2: Send them an Email Asking for Their Feedback - DSers
Source: Amazon

Most online sellers (like Amazon and Etsy) come up with a dynamic email template that lets their customers rate the product and even write their reviews in the email body. Once they reply, their feedback is directly posted on the product page for other users to see.

Tip 3: Get Customer Feedback from Other Platforms

Even though customers might not post a direct review on your website, they could leave some testimonials on other platforms. For instance, a while back, I ordered food from a local restaurant. Afterward, I left a review on their Google Business page instead of their website so that more people can know about their cuisines and services.

That’s why platforms like Yelp, Google Business, Facebook, and even Twitter have become a goldmine to collect customer stories. Make sure you go through these social and review platforms every now and then and reply to your customers to start a conversation.

Tip 3: Get Customer Feedback from Other Platforms - DSers
Source: Google Business

Tip 4: Use Post Purchase Survey Apps

Lastly, if you have an extensive business, then you can also take the assistance of dedicated third-party applications to collect customer stories. For instance, if you are working on Shopify or WooCommerce, then you can find readily available apps that you can integrate into your store.

You can later set up your preferences to automatically send post-purchase surveys to your customers, collect them, and display them on the product page however you like.

Make the Most of Customer Testimonials with These Tips

Great! By now, you would certainly know how to collect customer testimonials and stories for your products or services tactfully. Afterward, you can consider following these tips and tricks to utilize the collected testimonials in smart ways of improving your brand reputation and sales.

Tip 1: Know When and How to Ask for Feedback from Your Customers

The most important thing you need to consider is how and when to approach your customers. Ideally, you should keep the following things in mind before you reach out to a customer asking for their feedback.

  • Their loyalty to your store: This is because recurring customers are more likely to give positive feedback than new ones.
  • The money they have spent: It has been observed that customers who have bought a more expensive item are more likely to leave feedback about their experience.
  • Their overall experience: If they have already reached out to you with negative feedback recently, then you should be a bit cautious about asking them for a testimonial. Instead, you should wait for a while or let them make another purchase beforehand.

Also, try not to spam your customers with feedback emails or calls, as they might get irritated. Consider leaving a single feedback email, and you can drop a follow-up email after that – if they are interested in leaving a review, they will get back to you.

Tip 2: Make Sure You Display the Feedback of your Customers

You should already know the importance of customer testimonials. If your product has a lot of positive reviews, then chances are that a new customer is more likely to buy it.

Tip 2: Make Sure You Display the Feedback of your Customers - DSers
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Therefore, you should consider integrating the reviews of your existing customers on the product page. You can either come up with a dedicated review page or just include some of the best testimonials on the native product page as well.

Tip 3: Integrate them into Case Studies and Websites

Remember, there are so many ways to display customer testimonials apart from including them on your product pages. For example, if you are coming up with a white paper or a case study for your service or product, then including some positive testimonials would be an ideal solution.

Tip 3: Integrate them into Case Studies and Websites - DSers
Source: DSers

You can also consider posting some positive customer stories and reviews on your website. If you have a look at our website, you can also check how we have displayed tons of positive customer reviews that help us gain the trust of our new users.

Tip 4: Come up with Dedicated Pages for Customer Stories

Lastly, you can also come up with dedicated pages to display detailed customer stories on your websites or blogs. There are all kinds of customer testimonial examples that you can browse and learn from as well.

A snippet of various customer testimonials on your website would also be a great idea. If a visitor wants, they can simply click on it to read a detailed story of the overall experience of your customer. In this way, you can establish a more personal connection with your visitors and let them understand your products too.

Tip 4: Come up with Dedicated Pages for Customer Stories - DSers
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Give More Power to Your Dropshipping Business with DSers

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Final Words

I’m sure that after reading this informative post, you can certainly utilize customer testimonials in your favor. As you can see, I have included all kinds of tips to collect and display customer stories in the most feasible way that any online store owner can implement.

You can also consider some amazing customer testimonial examples and learn from them. If you want to give more power to your dropshipping store and manage everything in one place, then a tool like DSers would be an ideal pick.

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