7 Best Domain Name Registrars to Start Your Online Dropshipping Business

7 Best Domain Name Registrars to Start Your Online Dropshipping Business

Your brand as a whole, including your dropshipping business, is heavily dependent on your domain name. You'll need to purchase, register, and host a domain for your website.

This process might feel difficult and convoluted. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the best domain registrar for your online dropshipping business.

What Is Domain Name Registrar

What Is Domain Name Registrar - DSers

A domain name registrar is a business that provides and registers website domain names. The non-profit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages domain names. Each and every domain name registrar is accredited by ICANN.

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Domain names enable optimal internet usage for everyone. When going to websites without domain names, one must input a long IP address string. To make domain names broadly accessible, ICANN enables businesses to submit an application for accreditation and to become domain registrars.

Why Is Domain Name Registrar Important

Why Is Domain Name Registrar Important - DSers

A domain name registrar is essential for a dropshipping business since it enables you to reserve and secure a distinctive domain name for your website. Customers will locate and remember your website more quickly; as a result, helping to create your brand.

A domain name registrar can also offer other services like email hosting and privacy protection that can help you safeguard your personal information and present a professional image for your company.

How to Choose the Right Domain Registrar

How to Choose the Right Domain Registrar - DSers

Despite the abundance of domain name registration services available, choosing the right one for your requirements may be challenging. Some recommendations for choosing a domain registrar are shown below.

  • Reasonable Cost: The price of domain names varies depending on the domain extension. Examine a few reputable registrars and find out how much they are willing to charge for your top domain names.
  • Renewal Prices: Typically, renewing a domain is more than the initial registration fee. Review their terms and pricing to find out which registrar firms provide the most reasonable renewal costs. Additionally, you might wish to choose a domain registrar that has simple renewal procedures and no complex clauses.
  • Transparent Processes: When choosing a domain registrar for your website, you should search for the same level of openness that you should have in your business. A trustworthy business has nothing to conceal from its clients. Choose a registrar firm that is open and honest about its costs, policies, and procedures.
  • Domain Expiration Policy: Check your registrar's domain expiry policy before purchasing a domain name. Reputable registration firms lock the acquired domain to your account for a grace period after expiration so you can renew it.
  • Additional Services: Along with selling domain names, several well-known domain registrars also provide additional services like web hosting, security, email hosting, and email marketing, DMARC setup... If you sign up for their other services, some businesses may even give you the domain name for free.
  • Security and Data Privacy: Always pick a registrar that you can trust not to sell your data to third parties or engage in unethical behavior. They also should provide security methods to protect your domain from hacking. If you launch your website without doing this vital research, you'll be in a difficult situation.
  • Transfer Process and Fees: Even though most reputable registrars will not add extra fees for transferring domains, you should review their rules in advance.
  • Reliable Support: Do thorough research on the registrant firms you are considering, and look at user testimonials on their customer service. Before making a final choice, you could also think about phoning the support staff.

7 Best Domain Name Registrars to Start Dropshipping

The most effective domain registrars will simplify the registration procedure for you and make it simple to complete (as it should be). The top 7 domain name registrars are listed below if you want to establish an online dropshipping business.


Shopify - DSers

Shopify is one of the best domain registrars for setting up an online dropshipping business. It provides all the capabilities and tools required to build up every aspect of a website, from applications and themes to site navigation and content organization.

You don't need to go through laborious DNS forwarding procedures since each domain you establish via Shopify is immediately connected to your online business. Shopify is your ideal domain registrar if you want to create an online dropshipping business.

Key Features:

  • You may create an infinite number of email forwarding addresses to send emails to the addresses of your choice (for example, sales@yourdomain.com).
  • WHOIS privacy protects the privacy of your data. Your information will never be visible on Shopify's public registration records.
  • Transferring a domain is simple and may be done from or to Shopify.
  • Services that are included or added on. Shopify has all the tools you need to launch an online store.


The annual cost of registering a domain is between $11 and $14. There are no extra costs or hidden charges; renewal pricing is the same as your first purchase price.


GoDaddy - DSers

GoDaddy is by far the largest domain registrar on the market, even though it might not be the oldest. With over 17 million customers, it has a sizable consumer base. Currently, GoDaddy oversees more than 75 million domains. This should illustrate how well-liked it is.

Prices increased rationally as the business gained control of the domain name market. You should be aware that GoDaddy's domain name prices are higher than the industry standard if you plan to purchase one.

Key Features:

  • Domain name search.
  • New domain extensions.
  • Bulk domain search.
  • WHOIS.
  • Domain name generator.
  • Domain protection and privacy.
  • Domain transfer.
  • Domain auctions.
  • Domain investor tools.


  • .mobi domains: From $7.17/year
  • .org domains: From $9.17/year
  • .com domains: From $12.17/year
  • During the first year, WHOIS costs $8 per month.

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Google Domains

Google Domains - DSers

Google made the decision to take advantage of its standing in the IT industry and draw customers that prioritize doing business with well-known, reliable brands. Google created Google Domains to make it simple for people and companies to register domains.

It's pretty simple to become acquainted with Google Domains. It offers one of the most significant domain search options, a clear price structure, and a simple user interface. Discounts, exclusive offers, and ongoing promotions are not available.

Key Features:

  • Domain search.
  • Protection of privacy
  • Domain transfer.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Domain reports.


  • .com, .us, .net, .dev, and .org domains: From $12/year.
  • .app domains: From $14/year.
  • .me domains: From $20/year.
  • .tech domains: From $40/year.
  • .store domains: From $50/year.


Namecheap - DSers

NameCheap belongs to the veteran's club of the domain name registrar. It was established in 2000. NameCheap now oversees more than 5 million domains.

Customers may search domains in batches of up to 50 thanks to its excellent domain search usability. The search results are arranged so you may quickly get understand. You may view well-liked, global, reduced, and fresh domains.

Key Features:

  • Domain name search.
  • Domain marketplace.
  • Domain transfer.
  • New TLDs.
  • WhoisGuard.
  • WHOIS lookup service.
  • PremiumDNS.
  • FreeDNS.
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • .com domains: From $8.88/year
  • .net domains: From $11.98/year
  • .org domains: From $12.98/year
  • .io domains: From $28.88/year


Hover - DSers

Hover fulfills the job flawlessly, in contrast to other registrars on our list that lack a dedicated web page for outlining the pricing policies and programs as we wanted. You will be able to calculate the precise cost for the domain you select. Given the length of the list, take your time comparing costs to those of other offers. As long as you stick with the firm, Hover has several capabilities and gives a free WHOIS service.

Key Features:

  • Domain search.
  • TLD domains.
  • Domain transfer.
  • WHOIS service.
  • Customer support via email and live chat.


  • .com domains: From $12.99/year
  • .org domains: From $13.99/year
  • .net domains: From $15.49/year
  • .mobi domains: From $19.99/year


Domain.com - DSers

The primary target market for Domain.com's services is small and medium-sized companies. The business has been operating for about 20 years and is recognized as one of the top domain registrars in the industry.

More than 25 country codes are supported by Domain.com, which also provides non-premium top-level domains (TLD).

Key Features:

  • Domain search.
  • Domain transfer.
  • Premium domains.
  • New domain extensions.
  • WHOIS lookup.
  • Domain privacy and protection.
  • 24/7 live chat support.


  • .com domains: From $9.99/year
  • .net domains: From $12.99/year
  • non-premium TLD: From $2.99/year
  • Privacy and protection: $6.99



In the field of domain registration, IONOS is a pioneer. It was initially established in 1988 under the name 1&1. United Internet, a provider of internet services in Germany, is the owner of IONOS. There isn't much to say when a domain registrar has a history spanning more than 30 years. It includes all the functionality required to purchase domains.

Key Features:

  • Domain transfer.
  • Domain guard.
  • Domain name search.
  • Domain lock.
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • .com, .org, .net, .biz domains: From $1/year. Then go up to $15 and $20 for the second year.
  • .app domains: From $12/year. Then go up to $25 for the next year.
  • .blog domains: From $6/year. Then go up to $40 for the next year.
  • .shop domains: From $5/year. Then go up to $50 for the next year.

Bonus Tips on Choosing Domain Names

Choosing domain names is crucial, after all! Check the items on this list that you agree with as you go:

  • Suitable domain name: Regardless of what marketing gurus advise, you should be content with the name's sound and meaning.
  • Short enough: In general, a length of up to 10–12 characters is acceptable. Right, you want people to remember your name quickly.
  • Easy to type: It's important about how well-known your brand is. Let's say you selected a well-known term but used its letters in a non-standard arrangement.
  • Long-term use: When it comes to dropshipping, expanding your product offering is simple. Even if you want to, you can change your business specialization somewhat. Would the domain still be applicable if you ever add additional product categories to your business?
  • Available on social media: Consider that the name you just chose has already been used to open a Facebook account by someone else.
  • Good history: Look into its history even if you're not purchasing it from an actual past owner. However, this domain probably has a past.

Final Words

These domain name registrars are all equipped with practical features. Searching online makes it challenging to choose just one thing as the finest choice. Comparing the domain registrars described in the post will help you to weed out those that provide fewer free services. Discover more dropshipping tips on DSers Blog.

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