Taking the Potential of Dropship Bundles to Increase AOV and Sales

Taking the Potential of Dropship Bundles to Increase AOV and Sales

As the dropshipping industry has a low entry barrier and is not a brand-new thing, you must face many competitors regardless of your niche. Though you have taken efforts to pick the performed-well products, it’s better to invest your time in looking for effective selling strategies to attract customers and engage them with your dropshipping business.

Through a careful investigation, we have found that one of the best sales techniques is to dropship bundles, with which you can increase your AOV as well as your total sales.

In this blog, let’s learn what dropship bundles are, why you should have a try on them, how to create attractive dropshipping bundles and what could be a good tool to help you in the process.

What Are Dropship Bundles

Dropship bundles are a combination of main products and other products providing additional functionality that you can sell in your dropshipping business. Usually, they are sold at discounted prices and are more compelling than selling them individually.

Benefits of Dropshipping Product Bundles

Now let’s take a look at why it’s in your interest to dropship bundles when you market your brand.

Increase Total Revenue

As bundles create upselling or cross-selling opportunities for your dropshipping product, you are likely to sell more items to a single customer under this strategy, thus increasing the average order value as well as sales and revenue.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Bundles provide convenience to customers by offering a curated selection of products that are often complementary to each other. Instead of spending a lot of time searching for individual items separately, your customers can purchase a bundle that includes everything they need in one package.

In addition, bundles always provide customers with a product kit with a higher value or meet their needs, which can make them happier with your awareness of their preferences.

Clear Slow-moving Inventory

Bundles can be a great way to clear out your slow-moving or excess product inventory. By bundling less popular products with more popular ones, you can boost the sales of slower-moving items and prevent inventory stagnation.

6 Ways to Create Your Dropship Bundles

Creating dropshipping product bundles requires careful consideration to ensure that the bundled products are appealing to customers. Here are some ways to create product bundles:

1. Multiples of the Same Product

This way of bundling products can be the easiest option that boosts your sales because you just need to put several same products in one bundle and sell them with a BOGO strategy and offer a discounted price.

DSers dropshipping

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2. Complementary Products

One good way to create bundles is to apply the cross-selling strategy, which allows you to create a set of products that are supplementary or related to each other. By using the technique, you can attract more customers who desire your dropshipping bundles and generate more revenue. So how does this technique work?

For example, if you sell kitchen appliances, you can create a bundle that includes a blender, a set of measuring cups and spoons, and a cookbook. This allows you to cross-sell products that are commonly used together. The key is to offer products that enhance the main product or provide a complete solution.

3. Upgrades and Add-ons

In addition to complementary products, you can also provide upgrades and add-ons. That’s where the upselling sales tactic comes in. Upselling can be used to create a package of main products and upgrades or additions to the main products.

For instance, if you sell smartphones, you can create a dropship bundle that includes a phone case, screen protector, and wireless earphones. This allows customers to get everything they need for an enhanced experience with the primary product.

4. Seasonal or Theme-Based Bundles

Throughout the whole year, there are as many holidays, festivals, and hot events as you can imagine. You can take advantage of those themes that fit your brand best to make your own unique bundles and stand out from the competition. You can also focus on seasonal best-sellers to develop trending bundles.

For instance, during the holiday season, you can offer a gift bundle that includes a variety of heart-warming products, such as a candle set, a scarf, and a journal. This way, your customers are more willing to purchase your products because you give your products sentimental value to make them more pleasant.

5. Tiered Bundles

As your target audience can vary a lot, you may find it hard to develop a single standard of dropship product offers. In this situation, you can offer tiered bundles that are more flexible and meet different customers’ budgets.

Specifically, you can offer bundles at different price points that can cater to different customer segments. For example, you can create basic, standard, and premium bundles. A higher-priced bundle can include additional features or products.

6. Exclusive or Limited Edition Bundles

Customers always like the feeling of being treated specially. For this reason, you can create a sense of exclusivity by offering exclusive or limited edition bundles including special edition products, distinctive packaging or limited-time discounts and so on.

This strategy can make customers more excited and encourage them to purchase your products immediately after you launch the dropship bundles.

Effortlessly Create Bundles for Dropshipping with DSers

Now that you know the approaches to creating outstanding dropshipping bundles, you can decide on which one best suits your business strategy. If you do not arrange much time for this work, we recommend that you use DSers. It is a dropshipping tool that can help you with product offers effortlessly and efficiently.

Set up Multiple Dropship Bundles with Multiple Suppliers

If you want to upsell or cross-sell your products, you can add products that will cater to customers’ main requirements and then add some products that have additional features or related functionality. With the DSers Bundle feature, you can bundle up to 10 items that may source from up to 10 different suppliers, which gives you enough freedom to adjust your pack of products.

Before you can use the feature normally, you need to create your bundle options in your store and import them to DSers. Then you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the My Products page to access the Mapping Card.

Step 2: Click the Bundle tab and turn the button to the right of Status.

Step 3: In the Product column, choose the supplier variants that you want to connect to a specific variant.

Step 4: In the Quantity column, edit the number of your selected variants and click Save.

Create Dropship Bundles - Set up Multiple Dropship Bundles with Multiple Suppliers - DSers

Quickly Create Buy One Get One Product Offers

If you are selling trending products or consumables, it’s a good idea to sell them using the BOGO strategy to provide customers with multiple same products at a lower price than buying them separately.  Good offers could be like Buy One Get One Free, Buy 2 Get One Free, Buy 1 Get 2nd at half price and so on. In DSers, you are able to offer various BOGO bundles in the same place, which can save you time to some degree.

Step 1: Go to the My Products page to access the Mapping Card.

Step 2: Click the BOGO tab and turn the button to the right of Status.

Step 3: Under the BUY column, set your Main Product and edit Quantity.

Step 4: Under the GET column, set your Gift Product and edit Quantity and click Save.

Create Dropship Bundles Bundles - Quickly Create BOGO Product Offers - DSers

Plus, DSers enables you to bulk set supplier products for your BOGO or Bundle options if necessary. You can turn on the button under the BUY or GET column shown below to set the same suppliers other options as you set for the first option in bulk, which will save you time on doing repeated work.

Create Dropship Bundles - Offer BOGO Product offers in Bulk - DSers


From the above, you have learned about the importance of dropshipping bundles, strategies to develop your own dropship bundles and our recommendation for effortless bundling products for dropshipping. Now it’s time to analyze how to effectively incorporate those useful resources into your daily product selling strategies and thus achieve more sales and revenue. For more compelling articles, you can check our DSers blog.

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