How to Dropship Phone Cases Online - Detailed Guide in 2024

How to Dropship Phone Cases Online - Detailed Guide in 2024

Updated by March 18,2024

As an online dropshipper or store owner, selling phone cases is an outstanding product category to get into. Phone cases are constantly in demand and come in various styles, prices, and materials to appeal to different customers.

In this detailed guide, let’s walk through how to start dropshipping phone cases in 2024. By following these best practices, you can build a successful dropshipping business, selling high-quality phone cases to customers worldwide.

Why Sell Phone Cases

Phone cases represent an ideal product for dropshippers to sell. Constant high demand for a wide range of stylish and affordable phone cases exists. Next Move Strategic Consulting estimated the worldwide market for mobile phone accessories to be worth around 278 billion dollars in 2020. The market is anticipated to be worth 413.2 billion US dollars by 2030.

why sell phone case - DSers

As a trendy fashion accessory, phone cases frequently change, enabling dropshippers to stay on the cutting edge. At the same time, they have a large and loyal customer base, translating to steady sales and growth potential.

Phone cases also offer very attractive margins and profitability, given their low cost of goods. Multiple supplier options give dropshippers pricing leverage and flexibility. Seasonal sales around new phone releases and holidays create opportunities for promotional marketing and spikes in interest.

Is Dropshipping Phone Cases Profitable

Dropshipping phone cases possess many attributes, creating a very profitable product category for eCommerce stores and entrepreneurial dropshippers. With the benefits of dropshipping phone cases as below, it can be said that it’s absolutely profitable:

High-profit margins: Phone cases typically have 30-50% profit margins for dropshippers. For every $100 in sales, dropshippers can pocket $30-50 in profit. These kinds of margins are desirable for any e-commerce business.

Low costs: Dropshipping phone cases often have a pretty low cost for wholesale. This means dropshippers only pay a fraction of the retail price to the supplier, so their costs remain low despite marking up prices significantly.

Scalability: It is easy to increase sales and profits. As a dropshipper's business grows, costs typically remain relatively fixed while revenue continues scaling up. Much of the additional revenue drops straight to the bottom line.

Trendiness: New phone case styles, materials, prints, and accessories are constantly emerging. By frequently updating products to stay on top of trends, dropshippers can keep attracting new customers and commanding higher sale prices. Trends also fade over time, allowing dropshippers to purge outdated, lower-margin products.

DSers dropshipping

Manage Multiple Stores In One Account

Multiple Stores Management - Link and manage multiple stores on different platforms in one place


Seasonality: Releases of new iPhones and other flagship phones typically cause a spike in demand for matching new phone cases. Back-to-school and holiday seasons also often boost phone case sales, especially gift-oriented products. These seasonal events allow dropshippers to run promotions and increase sales and profits.

Multiple supplier options: There are many phone case suppliers and manufacturers that dropshippers can work with. This gives them leverage to negotiate the lowest wholesale prices, get the best terms, and switch suppliers easily if needed. You can find them on AliExpress and quickly source them to your dropshipping store by dropshipping tools from AliExpress like DSers. Let’s check out how to do it in the next part.

Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers with DSers

DSers is a popular dropshipping tool that can help you find the best dropshipping suppliers for phone cases. Finding the best dropshipping supplier for phone cases requires research and evaluation. Use DSers to narrow down your search and analyze supplier data, but always take the time to vet potential partners to ensure the success of your dropshipping business.

Now let’s take a look at the process of finding the best dropshipping suppliers for phone cases on AliExpress by DSers.

Step 1: Register DSers Account.

Step 1: Register DSers Account. - DSers

You can head to and click TRY IT FREE to start. Just need to enter your email and password to register your new DSers account.

Step 2: Set up Your DSers Account

After successfully registering your account, you need to take some simple steps to set up your account:

Step 2: Set up Your DSers Account - DSers

Select your Platform: You can link to the platform that you are launching your dropshipping store on.

Link your AliExpress account: You need to link your AliExpress to source dropshipping phone cases from AliExpress.

Link your AliExpress account - DSers

Step 3: Start Tutorials

Then, you can take time to discover the tutorials or keep clicking Next to skip the tutorials.

Step 3: Start Tutorials - DSers

Step 4: Find Your Best Phone Case Dropshipping Suppliers

This is the most essential step that you should consider.

  • On the DSers dashboard, click on Find Suppliers > Enter keyword on the Search bar. You can also apply some filters like Ship from, Sorts,... to optimize your search results.
Step 4: Find Your Best Phone Case Dropshipping Suppliers - DSers

  • Here, you can start to browse the search results to pick your own phone case design with the most reasonable price.
  • After choosing the product you want to source from AliExpress, you can directly import it into your dropshipping store by clicking Add to Import List.
Add to Import List - DSers

Using the DSers Supplier Optimizer feature:

You can browse the feed to choose the suppliers above or use the Supplier Optimizer feature to find the best dropshipping suppliers for phone cases. Instead of choosing Add to Import List, click on Supplier Optimizer.

Using the DSers Supplier Optimizer feature - DSers

Then, DSers will help you list all suppliers offering the same product. You can select the best suppliers for this product based on criteria like Price, Shipping Price, Rating,...

Using dropshipping tools designed to make finding reputable suppliers simple and streamlined is an easy way to locate the best suppliers offering high-value phone cases for your dropshipping business. You can find flexible, supportive, and genuinely long-term partners by following these tips.

Why Dropship with DSers

Using tools designed to facilitate dropshipping supplier discovery and management presents many benefits. Here are some key reasons why dropshipping tools like DSers is beneficial for finding dropshipping suppliers:

Vetted supplier selection: DSers has researched and curated their lists of suppliers only to include reputable ones that provide high-quality products and offer good value. They weed out problematic suppliers to save time and ensure you start with trusted partners.

Product images and info: DSers provides product photos, descriptions, specifications, and details to view and compare different options quickly. This minimizes time spent searching for products and ensures you choose ones that appeal to your customers.

Price and negotiation support: DSers shows estimated wholesale or dropshipping prices for products to help determine the best overall value. They can also help negotiate volume discounts or find lower-cost alternatives if prices seem too high to maximize your profit margins.

Standardized transactions: Finding, evaluating, and purchasing from multiple suppliers can be time-consuming and complicated. A streamlined tool like DSers takes care of much of the workload with standardized procedures, paperwork, and payment systems for all listed suppliers. Things "just work" and require minimal effort.

Easy comparisons with Supplier Optimizer: When there are endless options, it is easy to become overwhelmed trying to determine the best products and suppliers objectively. DSers has algorithms and research behind their selections to surface only the choices that offer the top quality, selection, service, value, and viability as dropshipping partners. They make finding the true winners more straightforward.

Educational resources: In addition to curated supplier and product selections, DSers offer guides, how-to articles, video tutorials, and other resources for dropshippers. This education helps you avoid common pitfalls, make better business decisions, improve efficiency, and build a successful company. You gain valuable insight from experts and industry leaders. Check out more on DSers Blog.

Final Words

Dropshipping phone cases can be very lucrative, with consistent demand, high margins, low costs, and growth opportunities. For finding reputable wholesale suppliers that offer the best products at the most affordable prices, dropshipping tools like DSers were explicitly created to support e-commerce entrepreneurs and businesses like yours.

With the strategies and advice in this guide and resources tailored to dropshippers, launching and growing a dropshipping phone case company can become a straightforward process focused on success. So take it from the experts and choose DSers to discover affordable dropshipping suppliers offering the trendiest, highest-quality phone cases your customers love.

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