Streamlining Dropship Tracking: Best Tips and Tools

Streamlining Dropship Tracking: Best Tips and Tools

If you are a dropshipper, you may get stuck when it comes to dropship tracking for your customer orders as you are not selling products directly to them but relying on suppliers to fulfill orders.

Assume that your supplier ships a customer order to the wrong shipping address or does not ship the customer's order, you may not become aware of the issue until the customer asks you to resolve the issue, which may lead to a bad customer experience and money loss. You see, it is in your interest to track dropshipping orders proactively.

Now, let’s learn what dropship tracking is, the importance of dropship tracking, tips for tracking dropshipping orders, and how the DSers tracking tool helps you as well as some related supplements that you may want to know.

What Is Dropship Tracking

Dropship tracking refers to the process of monitoring and tracing the shipment of dropshipping products from third-party suppliers directly to the end customers. It allows dropshippers to monitor the status of shipment in real-time, from the moment the package leaves the supplier’s warehouse until it reaches the customer’s address.

The Importance of Dropship Tracking

By taking advantage of dropshipping order tracking, dropship merchants can benefit a lot. Let’s cover them one by one below.

Ensure Shipment Transparency

Tracking order shipment dynamics can help you stay informed about the shipping progress, ensuring a smooth and transparent delivery process. Transparency is key to urging suppliers to ship products on time.

Quickly Identify Issues

Dropshipping order tracking can help you identify shipment accidents as soon as possible. For example, with dropship tracking, when an order is not shipped on time or shipped to the wrong destination, you can detect any shipping-related issues early and promptly respond to them to address them.

Increase Customer Experience

Once you have quipped your dropshipping business with the tracking service, you will be able to increase the customer experience because you can not only provide accurate and up-to-date tracking information to your customers but also resolve shipping problems early for them the moment you know.

Tips for Order Tracking in Dropshipping

As a dropshipper, order tracking is crucial for ensuring smooth order fulfillment and providing excellent customer service. Here are some specific tips to optimize dropship tracking:

Work with Reliable Tracking Providers

If you want to partner with other order-tracking parties to track your dropshipping orders, you’d better research the order-tracking industry before you make a choice. Good tracking providers could be those that offer accurate tracking details, provide tracking progress in time, include estimated delivery time and more.

For example, a dropshipping app like DSers has developed a Tracking Tool that will give clear order status descriptions, such as "Pending", "In transit", Pick up", "Delivered", "Expired", and "Attention".

Tips for Order Tracking in Dropshipping - Work with Reliable Tracking Providers - DSers

DSers dropshipping

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Keep Proactive Communication with Customers

You track orders for your customers because you want to be responsible for them to build customer trust in your business, so it is better to be proactive in updating customers about unexpected shipment changes.

In detail, you need to get your customers informed if there are any significant delays or issues with their orders. What’s more, you can provide timely explanations and resolutions that can alleviate their concerns and frustration.

Offer Multiple Tracking Options

If possible, you can provide customers with various tracking options such as 17track, UPS and so on, each with its own tracking capabilities. This gives customers the flexibility to choose based on their needs.

You can find out several dropshipping order tracking companies and integrate them into your existing businesses seamlessly.

Tips for Order Tracking in Dropshipping - offer Multiple Tracking Options - DSers

Automate Order Tracking Services

As advanced technology is increasingly fit in our eCommerce world, you can brace the automated systems and tools to streamline the process of order tracking for dropshipping. With those tools in hand, you will be able to free yourself from continuous order tracking monitoring.

One good idea is to create your own centralized system. Specifically, you can create a centralized system or dashboard where you can access and monitor tracking information for all your orders from different stores, which makes it easier to manage and keep track of shipments.

In case you don’t have enough code knowledge to develop the tracking system or dashboard by yourself, you can also choose to use a dropshipping app that includes the order tracking feature. This allows you to manage all your dropshipping operations in one place.

By implementing these tips, you can enhance your dropship order tracking process, improve customer satisfaction, and build a reputation for reliability and efficiency as a dropshipper.

Best Dropship Tracking Tools You May Need

When it comes to dropshipping tracking tools, there are several options available that can help you streamline your order tracking and monitoring processes. Here are some popular dropshipping tracking tools:


17TRACK is a comprehensive package tracking tool that supports over 500 carriers worldwide. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface to track multiple packages from different carriers all in one place.

Best Dropship Tracking Tools You May Need - 17track - DSers


Aftership is a widely-used shipment tracking platform that integrates with various shipping carriers. It provides real-time tracking updates and allows you to customize tracking pages with your branding.

Best Dropship Tracking Tools You May Need - Aftership - DSers


Shipway is a tracking and order notification platform that enables you to send SMS and email alerts to customers at various stages of the shipping process.

Best Dropship Tracking Tools You May Need - Shipway - DSers

Get Your Dropship Tracking Streamlined with DSers Tracking Tool

Since there are more and more automated tools for dropship order tracking, you can take one that suits your dropshipping business to try. What we think may stand out from other dropshipping tracking tools is DSers, a dropshipping app that has features from product sourcing, customization to order fulfillment&tracking.

Check Order Shipment Details All in One Place

In situations you have multiple stores, you have to switch between them to check shipment details for orders separately, which could be a hassle. However, with DSers, you can connect all your stores to one single account and check tracking information for orders from all stores in one place.

You can check below the shipment details of orders from all stores you connect to DSers.

Get Your Dropship Tracking Streamlined with DSers - Check Order Shipment Details All in One Place - DSers

Track Order Shipment Status in Real-time

By tracking order dynamics after shipment in real time, you can have more control over after-sale service. This is because when you can be clear about customer order delivery status and timely updates, you can ensure orders are shipped out smoothly and respond to orders that are not going well promptly.

As shown below, the DSers Tracking feature allows you to track orders by order status, such as "Pending", "In transit", "Pick up", "Delivered", etc.

Get Your Dropship Tracking Streamlined with DSers - Track Order Shipment Status in Real-time - DSers


If you have a lot of orders, you can take advantage of the Filter feature and the Order Search box to check shipment details for orders that you want easily.

Monitor Order Shipment Abnormals in Real Time

Ensuring that dropship tracking proceeds well is crucial for customer loyalty building. For this reason, you need to care for unusual changes in the order shipment. Otherwise, you may not know the up-to-date information about order shipment, which may cause financial loss and damage customer trust.

In DSers, you can check orders that encounter issues under the "Expired" and "Attention" tabs and quickly resolve them. Please note that the former means that the order delivery status could not be tracked and the latter means that the order's shipment encounters abnormal situations, such as returned packages, or customs detention.

Bonus Tips: Dropship Inventory and Order Status Tracking

In addition to dropship order tracking, you can also utilize automated technology to track dropship inventory and order status to manage your business more efficiently.

Automate Dropship Inventory Tracking

You can use softwares or tools that provide real-time updates on your supplier's inventory levels. With those softwares or tools, you can make changes to product stock to avoid selling out-of-stock products.

Automate Dropship Order Processing Tracking

You can use a centralized order processing tracking system that not only allows you to track all your dropshipping orders in one place but also automatically fetch tracking orders and tracking numbers from your suppliers and update them to your store.


Though you don’t need to keep stock on your own, it is important for you to pay attention to dropship tracking as it affects your customer satisfaction and your business performance. As mentioned in the article, there are many aspects that you can take some time to follow to improve tracking for dropshipping orders. For other eCommerce tips, tools or practices, feel free to check DSers Blog.

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