Dropshipping Clothes from AliExpress: A Stepwise Guide to Success

Dropshipping Clothes from AliExpress: A Stepwise Guide to Success

Have you just decided that dropshipping is your go-to business option?

If so, then we explain how you can dropship clothes to receive optimum benefits from this market.

According to Statista, e-commerce revenue of retail apparel reached USD 102 billion two years back. In fact, it is estimated to reach USD 153 billion in the next three years. There’s no doubt in the fact that this market is thriving and if you dropship clothes, you can utilize various opportunities. You would never fall short of customers, and the market keeps growing every year, so you can keep introducing new apparel ideas or work in niche landscapes. All you need is the right strategy, patience to work hard for a few years and select the right selling markers.

In this post, we discuss all of it, check it out:

Why Dropship Clothes

why dropship clothes

Why should you dropship clothes? Are dropshipping clothing suppliers reliable in this market?

There are many reasons to dropship clothes, here are some of these:

  • It is a demanding landscape. There are so many ecommerce stores online that sell apparel exclusively in various niches. Some stores just sell cotton t-shirts or work-from-home clothes.
  • Promoting clothes is much easier than marketing other products. You only need to market quality products, add a few original reviews, and you will receive conversions soon.
  • You have so many dropshipping clothing suppliers. Even just on the AliExpress marketplace, you can find multiple reliable and high-quality suppliers.
  • It is always possible to upsell and cross-sell other products in the same category once you are famous or you have a customer base.

How to Dropship Clothes

So, how can you actually dropship clothes? We have explained this in three easy steps. However, that’s not it. In the following section, we have talked about factors important for dropshipping clothes; don’t forget to check it.

1.Research Your Niche

To dropship clothes, you need to first do extensive research on your niche.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Research yourself, check on Google Trends, gather intelligence from clothing sections of competitors, and randomly check on social media. This is time-consuming but cost-effective.
  • Another research method is through tools that use market data to find user preferences. It costs you money, but it is quick and fast.

To start with, you can use the first method to dropship clothes. Do your own research and spend a considerable amount of time on this activity. As the following questions:

  • What type of apparel do I like?
  • What do I see most on social media?

These questions will help you find a direction.

2.Find Target Audience

The second important consideration to dropship clothes is to find the target audience. Many dropshipping business owners completely skip this step. But, it is quite important to market correctly to the right audience.

  • What features help you define your audience?
  • What type of issue your clothes are solving?

For example, you are selling durable scrunchies with an in-built pocket. These are majorly for girls or people trying to gift something to girls. You can then drill down to people who have long or medium hair and they find it hard to secure their hair or keep money with them without carrying a bag.

In this way, you can almost always exactly define who your audience is, what they look like, what is their age group, what is their income status, etc.

Along with this, don’t over-expect. You need to first see if sellers are actually offering the quality and features you are willing to offer to your customers. Depending on the leading suppliers in the market, select the right target audience.

Research on the below queries to understand the same:

  • How financially well are my customers?
  • What would be their impulse purchases?
  • How much time do they need to buy a product?
  • What quality they are looking for?

3.Concept of the Store

Finally, select the concept of the store to dropship clothes. Everyone out there is selling clothes and there are large dropshipping clothing suppliers and many successful marketplaces for clothing. To beat them, you need to offer something different. So, really drill down and find the concept of the store.

  • Style of clothing, such as dresses
  • Material of clothing, such as cotton
  • Color of clothing, such as lavender
  • Type of clothing

For example, you can sell lavender t-shirts, pants, dresses, etc. or you can sell pure cotton daily wear clothes or office wear made of breathable fabric.

The Best Dropshipping Clothing Supplier

dropshipping clothes supplier

AliExpress has the best dropshipping clothing suppliers. The ecommerce marketplace was first started in 2010 by Alibaba Group. Since then, it has increased to more than 200,000 suppliers and various categories. It supports more than 20 payments modes and sells products to more than 200 countries. Isn’t that amazing?

With the right tricks and tools, you can find the right suppliers on AliExpress when you need to dropship clothes. Of course, in this category too, you may find various listings for one product. But, you can check user reviews to find quality products and listings.

Let’s explore how you can dropship clothes from AliExpress:

How to Dropship Clothes from AliExpress

To dropship clothes on AliExpress, you only need to do some research. From the above discussion, you may have already extracted the central idea of your store. Therefore, you know the products you need to sell. For example, let’s understand this with lavender clothing items.

  • Go to AliExpress and find lavender clothes.
  • Create categories and subcategories. For example, T-shirts, lavender crop tops, funky t-shirts, graphic tees, etc.
  • Search these categories and shortlist a few dropshipping clothing suppliers you can rely on.
  • Start adding these categories and subcategories to your Shopify or other storefront and start selling.

Use a Dropshipping Tool

dropshipping tool

An easy way to find the best dropshipping clothing supplier is through a dropshipping tool. DSers is the best tool for integrating AliExpress dropshipping. With the help of this software, you can find suppliers easily, place bulk orders, and track details. Let’s figure out how:

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


  • DSers tool has in-built intelligent or AI capabilities that help you find the right supplier. Based on your previous purchase patterns and other data, this tool helps you select the right supplier for the order placement.
  • You can place every pending order at once. With supplier optimization and bulk order placement, you can save a lot of time.
  • When you create discounted bundles or product bundles, you can place these bundle orders directly from DSers dashboard.
  • After the order is confirmed, every order is synced to DSers tool, which helps you track data and shipment. You can even offer optimum support to your users when they have queries with the help of DSers dashboard only.

Having a dropshipping tool reduces your burden and helps you find the right dropshipping clothing suppliers. You can try the DSers tool for free to understand how it works.


If you wish to dropship clothes, you need to know the fundamentals of this business model. It offers more opportunities and it is easier, but some things need to be done right. For example, quality is important. This is one thing where users never compromise on quality. So, when you are finding dropshipping clothing suppliers, you need to pay extra attention to the quality offered by the provider.

Another important thing to keep in mind is using a dropshipping tool to make your task easier. As your customer base grows, you may start facing issues in offering quality services on time. Therefore, having DSers dropshipping tool is a blessing in disguise. Visit our website, explore more functions and features of the tool, and start using it now.

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