Want to Dropship Security Products? Here Are Our Top 10 Picks

Want to Dropship Security Products? Here Are Our Top 10 Picks

You might already be familiar with the wide range of dropshipping stores that are mushrooming these days. Therefore, if you want to make your dropshipping store stand out, then you should develop a niche.

One of the up-and-coming niches, which is rapidly growing, is related to security products. To help you explore this niche, I have listed some of the best options to dropship security products that you can include in your store.

1. Security Cameras

Security cameras is considered as one of the most top-selling products in the domain that you can easily list on your store. Since security cameras can come in a diverse range, you can even have an entire store dedicated to them.

From wired to wireless and local storage to cloud backup, there are all kinds of security cameras out there. You can also sell security cameras for a specific purpose too like home security, business surveillance, outdoor security, and so on.

Security Cameras - DSers
Source: GetSafeandSound

2. Surveillance Systems and Gears

While security cameras are some hot-selling products, you can also host tons of related accessories in your store. For instance, you can consider selling entire surveillance systems including monitors, wires, hard drives, and other products.

Furthermore, there are plenty of other dropshipping-friendly security products like camera holders, LED sensors, and other accessories that you can sell.

Surveillance Systems and Gears - DSers
Source: Puffin

3. Security Alarms/Sensors

These days, people like to install different types of security alarms and sensors in their homes, businesses, schools, and several other places.

While there are plenty of options in the market, the security alarm/sensor that you plan to offer must be unique. For instance, you can consider selling high UV sensitivity sensors for the dark. There are also solar lights with motion sensors that you can sell on your store that would certainly be a unique product for your customers.

Security Alarms/Sensors - DSers
Source: Angel Security

4. Smart Door Locks

There are all kinds of smart security options out there for door locks that you can consider exploring. A lot of people install them on the main gate of their house to restrict any intruder from coming in.

Most of these smart door locks are password protected and have multiple security layers. A few of them can even be connected to your WiFi, letting you operate them from your smartphones remotely.

Smart Door Locks - DSers
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5. Smart Padlocks

If you want to dropship security products of high utility, then you can also consider selling smart padlocks. While stationary door locks are installed at the front door, these padlocks are portable and can help you lock any door/gate as per your requirements.

Furthermore, if you want to offer a must-have product, then you can also sell fingerprint sensor padlocks. These are highly advanced locks that can only be opened after scanning an authorized fingerprint of the designated person.

Smart Padlocks - DSers
Source: Trend Hunter

6. Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are one of the most evergreen products that would never go out of demand. You can target these products to new parents who want to provide a secure environment for their kids or keep an eye on them remotely.

Since there are so many different types of baby monitors, try to dropship security products that would add more value to your customers. For instance, you can sell baby monitors with night vision features and smart monitors that can easily be connected to smartphones.

Baby Monitors - DSers
Source: Pinterest

7. Sliding Window Security Lock

For all those who would like to dropship affordable security products, this would be an ideal option. A lot of people use security locks for their sliding windows, and you can easily meet their requirements with these products.

While it might not be a flagship product for your store, you can certainly list it as an add-on. You can also come up with various bundle products for door and window security with these high-utility locks.

Sliding Window Security Lock - DSers
Source: Pinterest

8. Smart Doorbells

With the ongoing pandemic, smart doorbells have become one of the essential security products. Gone are the days when people would buy any standard doorbell. These days, customers look for smart doorbells that can be connected to their phones.

Also, you can sell doorbells with an integrated camera so that your customers can easily check who is at the door from inside. A lot of smart doorbells also come with a two-way communication feature and several other security options.

Smart Doorbells - DSers
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9. Wireless Doorbells

This is another popular utility product that would add more security to the lives of your customers. If you want to dropship security products that are beginner-friendly and affordable, then wireless doorbells would be some of the best options.

Wireless doorbells have two units – one main hub (with integrated speakers) and the bell. Apart from doorbells, you can also use these products in healthcare (for taking care of elderly folks and patients).

Wireless Doorbells - DSers
Source: Pinterest

10. Emergency or Self Defense Alarms

Lastly, if you want to dropship security products that would make your customers feel secure, then you can consider selling these self-defense items. There are all kinds of personal emergency alarms that would alert others with just a single click.

Since these products are extremely lightweight, your customers can keep them handy, and take their assistance in case of emergency. If you want, you can come up with a whole range of these emergency alarms for your store as well.

Emergency or Self Defense Alarms - DSers
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DSers: The Best Place to find Security Products for Dropshipping

As you can see, there can be so many options to dropship security products from your store. The best place to find these products would be DSers, which is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool.

DSers dropshipping

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You can browse DSers to find dropshipping products from thousands of sellers in different categories. The platform is freely available and also provides a Supplier Optimization feature that would help you pick the most profitable and reliable seller for your product.

Besides that, DSers also provides tons of other options like automatic order status update, automatic syncing of tracking numbers, bulk purchase, bundle products, variant mapping, and so much more.

Over to You

There you go! As you know, there can be so many ideas to dropship security products in your store. From door locks to surveillance cameras, there are several smart products that you can consider selling.

Though, if you want to explore these security products for your dropshipping store, then consider visiting DSers. It is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool that features millions of products that you can list for your store. There are also various options that you can find in DSers to manage your store and dropshipping sellers, all in one place.

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