Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing: Which is More Worthwhile?

Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing: Which is More Worthwhile?

Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing are forms of making money in the new era. However, when placing these two forms on the weighing table, many people still wondered to choose which model for their business activities. The following article will show the advantages and disadvantages and many factors of both forms to help you choose a worthwhile one for your online business.

Dropshipping: Things You Need to Know

To choose the proper model for your started business, you need to consider the terms, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both when starting Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Dropshipping

Dropshipping, to put it simply, is a means of selling things online without having to retain any of the inventory yourself. As a dropshipper, you promote a product online and then buy it straight from the wholesaler, who then distributes it directly to the buyer for a charge.

What Is Dropshipping - DSers

Dropshipping, when done correctly, can be a very successful business since you don't have to pay for extra shipping and storage.

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping

Becoming one of the most popular business models, dropshipping has its own pros and cons. Let’s make it clear below.


Small Investment: Dropshipping requires little to none. The only expenditure required to begin a dropshipping business is the purchase of a domain name, ideal web hosting, dropshipping tool, and, if applicable, a marketing budget.

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping - DSers

More Earning: Because you have complete control over product price, dropshipping allows you to earn higher commissions. You may also enhance your revenue by expanding your product collection.

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Easier Scaling: It's easier to grow since clients can't tell the difference between an eCommerce shop and a dropshipping store. A dropshipping business might become a brand in the long term if certain of its items become popular among buyers.

More Control over Products: You have complete control over product price while dropshipping. You may use the access data to retarget your clients and increase sales. You may also boost the average order value by upselling and cross-selling your items.


Customer Support Management: As your dropshipping store's orders continue to come in throughout the day, it's critical to keep your customers updated about their purchases and the estimated delivery time, failing which will result in product cancellation.

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Little Shipping Control: Shipping delays may arise due to the vendor's convenience. The delay might range anything from a few days to weeks. The dropshipping business strategy has a considerable disadvantage in terms of shipment time.

Competition in Popular Niches: In popular niches, there is usually fierce rivalry. Customers frequently compare the items available on your website to those available on famous eCommerce sites. You must come up with novel strategies to attract people in order to sell your stuff.

Affiliate Marketing: Familiar Model

Being a familiar business model, whether you know what affiliate marketing is and its pros and cons. If you, keep reading to know the important things related to this model.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is based on a revenue-sharing model. In essence, businesses will compensate you for leads you send their way that result in a sale.

What Is Affiliate Marketing - DSers

If you run a travel blog, for example, you might publish an article on the greatest backpacks. You might use affiliate links to link to numerous products in the post. The firm will then offer you a portion of the sale if the reader purchases that product (or generally any other products on that website) within a set time frame - similar to a referral fee.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Similar to dropshipping, the affiliate marketing model also has both sides. Which are included in each side, let’s check it out!


No Need for a Huge Budget to Become an Affiliate: When you decide to do affiliate marketing, your costs are usually quite low. There is usually no fee to become an affiliate, as merchants usually pay an administrative fee (fixed) on affiliate networks. The costs that an affiliate usually has to pay are website, server, advertising (if any).

Great Source of Passive Income: Affiliate marketing is a great source of passive income. Before that, you had to build a website, produce content to increase sales conversions. And once done, you can place ads to run on your website and make money from the marketing content you create. You don't have to worry about creating products and product shipping.

Great Source of Passive Income - DSers

No Worries about Customer Support Issues: When you do affiliate marketing, affiliates provide sellers with their leads. Therefore, you don't have to be a product expert. The seller handles all customer support issues.


Only Get a Certain Percentage of Each Sale: When making the comparison between dropshipping and affiliate marketing, the biggest downside of affiliate marketing is that you get paid a commission of a certain percentage. You might have just spent $100 on advertising just to earn $50 back in commissions. Affiliate commission payouts are usually a lot lower than dropshipping.

Payment May Be Delayed: An affiliate marketing business can find it difficult to manage finances. This is because some sellers may not be trustworthy with their payment deposits. There are many great affiliate programs that make payments on time. But sometimes, one of the companies you choose to affiliate with doesn't pay on time.

Everyone Can Delete Affiliate Links: If you don't utilize a URL shortener, users may see that the link is an affiliate link if they linger over it. As a result, customers may believe that purchasing through the link is more expensive. Affiliate marketers are viewed with suspicion by many individuals. They believe they are being conned, even if they are not.

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No Control Over Products and Prices: With affiliate marketing, you have no control over the product you are promoting. You cannot control the appearance, description, price, or after-sales service of the product.

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Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing: The Comparision

Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing are different models but have many similarities. Let’s take a small comparison between these 2 business models.

The Similarities

Although dropshipping compared with affiliate marketing has many differences, they also have a lot of similarities:

  • Both all allow you to start your business without inventory or freight.
  • Both are relatively low-risk business models.
  • Both have high-income potential.
  • Both are easy to start working immediately.
  • Both require similar skill sets: advertising capabilities, traffic directions to landing pages (Sales Page), and other marketing skills.
  • You can be started with relatively low capital.

The Differences

Dropshipping and affiliate marketing are two ways to make money by selling other people's products. The appeal of these company concepts is that they are great for digital nomads. From anywhere on the planet, you can operate a profitable business. To get started, all you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

The Differences - DSers

The primary distinctions between affiliate marketing and dropshipping are as follows:

  • You sell a product from your website with dropshipping, but with affiliate marketing, the buyer is sent to another eCommerce website via your affiliate link.
  • When dropshipping, you must manage customer care yourself; however, with affiliate marketing, all customer service concerns will be handled by the website selling the products.
  • Dropshipping allows you to establish your own rates, which might result in larger profit margins, but as an affiliate marketer, you have no influence over the price or commission rate.
  • You will be paid as soon as the transaction is finished with dropshipping, but you may have to wait 1-3 months for your commission with affiliate marketing.

Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing: Which is More Worthwhile

To consider which is more worthwhile, people often weigh between profit, ease of use, and business effectiveness.

Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing: Which is More Worthwhile - DSers

More Profitable Option?

Concerning profit, the most successful business strategy is usually dropshipping. With dropshipping, you have complete control over your prices and profit margins. This can be a lot more than the proportion of sales you earn via affiliate marketing (often between 3-10%).


If you're wondering which is easier, affiliate marketing is most likely the answer! It's a rather hands-off business plan once it's created. All you have to do is add your affiliate links after you've built your website, written content that targets the right keywords, and worked on your SEO.

It's quite feasible to run a completely hands-off dropshipping business as well. Almost every aspect of your dropshipping business can be automated with the right tools and connectors. You may take a breather now that you've completed the difficult task of locating suppliers and creating your internet business. You will, however, need to give customer service unless you outsource it as well.

Better Model?

Affiliate marketing vs. dropshipping... It's difficult to tell which is better because it all relies on your specific circumstances and what you hope to achieve with your internet business. Many individuals enjoy affiliate marketing because, aside from content creation and SEO, it is rather hands-off.

You don't need a website to get started with affiliate marketing. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone with a significant social media following, as well as YouTubers looking to diversify their money streams.

Dropshipping necessitates a different approach, which some people prefer. There is a bit more effort required, mostly in the area of customer service, but as you can see, there are several advantages!

Final Verdict

Final Verdict - DSers

Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing both have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. These principles will be constant with each individual object; nonetheless, determining which approach to use in your business is tough. Dropshipping is ideal for people who wish to make money online but don't have a lot of money to invest, as well as true business enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, Affiliate Marketing is best suited to persons who are skilled in site design, have prior web development expertise and are familiar with SEO. Affiliate Marketing, in particular, will need greater work and financial expenditure.

Final Words

Hope the above article has helped you better understand the concepts of Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Marketing as well as choose the right business form for you. For further information about dropshipping and other knowledge on online business, find them on DSers Blog.

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