DSers Unveils Alphastline Logistics Solution for Fast Global Shipping and Stable Product Supply for eCommerce Merchants

DSers Unveils Alphastline Logistics Solution for Fast Global Shipping and Stable Product Supply for eCommerce Merchants

For online sellers, Q4 is the key to sales growth. Most merchants could seize the chance with wise marketing strategies and get much more orders than in other quarters. For dropshipping businesses, they might be faced with the delay of order fulfillment and the increase in shipping costs in the peak selling seasons.

DSers cooperates with Cainiao to release the brand-new cross-border logistics solution - Alphastline, which guarantees a low price and a fast and stable shipping period.

What Is Alphastline

Alphastline is an “end-to-end” full-chain logistics solution powered by DSers for cross-border eCommerce merchants and brands, which provides one-stop shipping service including parcel pickup, delivery, tracking, after-sales support, etc.

This new shipping service is based on the Cainiao logistics system, but is highly customized by DSers with digital intelligence logistics technology to upgrade the order fulfillment for global sellers.

Benefits of Alphastline for Dropshipping Businesses

With the release of the Agency feature in September this year, whether you dropship on AliExpress or with agencies, DSers empowers you to enjoy the new shipping solution - Alphastline.


Compared with the most popular shipping option - AliExpress Standard Shipping, Alphastline ensures the equivalent delivery efficiency but at a better price, such as 5~10% off. Besides, you would enjoy exclusive discounts on special events.

Fast and Stable

Thanks to the cooperation with Cainiao Global and its sophisticated logistics system, Alphastline is able to streamline the whole shipping process and save you energy and time with a steady supply chain. For example, the shipping time from China to Brazil is 8~12 days.


With the digital intelligence logistics technology applied to Alphastline, it’s allowed to track your package during the whole shipping process. Meanwhile, you can use the DSers app to send tracking information to your Shopify stores and customers.

With Alphastline, cross-border merchants will enjoy a customized enterprise-level logistics solution covering more than 130 countries and regions worldwide. Especially for sellers targeting the markets in the United States, Alphastline Express could shorten the delivery period to 5 to 10 days from the supply warehouses to the end consumers.

Final Words

No matter what scale your online business is, the fulfillment capability is an important factor whether you can achieve your sales goal or not when an increasing number of orders spring in Q4.

Along with the upgrade of the DSers app to improve your dropshipping experience, Alphastline is here to help decrease your product overall cost, streamline your shipping process and improve your fulfillment efficiency with the end-to-end cross-border logistics service.

For more information about Alphastline, please contact us at amanda@dserspro.com.

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