DSers Mass Supply Program: What Happens to Your Products after Payment?

DSers Mass Supply Program: What Happens to Your Products after Payment?

DSers Mass Supply program is here to provide you with potentially cheaper products at a wholesale price and a more reliable shipping compared to most of other supplier.

But what happens to your products exactly once you have paid for an order when you use our program, compared to normal suppliers?

What Happens to Your Products after Payment:

Thank You for Choosing DSers

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However, our experience allowed us to notice the unstable situation some merchant are facing from the supplier side, issues such as high cost, poor inventory, cost variation, unreliable track number, etc.

Thus, we have created the DSers Mass Supply program in association with the AliExpress official team, aiming to provide with a STABLE supply service for all merchant.

Product quality control, cost-effective manufacturing and best shipping service are our priorities. Of course, all the AliExpress Policy and Regulations are also applied to protect your business.

Fufillment Center

What is happening after you placed an order and completed the payment on AliExpress?

Once the payment is completed, the order is forward to the fulfillment center. Within the next 24 hours, your order will be sorted out, packed and then delivered to the shipping vendor. This is the so called processing-time.

💡 TIP: Not all suppliers can handle the fulfillment procedure. Some third parties can be involved, that’s why some delays often occurs and why the communications can take longer than normal.

Shipping Vendor

The most popular shipping vendor services are China Post and Cainiao network. They both provide multiple shipping services which differ in cost and shipping time.

The main duty of a shipping vendor service is to take care of receiving multiple products from the fulfillment centers and then arrange flights (in general, flights are used for transport). Due to the COVID-19 situation, the time necessary to arrange flights is longer than usual.

DSers Mass Supply program is working with the shipping vendors directly; delivering the products from the fulfillment center directly to the flight terminal.

💡 TIP: NO supplier own shipping services in China, this is a completely different industry. This is why some suppliers are working with third party agent, to arrange the sending of the packages from the fulfillment center via shipping vendor, this often results in further delay and unexpected problems or failure.

Local Sorting Center

After the shipping vendor completes the flights arrangement, the package will arrive near the selected destination requested from the clients.

Local sorting center will further separate packages between cities. The location of the local sorting center can affect the delivery time a lot, depending how far your clients live from it.

💡 TIP: For example, it’s totally different for a parcel ship to Paris or a small village in France. The local sorting center has to wait until a truck reach max capability before the packages are sent out.

Reliable Supplier

Generally speaking, suppliers are reliable but what cause issues is what happens next. It is therefore difficult for merchants to find supplier that can provide them with a perfect service.

If you a looking for a new supplier, or if you want to sell a new product, you can contact us!

DSers Mass Supply program main goal is to provide you with a STABLE shipping service.

We work hard get the most reliable supply service for all your products, going anywhere in the world, with any request you may have.

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