Announcing Upgraded DSers System

Announcing Upgraded DSers System

To provide you with a better service experience, DSers will undergo a system upgrade in the near future. Before that, please make sure you understand the details of the upgrade and have well-prepared for it.

Upgrade Detailed Information

With the upgrade, you will have access to :

1. More powerful features and services, such as multi-platform management and more quality products.

2. A faster and smoother system that can boost your dropshipping business.

3. Improved servers that can enhance your experience.

Timeline and Events

You can refer to the schedule below to be prepared for the upgrade:



2023.08.21 - 2023.09.11

You will receive the upgrade notifications and be asked to complete the upgrade settings if necessary. 

2023.09.04 - 2023.09.25

The upgrade will begin on the date you see in your notifications and finish within 24 hours. During the upgrade, DSers will be suspended. 

NOTE: Please check your in-app banner, pop-up or email to learn your upgrade setting tasks and specific upgrade date.

Points to Note

1. You won't be able to use DSers during the upgrade, please appropriately arrange your business to avoid unnecessary loss.

2. If your DSers account has connected to two sales channels that have different settings, even when you have disconnected one of them, you need to choose to keep only one of them that will be applied to the upgraded system.

NOTE: If you don't choose your preferred setting before the upgrade, DSers will postpone the upgrade until Sept 18, 2023 and choose one automatically for your upgraded system by the order like this: Shopify > WooCommerce > Wix.


1. Can I log into DSers during the upgrade?

A: You can log into DSers during the upgrade, but you may get stuck on the upgrading page. We suggest you come back after the upgrade~

2.  Will the upgrade affect the product and order data in my account?

A: It will not affect them in your account.

3. After the upgrade, what if there are issues with my data?

A: You can contact the DSers Support team to restart the upgrade.

You can contact the DSers Support team if you have any other problems.

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