DSers & XTransfer Campaign: Earn Up to $400 with Tiered Tasks!

DSers & XTransfer Campaign: Earn Up to $400 with Tiered Tasks!

DSers has cooperated with XTransfer to allow merchants to receive a reward cap of $400 per mission and enjoy its cross-border payment solutions. This is financially supported by XTransfer.

XTransfer is a one-stop company committed to helping small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises with their cross-border financial and risk management services. With a 6-year commitment to B2B cross-border trade finance, it is now the biggest platform for B2B foreign trade in China.

XTransfer offers comprehensive solutions including foreign trade collection, multi-currency cash management, financing, wealth management, risk control services, customer management, and more, you can expect to:

  • Open multiple accounts at one time at once
  • Collect money in seconds for local payments
  • Open and maintain accounts with 0 cost
  • Have access to 1-on-1 companionship program

DSers & XTransfer Campaign Details

If you are a merchant working with Chinese suppliers, then you can invite your suppliers to complete 3 transaction tasks and get tiered rewards!

After the Chinese suppliers register for both DSers Supplier Platform and XTransfer account, you can get payments from them with zero fees and instant processing.

Reward Pool: Unlimited

Campaign Time: Start from March 08, 2024, 00:00:00 (UTC+8)

How the Campaign Works

How to Join the Campaign

There are two ways to take in the campaign:

  • DSers will send invitation emails to merchants for this campaign via support@dserspro.com.
  • If you didn't receive the invitation email, you can apply for participation by sending emails to support@dserspro.com and get approved.

How the Campaign Works

  • Merchants will receive DSers official email containing exclusive invitation links for Chinese suppliers. Each DSers account will be assigned with two links (one to register an XTransfer account and another is for DSers Supplier platform registering).
  • Share those two links to your Chinese suppliers.
  • Share the campaign instructions with your Chinese suppliers.

Encourage your Chinese suppliers to join in the campaign and complete the steps below:

a. Your invited Chinese supplier will register a DSers Supplier Platform account.

b. The Chinese supplier will then need to register an XTransfer account and complete platform authentication.

c. Complete the following mission by sequentially accomplishing three tasks within 180 days, starting from the registration date of your supplier's XTransfer account:

Task 1: Receive $10,000 with one XTransfer account from orders on the DSers Supplier platform.

Task 2: Complete the settlement of ¥200,000 with the XTransfer account.

Task 3: Complete the settlement of ¥500,000 with the XTransfer account.

For each task completed, you will get rewards of $200, $100 and $100 respectively. If your Chinese suppliers complete all the tasks, you can get accumulated rewards of $400.

Reward Distribution Notification

After the campaign ends, a reward notification email will be sent via DSers official email: support@dserspro.com.

Tip: If you have any questions regarding this campaign, please don't hesitate to get help from DSers customer service via support@dserspro.com.


To sum up, actively engaging in the campaign alongside your Chinese suppliers enables efficient transaction completion and mutual growth.

Additionally, seize the chance to earn a reward cap of $400 per mission!

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