Best Eco-friendly Products for Your Dropshipping Store 2022

Best Eco-friendly Products for Your Dropshipping Store 2022

Ideally, you are in a perfect era to start promoting eco-friendly products for your store. One of the trending topics in 2021 as well as 2022 is still eco-friendly products.

If you were to open the AliExpress marketplace right now and search for eco-friendly products, you would get hundreds and hundreds of options. This is not only because it should be this way and marketplaces are supposed to sell everything, but also because people are buying it. Even when we are buying self-care products, we prefer to use cruelty-free, vegan or natural products. Isn’t it?

This is the era of environment-based products, and your dropshipping store can’t start selling these products at a better time.

So, here’s a list of ideas that we believe would sell more and are extremely feasible for your customers. It absolutely won’t take away the comfort of using any product and will help your consumers shift towards eco-friendly products.

Read on for the list!

1. Reusable Straws

The first thing that you can sell under the eco-friendly product category is reusable straws. We drink beverages all day, whether it is that shake, cold coffee, a smoothie, or simply soda. Using reusable straws in place of plastic ones will definitely reduce the load on the environment.

Reusable Straw - DSers

For the customer, reusable straws are fun, more elegant, and hassle-free. They can simply wash off the straw, dry it, and store it for later use. Now, whenever you wish to sip on your drink from a straw, you can use this one.

If you look at it, then on many websites, you will find that reusable straws are already best-sellers. You can search for trending patterns and durable designs to stand out in this product category.

2. Coffee Capsules

Many people like to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. They usually end up using a coffee capsule that is not reusable. So, for every day, they have a new coffee capsule to use, and sometimes, 2 or even 3. For this, you can find reusable coffee capsules on AliExpress and add them to your dropshipping store. This will help replace the disposable capsules and reduce wastage.

Reusable Coffee Capsules

For eco-friendly products, we need to reduce, reuse, or recycle. With reusable coffee capsules, we are reusing as well as reducing. These are also inexpensive, so it's a win-win for the customer.

3. Grocery Bags

Apart from plastic straws and disposable coffee capsules, we use so many plastic grocery bags. Whenever we go out to shop, we take another plastic bag from the store to carry products home. These bags may be reusable, but eventually end up harming the environment.

Reusable Grocery Bags - DSers

Therefore, a better alternative is reusable grocery bags. These are jute bags that are designed for shopping. You can go grocery shopping, buy clothes, or simply go on any shopping spree with these bags. Adding these to your dropshipping store would mean offering a feasible, eco-friendly product to the user at cost-effective rates.

These are sturdy bags at an affordable price to help you shop, pick up groceries, and walk back home without losing your items. You can add these eco-friendly products in varying sizes to your store for more options.

4. Cotton Kitchen Towels

We are used to buying paper towels for the kitchen, which happen to end too soon. One weekend, you host a dinner and you are out of half of the kitchen roll. Not only do these rolls cost you too much money, but they also harm the environment. We are cutting trees after trees for these paper towels.

Cotton Kitchen Towels - DSers

One healthy, affordable, and eco-friendly product alternative is cotton kitchen towels. These are kitchen towels created from bamboo or fabric (which is usually waste fabric left out in the manufacturing of products). Customers can use these towels for day-to-day kitchen functions. At the end of the day, just put the towels in the washing machine with other clothes for clean towels to use the next day.

Your dropshipping store can get user attraction with this product because it also saves a lot of money. You are basically purchasing 4-5 towels once and reusing them over and over for a long time.

5. Bamboo Brushes

Recently, bamboo brushes have become extremely popular. These brushes have a bamboo handle with bamboo bristles. The brushes are soft, reusable, and biodegradable. You can easily search on AliExpress and find bamboo brushes for the eco-friendly product section of your dropshipping store.

Bamboo Brushes - DSers

Naturally, you may find bamboo brushes in brown, which is what everyone used to prefer originally. But now, there are a few options for this.

6. Biodegradable Trash Bags

We use at least one trash bag every day to take out the trash collected in the house. This means in a year, we end up using 365–450 trash bags on average. That’s a lot of plastic just to collect waste. These trash bags don’t decompose and harm the environment.

Biodegradable Trash Bags - DSers

As a bio-friendly product alternative, you can offer biodegradable trash bags in your dropshipping store. These products are similar to normal trash bags. The only difference is that bio-friendly products don’t harm the environment.

7. Organic Soap and Shampoo

We love eco-friendly products for bath, body, and hair care. These are chemical-free products, which also means that they protect our skin and hair from harmful substances. Hence, ideally, customers have two reasons to buy organic soaps and shampoos from your dropshipping store.

Organic Soap and Shampoo - DSers

How can you find these products?

On AliExpress, you need to check the descriptions of soaps and shampoos to find paraben-free products. Then you should make sure that the product is cruelty-free, which obviously gives you an added advantage.

Remember that these products should be from a well-known brand. If you are willing to try a new brand, order a sample piece for yourself, check the quality, and then add the product to your dropshipping store. Bath and hair care products are a sensible choice for your customers. If these products are not good, you may receive some hate on your website.

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8. Bamboo Cutlery

The last option on the list is bamboo cutlery. When we arrange a party or dinner at our home, we tend to use plastic cups and cutlery for the guests, so it is easier to clean out. However, we forget that these products are not good for the environment.

Bamboo Cutlery - DSers

An eco-friendly product is bamboo cutlery that doesn’t harm the environment and costs almost the same as its plastic counterparts. Plus, bamboo cutlery looks much more elegant than plastic ones.


Eco-friendly products are the trend in 2022. This is the best time for dropshipping stores to create a category of eco-friendly products on their website and add these cute, valuable, and amazing things to the list. Remember to look for options and don’t forget to check the description of each product on AliExpress carefully.

We always suggest dropshipping owners order a sample of the product first. This helps you know the packaging, quality of the product, and time of delivery. The information helps a lot in setting the right expectations for the user.

For more details, stay tuned. We’ll come up with more exciting product options in the following articles.

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