eCommerce Copywriting: How Effective Copies Generate More Sales

eCommerce Copywriting: How Effective Copies Generate More Sales

Regarding ecommerce copywriting, there is a lot of contradicting advice available. For example, some experts would advise you to keep your landing pages brief and generate a sensation of "FOMO" to promote sales.

On the other hand, others will inform you that the devil is in the details and that you should make your pages as extensive as possible in order to create a clear picture of why visitors need your product.

The issue is that the majority of this advice is based on anecdotal experience or decades of behavioural psychology. There is no certainty that one strategy is superior to another, and the genuine study supports very little of it.

What Is Ecommerce Copywriting

Any text or written material you develop for an online business is referred to as ecommerce copywriting. In addition, headlines, category pages, product descriptions, promotional offers, and landing pages are all locations where your writing abilities may assist increase sales.

Ecommerce copywriting's purpose is to adequately describe the benefits of your items while also assisting your online business in ranking higher on search engines. To be effective, you must be a skilled communicator, persuade with words, promote your brand's voice, and grasp the psychology of what motivates a customer to buy.

How to Make the Best Ecommerce Copy

The direct and positive effect of Ecommerce copywriting can be seen on sales. Here we have compiled a list of some more pointers you should consider while you write for your online business:

Understand Your Target Audience

It is crucial to have a robust knowledge about the audience and their requirements to nail your content perfectly. Therefore, customer research is essential to writing since it allows you to become more particular and targeted. Customer testimonials are especially important to ecommerce copywriters.

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Here, you need to create buyer personas to reflect your ideal clients if you haven't previously. You may utilise these profiles to talk directly to certain portions of your consumer base's ideas, attitudes, interests, and motivations.

Tell an Engaging Narrative

A story's structure may help attract customers more profoundly, so they buy from your company more than once. That's because people enjoy a good narrative. It's just human nature. But what kinds of tales can your eCommerce copywriting tell?

This useful and easy to use formula may be effective on any product or service:

  • The shopper is the story's hero. (The main character.)
  • They have an issue that they must fix. (The disagreement.)
  • They have yet to find a solution. (The escalating activity.)
  • There is now a solution. (Can be referred to as climax.)
  • And they'll be satisfied and will be able to live happily ever after. (The final decision.)

Other useful and practical narrative techniques and formulae can also affect your ecommerce copywriting positively. However, you need to find the perfect one depending on your audience's taste, which will be beneficial for you to build a far stronger emotional relationship with them.

Avoid Using Long Phrases

As previously said, the more difficult your material is to read, the less likely it is to convert. That's why wordy statements, specifically those containing business jargon, are better left on the cutting room floor.

When it comes to knowing whether your copy is too complicated to read or to understand, you can give it a try by reading it aloud to a coworker or spouse. It is common to become so used to reading things rapidly in our brains but at the same time, we should understand that it can be difficult for those who are reading the content for the first time.

Concentrate on the Advantages

Product features are often tedious. For example, most people aren't interested in whether their electric toothbrush has a lithium-ion battery, three sorts of thistles, or special pulse technology. (Whatever it entails.) Instead, all they want to know is how these things will improve their lives.

Consider how Bon Bon Bon writes about their Sugar Chai Crunch Tape. They don't only talk about the ingredients in this one-of-a-kind chocolate delight; the text describes the sensation you'll experience when you bite into it and how much your crush would appreciate such a thoughtful present. Smart and benefit-oriented.

Make Use of Action Words

If you want customers to take action, you should include action words in your copy. What exactly are action words? They are used in copywriting to ask readers to accomplish anything on the website. (For example, "Buy Now.")

You may use these words and phrases in locations other than your buttons. To make visitors feel more involved with the text, begin terms with verbs that ask them to take action. The Mountain, for example, employs active language to advertise their face masks on their webpage. ("Be safe and fashionable.")

Include Keywords in Your Copy

With each page, you may use engaging keywords aiming to see yourself propelled to the higher rank of Google search results pages so that you will get more organic visitors to your website.

For fundamental research, you may utilise Google Ads Keyword Planner and other useful and popular tools like Ahrefs, Answer the Public, and Keyword Surfer. In addition, it would be beneficial if you take into consideration your ecommerce website with a solid content marketing plan (such as a blog) to attract more search engine traffic.

Bullet Points for Product Pages

An enormous paragraph with a lot of material might be frightening for buyers wanting to buy a pair of sneakers. So instead, organise your text into bullet points for quicker reading and scanning. This is very beneficial when you have a long list of product information to highlight.

Other advantages of bullet points:

  • They assist you in categorising concepts and reducing superfluous language.
  • They offer spacing and breathing room to your website, making it more aesthetically appealing.
  • They're simpler to read on mobile devices and provide a better user experience than a large block of text that fills the full screen.

Effective Ecommerce Copywriting Has Advantages

What happens when your copywriting is flawless? Then, expect your online store to boost conversions, increase sales, assist more customers, rank higher on search engines, and establish a stronger brand.

Increased Sales

The words you choose to market your internet company and items directly influence your profits. This is why so many small businesses engage in conversion optimization. Instead of spending to bring more people to your site, you can persuade more of them to become paying customers.

Customers Are Informed

In its most basic form, ecommerce copywriting is about giving clients what they need to know about your items. You may choose which information to highlight for consumers, when to present it, and how much detail they require.

Increases the Site's SEO

To get higher ranking than other online businesses (such as those on Amazon and Shopify), your ecommerce site should get optimised regularly. Also, you need to make crucial changes regularly to improve its online visibility. In order to outperform your competition and be first in your consumers' minds, include specific keywords and SEO copywriting.

Establishes Your Brand

Every interaction a customer has with your online business contributes to the brand's definition of them, and your text is a vital part of that. Do not compromise with the quality of copywriting. Also, a consistent tone would be beneficial to create memorable experiences that visitors will remember long after they leave.

Common Errors to Avoid in Ecommerce Copywriting

While ecommerce copywriting may appear simple at first look, several hazards might befall you if you are not cautious. So do not forget to keep an eye on these typical faults and errors first-time authors make.

Excessive Use of Adjectives

Adjectives always add quality to your copywriting and it can be considered as tequila shots: a few go a long way, but at the same time, using too many is most likely a poor idea. Also, quit on overusing flowery language in your copywriting, you'll wind up cluttering your sentences, slowing down your readers' speed, and losing some of the force of the words themselves.

Instead, utilise fewer forceful and sensible words to create a more clear and engaging image in the minds of your audience.

The Absence of Individuality and Flavour

Nobody appreciates dry, scholar copywriting that just tells facts and sounds like a machine type. Instead, you should spice up your copy to make it more appealing to customers by adding a personal touch.

It will make sense when you have a strong brand personality. But if you don't currently have one, start by asking yourself, "If your brand were a person, what would they sound like?" Charming, witty, wholesome, fashionable, sarcastic... your personality should represent your distinctive brand and position in the business. Imagine a genuine superstar who could represent your company and then investigate how they talk or communicate. Listen to their words with concentration and incorporate some of their styles into your copywriting.

Created in about Ten Minutes

One of the most common mistakes you may make with your ecommerce copywriting is believing you can do it quickly. You should not throw it together as an afterthought on the edge of your desk. Instead, make a plan and set aside some peaceful and productive time to stay constant to copy each new page of your online business. (Else, hire a professional ecommerce copywriter to deal with your business and develop content on your behalf.)

Keep track of how your material is getting expanded and performing. Also, keep on doing experiments with different headlines and descriptions to evaluate what is helping you to improve it effectively. The thing everyone should know is, copywriting does not happen immediately; it takes months, if not years, to perfect.

Fluff Words and Word Soup

Have you ever made efforts to meet a word count requirement for a school essay? When I was a student and faced with this challenge, I searched for paragraphs that I could "bulk up" by unduly elaborating on arguments I had already made or adding unnecessary context.

While this may be acceptable in high schools, it would be good to avoid at all costs in ecommerce. Generally, copywriters refer to this as "fluff" or "word soup" since it is invaluable. And it's a common problem since people who read online already have short attention spans, hence, if you try to fill the page with meaningless and non-worthy to read text, they'll probably click away.

Over-focused on Products

I know it isn't easy to hear, but most visitors aren't interested in you or your items. (*Gasp*) It's true - all they care about are themselves and the problems they're attempting to address.

When writing the text for an ecommerce page, you should always write from the perspective of your consumers. Discuss their aches and pains, as well as their concerns, anxieties, and disappointments. Show empathy and concentrate on the advantages of your merchandise.

Inconsistent Tone

As your online business expands, you may find yourself working on ecommerce copywriting alongside various team members. First, ensure that your language is consistent and aligned with your brand personality – regardless of who created it or where it appears.

Then, as your company grows, I propose creating brand voice guidelines to teach new joiners or beginners what the tone of voice should sound like. This will allow you to maintain consistency while avoiding confusing or offending any of your consumers.

Final Words

Machine learning has advanced significantly, yet a robot can't write a landing page half as well as you can. Combine your marketing expertise with the facts shown above to give your ecommerce copywriting a conversion intelligence boost. Remember who your target customer is and what things your online shop sells.

This data may be used to test different landing page versions and evaluate how they affect your ecommerce KPIs and customer statistics. If you want to learn more, you may also look at the DSers blogs. You will explore more ecommerce insights (as well as statistics for boosting online business sales) and benchmarks, constituting a solid conversion rate on your landing pages can be found in their entire study.

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