eCommerce Hosts: 5 Best Web Hosting Platforms to Choose from

eCommerce Hosts: 5 Best Web Hosting Platforms to Choose from

With the development of technology, many online businesses can build their online stores or websites without mastering specific coding skills. Many companies on our list of the top e-commerce hosting providers provide website builders.

To assist you in selecting the ideal eCommerce hosting platform for your online store, we've reviewed and rated the top 5 eCommerce hosts in this post. You may compare these five eCommerce hosting platforms below with our in-depth evaluations.

How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Hosts

While selecting a hosting package, it's essential to consider your budget and your technical team's level of preparedness.

To choose the most acceptable eCommerce hosts, consider all the followings:

Fast Loading

Currently, 47% of customers want web pages to load in two seconds or less. The best e-commerce hosting company can ensure it can manage the volume of traffic you expect.

Safe and Secure Website

Each browser has unique characteristics; some provide better security features than others. Data sent between your computer and the server hosting a website is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, with small files that are stored on a server. Additionally, SSL provides a digital signature to show that the website is being used.

No Downtime

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If customers can't access your website, they can't buy from you. One hour of downtime might cost you a lot of money, depending on the time of day, the volume, and frequency of your sales, and the number of people impacted. E-commerce host providers often guarantee a certain uptime percentage.

Choosing an E-commerce Host: Considerations

You may switch hosts anytime, but transferring your website might be inconvenient for you and your customers. Selecting the best web host ahead of time to become acquainted with them helps you scale up smoothly.


The hacking industry is enormous. Some hackers like destroying websites. Others desire to use your website to make money or to get confidential information.

They insert code into your website that infects users' computers with viruses or commandeers advertising space. They may take your passwords, or they can encrypt all of your data and demand money to unlock it.

PCI Conformity

Every e-commerce web server should provide PCI compliance. A breach might be disastrous when dealing with personal data, including credit card information. Retailers must follow PCI DSS requirements, which secure consumer data.


You risk losing customer, order, and product data if your website doesn't have a convenient method to back up data. If the data is lost, all the information related to orders, customers, and stores may get lost too. So, a reliable backup plan for your eCommerce site is necessary.

Best Ecommerce Hosts Providers

Based on our meticulous research, this post will give you all the information you want about the ecommerce hosts you can choose, from features to price.

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting - DSers

With A2 Hosting, you can quickly create a new website. You can point-and-click to install your preferred CMS (like WordPress), or even transfer your current website to A2 for free.


  • Its Turbo Servers can load pages up to 20 times quicker than standard servers. The company's other features—including SSD storage and unmetered disk space—also help speed up interactions with users.
  • A2 Hosting provides various hosting options, like WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting with e-commerce-specific plans.
  • Its uptime guarantee is 99.95%, which isn't as good as it might be, but is stable.


A2 Hosting protect data security with its Perpetual Security project. It comes with complimentary HackScan (a security checking service) to thwart assaults, bolstered distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) defense, and a dual hosting firewall to stop unwanted users who try to occupy resources.


The Shared Hosting Plan of A2 is the least expensive options if you want to keep your expenses down. If you sign up for a 36-month subscription, the plan starts at only $2.99 each month. With turbo servers and additional features, it's still relatively affordable at $6.99 per month.

2. InMotion

InMotion Homepage - DSers

InMotion Hosting has been online for decades. It has a fairly wide array of services – including Shared Hosts, WordPress hosts, VPS hosts, dedicated servers, and even private cloud hosts.


  • InMotion support unlimited bandwidth and cost-free SSL certificates.
  • All InMotion plans include complimentary SSDs (solid-state drives), which transfer material faster than hard disk drives and provide enough speed to satisfy anxious consumers.
  • Each InMotion package contains free advertising credits worth $150, giving you an advantage when marketing your company on well-known search engines.


You can get a free SSL certificate, regularly automated backups to preserve your data; and virus protection is a part of InMotion's essential security solutions. Although InMotion's security protections aren't as strong as those of its rivals, your shop will be effectively protected.


InMotion gets a higher score because of its affordable costs. Exclusive discounts are available to Web members on its shared plan costs, which vary from $2.29 to $12.99/month, while its VPS plan prices range from $19.99 to $89.99/month.

3. Cloudways

Cloudways Homepage - DSers

If you're looking for great performance on a budget, Cloudways is a good choice, thanks to its unique approach to cloud hosting.


  • Automatic server-level backups and on-demand single-site backups
  • Staging sites
  • Free WordPress performance plugin called Breeze
  • Site cloning
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Built-in content delivery network (CDN)
  • SMTP at the server level for transactional emails

Security & Assistance

Cloudways is fully protected by end-to-end encryption, ensuring that all data in transit is protected and encrypted by the HTTPS protocol. The protocol prevents access to data during transfer from one system to another.


Pricing for Cloudways depends on whether customers choose the standard or the premium plan and which cloud server they choose. The more you pay, the more storage space, RAM, and bandwidth you get. For example, for $10 a month, Cloudways will host your website on a DigitalOcean server with 25 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth. And for $33.18 a month, your website will be hosted on a Google Cloud server with 20 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost Homepage - DSers

Bluehost has been in operation since 2003 and has hosted over 2 million websites. When you sign up for web hosting with Bluehost, you can choose from a one-year commitment to a three-year plan at a more affordable price.


  • Automated WordPress installations and updates
  • A detailed to-do list for every new website
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days
  • Unlimited bandwidth & 100 email accounts


  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Cloudflare
  • Two-factor authentication


Bluehost's price is not the cheapest on the market. But it is worth every penny. If you are considering signing up with Bluehost, you need to know which of their plans better suits your needs. This way, you won't have to spend a dollar more to get the best hosting service. The detailed pricing is as follows:

Bluehost Pricing - DSers

4. Nexcess

Nexcess Homepage - DSers

Nexcess is a web hosting company that offers customers a hosting environment to suit their commercial requirements. Nexcess provides a range of options for individuals or company owners, including those for small enterprises and big e-commerce sites.


  • Built-in server-level caching.
  • Integrated content delivery network (CDN).
  • Built-in image compression.
  • Auto-scaling to handle high-traffic situations.


Nexcess is moderately priced, with its flagship WordPress hosting plans ranging from $4.75 / month to $99.33 / month. In addition, the host also offers other hosting services, such as Magento, WooCommerce, and cloud solutions.


This article breaks down the best e-commerce hosting service providers and provides detailed information to help you determine which is best for your online store. As your website grows, you will also need a hosting service provider that can meet your growing needs. Always remember to think about your long-term plan and your urgent need to make the right choice. I hope this article is helpful to you.

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