How to Double Your eCommerce Sales with LinkedIn for Free

How to Double Your eCommerce Sales with LinkedIn for Free

It's conceivable that you think the only items that can be sold on LinkedIn are those in the IT and B2B industries. Despite this, many online retailers make use of this platform to advertise their products, locate potential employees, and cultivate a favorable public perception of their company. You will see an increase in daily sales if you publish product photographs and videos on your website and solicit customer feedback in the accompanying comment section.

Because it has more than 800 million members, LinkedIn is a very useful platform for advertising your company. It helps boost your business profile, offers many possibilities to network, and helps you build a consistent following online.

To begin, you will, however, need knowledge on how to effectively use LinkedIn to increase your eCommerce sales.

Are you interested in increasing your eCommerce sales but unsure how to use LinkedIn? Don't worry; we've got you covered in every way possible. This article discusses the many ways in which you may use LinkedIn to increase the sales of your eCommerce business.

Top 14 Ways to Double Your eCommerce Sales with LinkedIn

Utilizing the LinkedIn automation tool is likely going to be one of the most effective methods for boosting the sales of your eCommerce store. The automation technologies allow for the personalization of customer campaigns and communications, as well as the gathering of relevant information about customers and the sending of automatic connection requests.

In a nutshell, these technologies expedite your ability to interact with other people and assist you in increasing your online sales.

You may have access to all of the product manufacturers in the region that you want with a simple search on LinkedIn. After that, you can send them tailored messages about your product or service, and they will receive them.

1. Using LinkedIn Ads

Creating advertisements on LinkedIn is among the most effective methods for increasing sales. Through the use of LinkedIn Ads, you can more accurately market your goods and services to a greater number of people.

You are free to let your imagination run wild when you utilize LinkedIn advertising to create original adverts. When creating these advertisements, you should first test out the numerous LinkedIn ad templates available and then choose the one that best meets your requirements.

You may build a strong presence for your company and an audience online by publishing advertising on the internet. You may also build effective marketing campaigns with the assistance of advertisements, which can lead to an increase in sales.

2. Hosting a Network Event

Participating in an online event may be just as useful as going to a conference in person. On-site, LinkedIn provides users with access to all of the available options for organizing meetups. It may be a gathering of customers as well as potential investors.

You can send out invitations to your contacts asking them to attend the event. For instance, you may set up a similar technique to be automatically implemented:

  • Send out invitations to everyone.
  • Sort through the people who accepted.
  • Communicate with those who have accepted (say thank you for accepting the invitation).
  • Send them an invitation to the event.

Therefore, do not throw away this chance

3. Sponsored Update Features

Utilizing the sponsored updates option is another method for increasing purchases via your eCommerce platform. If you pay for the sponsored updates features, you may reach a larger audience than you otherwise would.

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You can choose the age range, gender, and demography of your target audience by using the "pay per click" and "pay per 1000" capabilities, respectively.

You are also able to pick the sectors that you wish to target with your advertisements when you post them on LinkedIn. Your intended audience will have no trouble accessing your material in this manner. Additionally, your material will reach individuals beyond just your followers, which will help you improve the number of people purchasing things from your eCommerce store.

4. Employee LinkedIn Introduction

The primary focus of LinkedIn is to connect professionals. People research the site to learn more about various businesses. As a result, it is essential that you make certain that your staff members follow your company page.

Your staff members are required to have profiles that are both genuine and well crafted. They are required to show up on your page somewhat often. Your staff members are responsible for promoting your company, as well as posting acceptable images and information that is pertinent to your brand and goods.

Your company will come off as genuine and reputable if you do business in this manner. As a direct consequence of this, your sales via eCommerce will likewise go up.

5. LinkedIn Multilanguage Feature

The ability to communicate in several languages is one of LinkedIn's most valuable features.

You can edit and convert the description ad as well as your articles into a variety of languages thanks to this tool, which allows you to personalize your company page. You'll be able to cater to both a global and a local audience in this manner, which will ultimately result in more people visiting your page.

As a consequence of this, a worldwide audience will get interested in reading your articles and will go to your website, where they will purchase your items, so increasing your eCommerce sales.

6. Collect Product Suggestions

The likelihood of making a purchase rises with each additional favorable review. Yes, in the year 2022, a lot of individuals still purchase reviews, but they also write their own. As a result, purchasers place a greater emphasis on social media popularity. For instance, a remark or suggestion of a product made on LinkedIn by a REAL person who has filled up their profile would inspire more trust than an impersonal review made on Trust pilot.

7. Put More Pictures of Your Product

Including additional images of your wares on your LinkedIn profile may be a very effective strategy for increasing the amount of money you make from online sales.

Pictures have an uncanny ability to quickly and readily capture the attention of an audience. Your audience's curiosity will be piqued when they see attractive photographs of your items, and they will be interested in checking out your website for your products as a result of this interest.

However, the photographs need to be relevant to the thing you are selling and should convey the spirit of your company and the items you sell. In addition to this, you should make sure that they are of a good grade since those of bad quality could not be able get the confidence of many people.

8. Product Relatable Posts on LinkedIn

Making articles that are relevant to the audience is one of the most effective strategies to engage with the audience and enhance your eCommerce sales.

You might utilize incidents that occurred during normal company operations or typical situations that occur to everyone at some time in their lives. The audience will be able to connect to your articles and comprehend both your viewpoint and the significance of the items and brands that you represent because of this.

The audience should be able to discern and comprehend your articles without any difficulty, thus the language used in the posts has to be straightforward to grasp.

After the audience has established a connection with your postings, they will have an easier time trusting your brand and the things you sell. As a direct consequence of this, your eCommerce sales will increase with relative ease.

9. Best Keywords to Upgrade SEO

Increasing the visibility of your LinkedIn profile on Google and other search engines is one of the most effective strategies to boost the number of eCommerce transactions you make via LinkedIn.

When it comes to advertising your social media profile, keywords are quite important. You need to select keywords that are currently popular and relevant while you are creating the descriptions of your items.

Conduct research to see which keywords are currently popular and trendy, and then include those phrases in your articles to improve your ranking in search engines. By doing so, Google and other search engines will display your material to the users who best fit your demographic.

If members of your target audience often visit your profile, search engines will deduce that these individuals find value in the information you provide, which will cause them to promote your company profile higher in the list of search results. Your eCommerce sales will increase as a direct result of this as your profile will be suggested to a broad audience.

10. Using Profiles

The communities that LinkedIn hosts are yet another important aspect of the platform. You may discover additional leads with the aid of LinkedIn Groups. It also gives you the ability to bring your company directly to the customers you want.

You need to carve out a specific area of expertise for yourself and share it with the relevant LinkedIn communities. In this approach, you can establish an online presence for your business while also gaining the audience's confidence in your product or service.

Your contributions to these organizations will not only demonstrate your mastery of the subject matter, but they will also inform others of the depth of your knowledge in the sector.

As a result, you may boost the number of individuals who view your company profile and the number of eCommerce purchases you make by participating in LinkedIn Groups.

11. Add a CTA (Call To Action)

Including a noticeable call to action after your articles is one of the most significant things you can do to maximize the number of sales you make via your eCommerce platform.

You are required to always include a call to action whenever you publish anything on LinkedIn, whether it be an article, a blog post, or a LinkedIn Video Ad. This call to action should define the next step that your readers should do after seeing your post.

You have the option of requesting that they follow your LinkedIn page as well as any other social media sites that you use. You may also include a link to your website in the message and then encourage them to check out your website.

The call to action must be clear and persuasive enough to encourage the audience to take out the activities that are outlined in the call to action. You'll see a rise in sales of your eCommerce products almost immediately.

12. Focus on Market Research

Always make sure you're up to speed on your rivals' activities. You will be able to figure out your competitors and update your promotional techniques to increase your reputation if you use LinkedIn to market your company on the platform. This is because many individuals use LinkedIn to advertise their business on the site.

In addition, LinkedIn is constantly releasing updates that provide new features. Because of this, you need to be aware of these new elements and utilize them while designing LinkedIn advertising to make your marketing efforts appealing and distinctive.

Always catching the attention of the audience and contributing to a growth in eCommerce sales are new and improved promotional techniques.

13. Choose the Product Carefully

Before you can start selling your wares on LinkedIn, you need to have an understanding of which of your items are in more demand than others. On LinkedIn, the demand for different items varies greatly. As a result, you need to identify the items that the people who make up your target demographic like.

It would be beneficial if you additionally investigated items that are currently popular to acquire a larger reach among the audience. On LinkedIn, generating more sales often requires selling things that are popular or currently trendy. However, you should continue to test out different goods. Do not offer the same things for a long period since this might result in a monotonous experience, which could cause you to lose clients.

In addition, keep in mind the importance of being current and offering customers items that are both fresh and new as well as of high quality to start a reputation for your company.

14. Use Analytics to Track Performance

Tracking your progress and analyzing it is one of the most critical things you can do to improve the performance of your eCommerce business. You need to verify the success of your LinkedIn video ads and any other material you upload about your company or its goods after you have posted it.

If they do not do well, you need to investigate the reasons why and work to enhance the quality of your material. And even if they are successful, you still need to experiment with the material you post on your LinkedIn profile to achieve momentum.

You will be able to improve your content, draw more readers, and increase your eCommerce sales via LinkedIn if you proceed in this manner.


These are some of the methods that you may increase sales via your eCommerce platform using LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn is such a vital tool for promoting your company and increasing awareness of your brand, you really must take the material on LinkedIn seriously.

It would be ideal if you included all of the important keywords in your article while still keeping it brief. In addition to that, be sure to mention all of the relevant aspects of your company and its goods. It would be in your best interest to keep in mind to update new information on your LinkedIn profile in a recognizable way that can stand out in the minds of the audience.

Utilize the strategies that you just learned to improve your eCommerce sales using LinkedIn. This will allow you to develop a consistent online following and ultimately boost your sales.

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