10 Ecommerce Statistics: Worldwide Dropshipping 2021

10 Ecommerce Statistics: Worldwide Dropshipping 2021

We are very grateful to have been helping those last couple of years and more than happy to keep growing with you all. So far, we’ve helped over 150 000 registered merchants to expand their businesses, find new winning products and guide them to success. We work hard to keep on developing new useful feature to help you increase your profits and simplify your dropshipping experience.

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In the e-commerce business field, marketing is very important. Gaining high profit margin is an important consideration. Hence, finding the right category, selecting the proper product can make a decisive difference.

In the same way, the Mass Supply Program team, working with Shopify and Facebook, is now releasing some data analysis about worldwide dropshipping trends to give you some hints on what is going on in the world of ecommerce.

💡 Note: Some data are hidden. Sensitive information can’t be released to private individuals or third parties.

This data is mainly about product trends analysis. Furthermore, this report is only a general version, and customized reports are available to loyal customers upon request.

5 Categories Trends

Today, we show you the product’s category performance in general market.

5 Categories  Trends - DSers

As shown in above figure, we analyzed 5 different product categories based on a 12-week time frame to analyze their performance.

The high ranking of the Sports & Entertainment category suggests a worldwide high demand for this type of product. It can somehow be explained by the better weather in western countries and the lifting of restrictions, giving more freedom to people after various quarantine periods due to the Covid-19. People want to go out and move, make the best out of their summer!

Similarly, we can see a general increase in sales to products over the last 7 weeks. In other words, it’s a good time to sell!

Top 5 Countries Market Trends

We also selected the top 5 dropshipping countries for your reference based on the last 12 weeks general trend.

Top 5 Countries sales trends - DSers

From the above figure, you can see that the Brazil market is performing very well over the last three months, in all categories. At the same time, we can see that sales volume slightly decreased before going up again in the two weeks. Generally speaking, the main takeaway is that the Brazilian, French and US market is way bigger than the German and United Kingdom one.

The 2021 big sale season is coming during the fourth quarter. It’s time to get ready for it.

We’d be more than happy to share more with you. Please let us know what type of data or information you would like to see:

  1. Niche category trend?
  2. Data from specific country?
  3. Top potential product recommendation?
  4. Your sale level in specific market?
  5. Supplier data analysis?
  6. Logistics and shipping performance analysis?

Contact us to leave your comments: Supply-support@dserspro.com

Meanwhile, if you want to start working with the Mass Supply Program of DSers, you can get in touch with us via the email address above, or by scanning the WhatsApp code below. Our team will get back to you shortly!

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