Fast Shipping: How Can You Reduce Delivery Time in Dropshipping

Fast Shipping: How Can You Reduce Delivery Time in Dropshipping

As a dropshipping store using the AliExpress marketplace, you may be concerned about how you can improve delivery. Is there a way to offer fast shipping?

Fortunately, we have a few smart tricks that can help you reduce the shipping time and realize fast shipping. While getting a next-day delivery is possible when you are keeping a local inventory, there are some other tips to improve the supply chain’s speed. Let’s start exploring.

Fast Shipping in Dropshipping

Every day, we get thousands of queries from dropshipping business owners about fast shipping. They want to know how to get fast shipping. Today, we are here to tell you it is possible. You need to use a dropshipping tool like DSers to improve your chances of fast shipping and maximized profits.

DSers dropshipping

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How is that possible?

DSers is an AliExpress dropshipping tool with smart AI-enabled functioning. The tool streamlines your supply chain, manages your orders, and offers customer support.

Let’s first overview its features:

  • DSers has a smart AI engine that allows selecting the best supplier for an order. Through your previous purchases and other defining factors, you can know which supplier is best for a product order.
  • The tool has a smart dashboard that allows you to place multiple orders in a blink. You can even track orders from the dashboard.
  • You can integrate your AliExpress account to DSers and track your orders and overview the supply chain.
  • It is possible to offer optimum support to customers based on the details offered by DSers dashboard.

A multitude of features is offered by DSers. You can check the same here. How can a dropshipping tool improve your chances of getting fast shipping?

How to Get Fast Shipping

While DSers may not offer fast shipping directly, it helps you select factors that improve the shipping vertical.

Here are some of these factors:

Know the Seller

On DSers, the AI-powered engine already offers you the best seller for a product. Now, you can modify the results by selecting the best delivery partner. For example, EPacket shipping time is less and payment is also less for this option. So, you can get the package at a lower cost quickly.

You can select other appropriate shipping providers on DSers and filter your results for orders. Since you can directly find products on DSers only, this action is simpler.

To learn more about the AliExpress shipping provider, you can have a look at this.

Check Processing Time

Once you have selected the right seller for fast shipping on AliExpress, the next step is to review the processing time. How does dropshipping on AliExpress work? You first receive an order on your Shopify or WooCommerce store. From here, the order is placed with the seller. The time that the seller needs to accept, process, pack, and ship the order is the processing time. This time adds to your shipping time because until the product is processed, it can’t be shipped.

Shipment 1 - DSers

Hence, an intelligent idea is to optimize the processing time of your orders. On DSers, you can evaluate the processing time required by each seller for the order. Here, you can easily end up making the mistake of choosing the lowest processing time.

Doesn’t it seem like an obvious choice? It is, but wait! Many times, even when the processing time is low, the shipping time is much longer. Your total shipping time includes your processing time. Therefore, the best way is to add the processing time and shipping time to know how many days (approximately) the order will take to reach the customer. In this way, you will be able to find the best shipping option for fast shipping.

Evaluate the Reviews

Once you have used the above two methods to find the best possible seller, you should visit their AliExpress page and evaluate the reviews. These reviews will paint a clear picture. It is not uncommon for sellers to reduce the expected delivery time when they are not really able to offer that.

Reading reviews of the seller will help you know the actual situation, which will allow you to make a smart decision for fast shipping.

Order a Sample

The last step is to order a product. The best method to know the estimated delivery time for a product is to order a sample. The time this product takes to reach you will help you know exactly how soon you can ship the product to your customers.

There are many other benefits of this method:

  • You can always click on good pictures for your website.
  • You can assess the quality of the product.
  • You can find the best seller that offers true value.

How to Control & Handle Customer Expectations

Sometimes, even after you have used all of the above tips, it may not be possible to offer fast shipping or next-day delivery. In this case, you need to set the right customer expectations. Here are some methods to achieve that:

Inform First

You need to inform your customer of the correct shipping time. This is the best way to set the right expectations from the start. If you promise a 10-day delivery but your shipping actually takes 30 days, your first impression with the customer will be bad – to an extent you can’t mend.

Use the following ways to inform customers:

  • Make note of the shipping time on the product page.
  • Create a separate shipping page for details.
  • Create a clear and concise (non-confusing) refund and return policy.

Connect, If Delayed

If for any reason, the packet is delayed, which is likely in reality, then inform the customer. Always take out time, write to the customer or call them to let them know that the packet is stuck somewhere in the supply chain and it may take longer than usual.

At this point, it won’t hurt to apologize to your customer. An apology will take you a long way. The reason why we are apologizing is that we have promised something we are unable to fulfill.

Create a Local Warehouse

One of the great options for dropshipping stores is to open a local warehouse. We now have warehousing options wherein you can keep your stock in one region. If you have a lot of customers from a particular region, you can maintain a warehouse and offer next-day delivery.

Warehouse - DSers

This may be extremely costly in the beginning. Therefore, consider everything before making this decision.

Provider Customer Support

Lastly, always be available for your customers. You should have a customer support option on your website to allow your customers to connect with you. You already have a DSers dashboard to offer you the latest information, which will make customer support hassle-free and quick.


How to get fast shipping? Throughout this article, we have tried to answer your queries about fast shipping. With calculative steps, you can definitely improve your shipping time. However, as a dropshipping business, it is always best to set the right expectations for your customers.

When the customer knows that you need more time to deliver the product, they are ready to wait. Don’t set false expectations. To find out more about the DSers dropshipping tool, you can check it out on our website.

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