Finding the Right AliExpress Supplier for Your Dropshipping Business

Finding the Right AliExpress Supplier for Your Dropshipping Business

Starting a dropshipping business is a great idea in 2022. The entire world is adopting the digital – ideally, a large section of the market is now online – and pitching in with this trend only means profit.

However, a major bottleneck in this situation is the selection of AliExpress suppliers. There are a large number of sellers sending similar products. What should you do?

Let’s find some answers to your questions.

Importance of the Right Supplier

First, finding the right supplier has great significance in the growth of your business. It helps you improve your sales. Here’s how:

  • The right seller will help you ship the right product to the right user. The quality of the order is maintained, and the packaging is optimum too. That’s a win-win!
  • This seller will help you maximize your profits by sending products early with low shipping charges.
  • You would be able to improve the business basis of the trust developed between you and the seller.

How to Find the Right Dropshipping Supplier

Since we have to have the right seller to support our dropshipping business, it is imperative to do some research. Here are simple steps to finding the right seller.

1. Research

Moving forward, we are assuming that you have already decided on products for your dropshipping store. Considering that, let’s move to the next step, which is to research.

If you have a list of products, research them on AliExpress and make a list of suppliers. Take this list and divide the columns into the attributes available. For example, reviews, shipping, etc.

Now, fill in the details and rate every attribute to shortlist a few suppliers.

We are just suggesting a method to rate and research, but you can follow your own research method. Remember to find different suppliers, figure out their features, and evaluate different variables.

2. Connect

One of the key criteria for succeeding in dropshipping is to create a relationship with the supplier. You have to connect with the shortlisted suppliers directly – even when you are planning to order from AliExpress.

You should clarify their work model and see if they are willing to offer you some extra perks or value for bulk orders. Talk about different questions that are popping into your mind and start a fruitful relationship with the supplier.

Building this trust at the initial level helps you create long-lasting and valuable relationships.

3. Evaluate

Once you have talked to a few suppliers, you must evaluate the type of details they are willing to offer. In general, you may only have time to order directly by checking the AliExpress page. There’s no time to interact with the seller for every order, because that simply seems illogical.

Find AliExpress Supplier 1 - DSers

So, in this case, you need as many details as possible about the product on the AliExpress page itself. Visit seller pages and check how well they have defined characteristics, warranties, and other details. This will help you make informed decisions without delaying the order.

4. Check Reviews

The next step is to check the reviews of the product as well as the seller. You can move in this order:

  • First, read reviews of the product. You have to compare it because it is likely that the seller is nice but they don’t sell much of the particular product.
  • Secondly, check the seller's rating on AliExpress itself. See the number of people who have rated the seller. The more, the better.
  • Then, check the reviews offered to the seller by customers. You should be open to least one or two negative reviews to assess the issues faced by the customer.
  • Lastly, go to Google and search for the seller. See if you can find specific reviews, Facebook ratings, or Google Reviews. If so, then have a look to improve your knowledge on the matter.

5. Suspect Shipping

Shipping is necessary for your customers. It may not mean as much to you as it means to your customers, who are putting their trust in you.

Therefore, it is best to evaluate a few factors related to shipping:

  • The time needed to ship the product.
  • How is the product shipped?
  • Is there shipment insurance?

What is the time the seller needs to deliver the product? It usually takes 10–40 days on AliExpress. You can set the right expectations for your customers to avoid disappointing them later.

Nevertheless, you should still research and look for a seller who provides faster shipping. This means the least time and money involved in the shipping.

After that, evaluate the shipping method. For example, ePacket is known to be a reliable source for such shipments. Do extra research and find out more about the shipment or fulfillment company.

DSers dropshipping

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Lastly, many AliExpress sellers offer shipment insurance, which gives you your money back in case the shipment is lost. See if that is included. It is not always mandatory, but definitely good to have.

Additionally, you should check the shipping details offered by the seller. It is not uncommon for AliExpress sellers to not offer tracking IDs or any details at all. This may not be well-received by your customers. Hence, knowing these details beforehand only helps you keep your customers informed.

6. Order Samples

Finally, to know that you are making the right choice, you should order samples of products before sending them to customers. Some reasons why this decision might help you:

  • You can carefully judge the quality of the product. It is possible to assess if you can send this quality to your customers, or if you need to look for alternatives.
  • You can check the packaging. While most of the time, it may not be too good, you still need to ensure that the product is safely delivered. If not, you can connect with the supplier for a better deal.
  • You can measure the time needed to ship and deliver the product. This will also allow you to check the details offered by the seller during the fulfillment stage. These details help you provide customer support to your visitors.

Things to Avoid

There are some things that must be avoided at all costs:

  • Do not agree to a monthly, quarterly, or any other fee for dropshipping. You are ordering from AliExpress and already paying a charge to get the product shipped.
  • Always prefer high-quality products. If the thought of sending low-quality products crosses your mind just to maximize profits, set it aside and throw it away. This is because you may send this low-quality product once, but the consequence is that you may lose the customer.
  • Place smaller orders if you wish to reduce the shipping charge. There’s always a perfect size for the order that provides a minimal charge. Find it and stick to it for better profits.
  • Do not order units upfront without knowing the demand for or likeability of the product. Always see the response and then create an inventory if you wish to.


After carefully researching options, we have created a list of steps that you can follow to find the best AliExpress supplier. While these steps are intertwined, you can follow them in a different order too.

We have also found a shortcut for your problems: DSers, an AliExpress dropshipping tool. You may be wondering how a dropshipping tool can aid your research. The tool has an in-built function powered by AI to help you look for possible optimum sellers. Based on ratings, shipping, and many other factors, it suggests the right sellers for different orders.

Check out more about the tool on our website.

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