How to Find a Reliable AliExpress Supplier with DSers

How to Find a Reliable AliExpress Supplier with DSers

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Finding the right supplier

Finding the right supplier for a product is challenging. It takes time, research and sometimes trial and error before finding a reliable supplier, able to provide you with quality products, dependable shipping, constant stock and safe fulfillment. There are different ways to search for products on AliExpress or with DSers, with their pros and cons. Let’s review them and give you some tips on how you can find the best suppliers and products to sell in your online dropshipping store.

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Find Better Supplier For Products

DSers Supplier Optimizer - One click to filter out the most proper suppliers for your products


Manual Search

This is basic and most people deal with their product search. Simply go to AliExpress website and type a product name. On the search result page, you will see a long list of products, from different suppliers corresponding to you search terms.

AliExpress search result page - DSers

While this way of looking for products is easy and intuitive, it is very hard to differentiate the quality and reliability of all the proposed suppliers and products. You would need to manually click on a product to see the reviews from other buyers at first to ensure that this supplier can be trusted and see what other people have to say about the quality of the product. You will also need to individually check the supplier rating and the number of sales. While the supplier rating cannot be fully trusted, it is a good indicator. It is recommended to never trust any suppliers under the 4.5 star rating if you want to ensure that you are selling good products. In the same way, the number of sales gives you a good idea of the ability for the supplier to provide the product and handle high number of sales.

It is also a good idea to go and check if a specific supplier has its own AliExpress dedicated page or store, with a list of other available products from him. This way, if you find a supplier that has good ratings, a high number of sales and that you believe can be trusted, you can consider selling more of his products and establish a potential business relationship with him.

DSers Find Suppliers

To directly get access to vetted and verified suppliers, you can use DSers’ Find Suppliers feature. It is available to all users from the forever free plan to the Pro plan and is quite handy. With the Find Suppliers feature, you get access to a list of suppliers with a proven record of past sales and higher rating based on big data analysis from AliExpress and DSers.

DSers Find Suppliers search result page - DSers

There is a first product selection available upon accessing the feature. Those are all AliExpress product, and similarly to what we described before, you can manually search for specific products. You can also filter the product with some basic categories to only show suppliers with US local warehouses for example, or pet related products. You can also organize the results list to display the products by the numbers of orders, the newest or by price. This will allow you find the right supplier for you more easily.

All the products are coming from suppliers who have previously sold products to other dropshippers and completed delivery. If any of the listed supplier was to fail an order, they would be removed from this list. This is to make sure that all the suppliers that DSers proposes to you can be trusted and that you will not meet any quality or delivery issues along the way by using them in your online dropshipping store.

Supplier Optimizer

This feature from DSers is one of the best to find the best suppliers rapidly according to rating, pricing and delivery speed. Just like the Find Suppliers feature, you can access it directly inside of DSers. The Supplier Optimizer helps you to find other suppliers that are selling the same products (or similar ones) as a specific product you are currently selling or want to sell. In other words, if you want to sell this nice red dress in your store, by using DSers Supplier Optimizer, you can find all the AliExpress suppliers that sell the same nice red dress.

DSers Supplier Optimizer search result page - DSers

To use the Supplier Optimizer, you just need to copy the AliExpress URL link of a product you want, like that nice red dress, and paste the link in the search box. DSers will then analyze the products details and the picture and will offer you a list of other suppliers that are offering that same nice red dress or other very similar red dresses. DSers uses the AliExpress API to go through all the product listings and provides only the best suppliers, with proven records, as alternative option.

You can organize the results by price, from the less expensive supplier to the more expensive one, for example, if you want to focus on cheaper products to increase the margins on your online dropshipping store. Similarly, you can also organize the product by shipping time, number of sales or estimated delivery date. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on what matters to you, or what is important for your clients. You can also filter the result list by shipping origin and destination to directly check if a specific supplier in the result list can ship your future order to certain countries. Note that you can also filter according to shipping method. The Supplier Optimizer is the way to go if you want to find the best suited supplier for one of your product and improve the benefits of your online ecommerce store

Mass Supply Program

Lastly, to find even better and more reliable supplier with extremely competitive prices and are already an established dropshipper with a certain amount of regular sales, you can apply to DSers exclusive Mass Supply Program. The MSP has been developed with AliExpress and 1668 team to give its users access to some of the best a supplier from the entire Chinese territory.

DSers Mass Supply Program - DSers

The access to the Mass Supply Program is limited to online ecommerce store owner who already have a certain amount of monthly or daily orders to fulfill to AliExpress. The suppliers that are proposed all have below average pricing and a consistent record of order fulfillment without failings. This means that all the products that you have access to have been verified and are regularly shipped out successfully. The Mass Supply Program can also offer faster delivery on certain products to specific countries like the United States or France under certain conditions.

Once you have been accepted in the Mass Supply Program of DSers, you will be assigned a Supply Account Manager (SAM) that will help you in finding new supplier from our database. All the products that will be proposed to you can have their prices lowered by up to 30% in some cases, with the overall being 15% cheaper on average. This is especially good for dropshippers with a high volume of orders to AliExpress.


Finding supplier on AliExpress for your online ecommerce store is challenging, especially if you want a supplier that correspond to your price, shipping time and quality requirement. Multiple methods are possible, and depending on your goals and time, you may want to choose one or the other. Some tools allow you to simplify this search and provide you easy benefits, like the Supplier Optimizer, which only requires a DSers account to be used. Try the different method to find suppliers on AliExpress and try DSers dropshipping!

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