General Store vs Niche Store: Which Is the Best Dropshipping Store

General Store vs Niche Store: Which Is the Best Dropshipping Store

You arrived at this article; no wonder you're looking for better ideas and assistance on whether to start with a general store or a niche dropshipping store.

When it comes to starting a dropshipping business, many questions start roaming in your mind but picking the suitable model for your dropshipping store is the most overwhelming, and you might get yourself in the dilemma of choosing between an exclusive dropshipping niche or a general store. There is a myth amongst some people that dropshipping business is just adding and selling products online. However, the truth is utterly opposite, and there is a lot of planning one has to make considering all the influential factors.

Starting a dropshipping business without any solid plan tends to make you feel invisible, like shouting into a vacant room where no one exists to listen to you. However, ups and downs are part of success, and a good business journey altogether contains good and bad effects. But, sticking to the negative point for the long term causes you a significant financial loss; therefore, appropriate changes are critical to be made as fast as possible. Your success in your ecommerce venture is directly related to your choices, so we are here to guide you thoroughly by quoting the industry's experts' suggestions.

First of all, we have to consider every aspect of both options and evaluate all the upsides and downsides to owning a general and a niche dropshipping store. So, let's discuss the further exclusively general dropshipping stores Vs niche stores:

Difference Between General & Niche Dropshipping Store

The thing that made both the options directly opposite each other is that in a general store, you can sell all or multiple kinds of products and keep your store updated with the trends. In contrast, with a niche store, you have to stick or focus on a particular category of products with unifying features that appeal to shoppers with certain requirements.

But, the question is, what to choose between a general or a niche dropshipping store? Continue the reading to know the pros and cons of both the options and then decide where to start would be beneficial:

What Is a General Store: Pros & Cons

As the term suggests itself, a general store is an online marketplace equivalent to an offline department store. Still, a vital difference an individual can address between online and offline stores, you can not expect food and beverages service from an online dropshipping platform.

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Else everything you can shop from here, be it socks, light bulbs, and a wide range of consumer goods sold at general dropshipping stores. The owners of these kinds of stores believe that keeping the stores flexible helps them to reach more potential customers.

Well, Let's evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of general dropshipping stores to know how trustworthy their beliefs are.


These are the top factors that attract entrepreneurs to opt for the general dropshipping store. So let's give them a thorough read:

1. No Specific Research Needed

The dropshipping business beginner who chose the store's general model would not be required to conduct thorough research to get familiar with the market trends and latest arrivals. In the general store, without seeing the clients' preferences, filling the store with any product you find appealing will turn into profit. However, waiting for the customers to buy it may disturb you. Also, there are similar possibilities of it being sold as soon as you install it in your general dropshipping store.

2. Wide Variety of Choices

When it comes to starting a dropshipping business, the first challenge for the owner is picking the right product to sell. But, you won't have to face this challenge with a general dropshipping store as you are allowed to install absolutely anything without any limitations or to stick with any specific product. Thanks to multiple tools that help you quickly add your top preferred AliExpress goods with a couple of clicks.

Thrilled to know the benefits? Wait for a minute. To be very honest, this business idea is not as tempting as it looks. Why? Let's continue with the further reading;


Addressing a general dropshipping store with the term "lazy" won't be unfair. It is the most undemanding and tedious venture. Try to save yourself from putting effort into running a general store which is a most problematic job itself:

1. Products Arrangements are Overwhelming

To run a general dropshipping store, one must arrange a diverse range of products; it indeed needs a lot of items; if not, it will look bizarre, and the site visitors may start grinding their teeth. We do not deny that technology has made it simple to import an extensive array of products to your general dropshipping store.

But, you also have to agree with the fact that the crucial editing on the product pages is obviously a time-consuming job. You are left with no option but to edit them to maintain the website's SEO requirement efficiently.

2. The Intense Competition

Yes, competition keeps us enthusiastic about the business, but intense competition can also disappoint you. Here, you have to tolerate some tons of indirect competitors whose products are equivalent to yours and somehow can be manageable. Competing with direct competitors such as Amazon and eBay is near impossible. Also, the prices of your products at super low costs will drive you to financial loss. Therefore, competition with these giants does not sound good.

3. Achieving High Rank With Limited Keywords Is Difficult

The matter of competition still continues. Defining the little specifics about online products is crucial to making your website SEO friendly. And we believe that you are aware of the fact that the ideal keywords for these kinds of platforms are 'online shopping' or 'buy online.' Can you imagine ranking your website with these two keywords that are already being used by an extensive number of well-established eCommerce sites?

4. A Proper Marketing Plan is Merely a Dream

If you can't compete on pricing or product selection and can't get to the top page of Google using SEO, the only way to create sales is to market your business all over the Internet. Essentially, you will either make random guesses or do no promotional measures at all. And don't expect these tactics to be effective money-making methods.

5. You Can't Focus Properly at Once to All

Many new dropshippers are unclear about what they should do at the start of their journey. But with a general shop, things might grow much more complicated. With no prior expertise in this industry, it perhaps becomes overwhelmed with your store's unstructured and segmentary data.

Hence, it was everything that you should know about the general dropshipping store. Now, let's talk about niche dropshipping stores in more detail:

What Is a Niche Store: Pros & Cons

You might get the clue by its name; a niche store is an online shop that focuses on selling a narrow range of products. The items you find in niche stores contain a unifying feature. In other words, there are several approaches to identifying and developing a product niche. And your ultimate decision is highly influenced by your unique interests and preferences.

Therefore, it's usually a good idea to select a niche that you're enthusiastic about – or, at the very least, you should be well-versed in the goods, market trends, and client preferences in this industry. This invaluable information is the key to reaping all of the multiple benefits of a specialty dropshipping shop.

Now, we believe you are familiar enough with the term "niche dropshipping store." So, you can easily understand its advantages and drawbacks defined below:


A specialised dropshipping business offers several notable advantages, like high relevance, user attention, and high conversions. Here is everything that makes a niche store the perfect choice for dropshipping beginners.

1. Easily Manageable

In contrast to a conventional business, a specialist store requires far fewer resources. The problem is that you are not constructing a massive eCommerce empire in this scenario. Instead, you are constructing a much smaller firm that can be developed and operated more conveniently in the long run.

2. Precisely Defined Range of Products

Knowing what is hot and popular in this area provides an excellent opportunity to only stock your store with in-demand things that will be purchased frequently.

Furthermore, as a fan of your own specialty, you understand which product attributes are important to your target audience. As a result, you can write distinctive product descriptions that are both enticing to potential consumers and SEO-friendly.

3. Moderate Competition

If you sell everything at once, you will be competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other firms. However, if your product offering is a highly specialised selection of closely related things, your odds of encountering someone selling identical goods are substantially smaller.

This gives you the opportunity to promote yourself as a one-of-a-kind business selling something challenging to get from other merchants.

Remember that your extensive understanding of this industry will assist you in creating a welcoming and helpful environment within the store, as well as convincing visitors of your competence and professional demeanour. This is obviously beneficial to your reputation, brand awareness, and consumer loyalty.

4. Deep Understanding of Your Niche Audience

As a fan of your own specialty, you have a good understanding of like-minded people who are similarly interested in these exact topics and items.

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Understanding your specialised demographic allows you to precisely customise your ad settings and send your useful content to Internet users who will be delighted to join the community you're creating around your company.

5. Focused Marketing Strategy

You may simply generate very appealing advertising messages if you have the relevant facts about your target consumers' interests and behaviour. Furthermore, you may select the appropriate distribution channels.

You are more likely to succeed in developing the ideal brand image if you speak your consumers' language and hang out where they do. In fact, it may result in frequent repeat purchases!

6. Effective SEO Techniques

You have the option to search and select excellent long-tail keywords with a clearly defined product offer. These keywords are usually three or more words long and precisely describe the contents of your web pages. The most important aspect of these keywords is their ability to attract highly interested consumers to your shop.

Indeed, if a person searches for a word combination that is close to some of your target keywords and clicks on your site URL because it appears on the search results page, this visitor will almost certainly make a purchase from you sooner or later.

7. Increased Conversion Rates

If it is simple to traverse your site and find the needed products if the items are carefully picked, and if the product pages are appealing and trustworthy, the odds of converting a passing visitor into an enthused purchase are pretty high.

This situation is obviously much easier to implement with a specialist store. However, as we have already shown, a product-rich general store may be complex for an owner to manage and difficult for a guest to peruse.

8. Simpler Upselling

If you were unaware of the term "upselling" so far, let us explain this to you. Basically, upselling is the basic sales technique the owner uses to earn more profit out of an increased number of sales. Upselling is a sales method in which a vendor urges a consumer to buy more costly things, upgrades, or other add-ons in order to create more income. While it normally entails promoting more profitable services or products, it can also simply require introducing the consumer to new possibilities that they had not previously explored.

In other words, most visitors to your dropshipping specialty business will enjoy several things since it is of interest to them. For example, if you market a dog toy to someone who likes dogs, they are more likely to buy a dog mug as well as a fishing rod.


Like any other business model, niche stores also have some disadvantages that may disappoint you. Considering both the aspects of a niche dropshipping store will give you the exact idea of making appropriate choices.

However, the downside of a niche dropshipping store should be considered just a feature phrase. Still, it is crucial for you to know them anyway.

1. A Perfect Research Required

Yes, this appears to be the most serious disadvantage of a niche firm in that you must fully grasp what you're offering and who you're selling to. However, it will not be an issue if you are already familiar with this specialty.

In this situation, you either already know the essential features that define this company area or know where to go for the necessary knowledge.

2. No Backup Plan

It may appear that, unlike a general store, a specialty business does not have a "backup plan" to attempt if the selected items are not in high demand. This isn't totally correct.

If you realise that this niche isn't making you as much profit as you expected, you can adjust your business strategy and stock your store with things that are only distantly linked to your original pick. Because of the nature of dropshipping, this will not cost you anything, and your online reputation will be unaffected.

3. Narrowed Activity

You could believe that by opening a specialty store, you limit your own turnover and reduce your potential profit. In actuality, a specialty business is more tempting to shoppers than a large-scale online shopping platform in many ways. People are ready to buy from smaller online retailers for a variety of reasons, and they frequently prefer them to retail behemoths.

So, if you promote your shop correctly, you may still expect a large number of incoming orders and rich earnings.

Niche Store vs General Store: Which Is Better

When you compare these two possibilities, you will notice that developing general stores is the easier option. Finding items may take longer, but you are not bound to a specific specialty. Furthermore, an available shop is more adaptable when it comes to trying new items.

However, while opening a general business is simpler, generating money with it is considerably more difficult than with a specialist store. With a specialised store, you simply need to advertise one topic and a few product categories.

Often, you just need to target one demographic, which makes social media presence a lot easier. As a result, our staff advises newbies to launch a specialty store.

Easiest Way to Evaluate Niche Market Concepts

Most entrepreneurs choose niches that they are enthusiastic about. However, starting a dropshipping business based only on personal impulses is not a brilliant idea. Here are some broad guidelines for analysing a niche concept. If you can answer yes to the following questions, your idea has a good chance of succeeding.

  • You are fully passionate about niche dropshipping stores.
  • Google trends are indicating satisfactory growth and research results associated with niche stores.
  • The product you are thinking of installing in your online niche store has strong demand in the market and contains an emotional value.
  • The product you have finalised to drop ship is challenging to find offline.
  • You have the best contacts or recommendations about trusted and highly ranked suppliers on AliExpress.
  • The social media groups that represent this niche are accessible.
  • You are pretty sure and confident to compete with your competitors.

And, of course, you are not obliged to stick with niche stores forever. There is a massive growth possible in this field, and you can finely expand your business scope and upgrade your existing niche store with more product categories.

Final Words

That's all there is to it! All of the benefits and drawbacks of running a general or niche dropshipping store.

Undeniable that you can enjoy the wide circle of potential buyers with a general dropshipping store due to the variety of assorted items but making money out of a general store is more challenging than from a niche store.

To learn more about the same and for the best guidance, we highly recommend you to connect with Dsers to get the industry professional ideas.

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