How to Use Google Ads to Boost Your Dropshipping Sales

How to Use Google Ads to Boost Your Dropshipping Sales

Google AdWords continues to be a potent tool for dropshipping businesses looking to increase traffic and revenue as the eCommerce industry changes. New features and adjustments are added yearly, making it challenging to stay on top of what's exciting and new.

Read the post to master the essential information regarding Google Ads for dropshipping in 2024. We'll review how to maximize conversions on your storefront and monitor your progress with key performance indicators.

What Are Google Ads for Dropshipping

Businesses can advertise their products on websites that use Google's AdSense network and in Google search results by using the Google Ads platform. The Google Merchant Center handles merchant-facing ad campaigns, which offer tools for measuring sales performance, controlling product inventories, bidding, and problem-solving.

The price of Google Ads can change based on the particular campaign and other elements. The typical cost-per-click (CPC) is between $0.1 and $2, although some retailers are willing to spend up to $10 per click! AdWords does not specify Google ad expenses.

price of Google Ads - DSers

You are given a Quality Score, which ranges from 1 to 10, based on an analysis of the performance history of your Google Ads account, which includes your landing page, Ad relevancy, and CTR.

Campaigns that control ad placements according to relevance to the website or search phrase yield more promising results for most retailers. Campaigns that use Product Listing Ads (PLAs), which show a product image and description in the search result, fall under this category. Remember that certain products are more effective than others in showcasing the advantages of your dropshipping merchandise.

How to Optimize Google Ads for Dropshipping

When making Google Ads for the dropshipping campaign, there are a few different approaches to consider. Nonetheless, the following advice can help you create effective Google Ads for dropshipping:

1. Make Appropriate Product-Focused Ad Groups

The first method is to put your campaigns into product categories, each with its ad groups. Making distinct ad groups for products in your "women's clothing" and "men's clothing" categories would be feasible.

Ad groups that are distinct from one another can help you evaluate performance for each category separately and regulate which keywords cause your advertisements to appear, especially if your product is accessible in numerous categories. A cluttered and confusing campaign may result from having fewer ad groups.

Ad groups - DSers

2. Use Appropriate Keywords for Your Audience and Items

Use keywords in your campaign creation that are pertinent to your audience and items. If you offer "men's clothing," your advertisement should have a photo of a man dressed in items from your shop.

Additionally, you want to focus on low-competition, high-traffic keywords. It will assist you in making sure that individuals who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer are seeing your advertisements.

3. Write Eye-catching Ad Copy and Headlines

Ensure the wording in your advertisement is precise and concise when highlighting the advantages of your product. You can also use well-known personalities or celebrities in your advertisements to boost brand recognition.

Use eye-catching photos unique from other advertisements on the search results page at all times. To determine which ad version has the most significant beneficial effect on the success of your campaign, be sure to test out several variations.

Eye-catching Headlines - DSers

Experiment to Determine Which Works Best

As dropshipping merchants continue experimenting with Google AdWords, they find that their campaigns perform better when they develop effective campaigns categorized by product category and employ pertinent keywords. A high click-through rate can be achieved by using captivating images and writing that briefly describes the advantages of your items. This should help you reach your overall sales targets.

5. Optimize Your Bids Wisely

Make wise bids because your Google advertising for dropshipping campaigns aims to increase sales at a profit! A critical component of Google AdWords methods that might assist you in deciding where to spend your advertising budget is bid optimization, depending on ad performance.

You can raise the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid on a product if you see it is bringing in a lot of conversions at a cheap cost. You can lower bids if sales of your other products aren't as strong.

Types of Google Ads Campaigns for Dropshipping

Types of Google Ads Campaigns - DSers

For dropshipping, there are primarily three kinds of Google ad campaigns.

Shopping Ads

The most common kind of Google ads for dropshipping are Google shopping campaigns. It enables you to advertise your products directly on search engine result pages or SERPs.

Search Ads

The Search Ads campaign aims to help increase consumer awareness of your brand and your products. It's typically employed as a long-term tactic because search campaigns make it more challenging to observe outcomes right away. You can increase website traffic and help people find you by making an advertisement like this for your store.

Product Ads

Additionally, this kind of campaign is one of the most popular Google ad types for dropshipping. With the help of this campaign, you may draw potential buyers to your products by highlighting your deals on social media, mobile websites, email campaigns, and apps.

Advantages of Dropshipping with Google Ads

One of the most significant benefits of using Google Ads for dropshipping is that it allows you to engage with potential buyers and let them find your products. Google Ads can also be a great way to increase organic traffic and brand awareness.

Quickly and effectively building up campaigns to test what works best for your store is another benefit of Google AdWords. Using the AdWords platform for advertising doesn't require any additional tools. A marketing budget, some effort, and some inventiveness will do!

The location, demographics, hobbies, and previous behavior of the potential client can all be used to target them. This enables you to tailor your advertising to the most appropriate audience. You can adjust your advertising based on performance tracking, yielding better outcomes.

Upcoming Trends in Google AdWords for Dropshipping

It cannot be easy to forecast which trends will be most significant for dropshipping firms in the future because Google Ads is constantly evolving. In 2024, dropshipping businesses should take into account the following trends.

Increasing Usage of Video Commercials

Since video advertising is more successful than text or image ads, we expect to see more businesses utilizing them in 2024.

The shift towards video advertising isn't just a trend. It's a direct response to consumer preferences and engagement metrics. Studies reveal video ads have a 54% higher brand recall than non-video ads.

Video Advertising Trends - DSers
Source: Hubspot

Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video, compared to just 10% when reading text. Given these statistics, businesses are expected to invest more in video commercials in 2024. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok will be key to capturing audience attention.

Use of Google Shopping Has Increased

Because more people use mobile devices, businesses must be well-represented on Google.

The surge in mobile device use has changed shopping habits significantly. Over 60% of Google searches come from mobile devices. Thus, a strong presence on Google Shopping is crucial.

Use of Google Shopping - DSers
Source: The Webmaster

Retailers have seen a 30% increase in conversion rates through Google Shopping ads compared to traditional text ads. This highlights the platform's effectiveness in a mobile-first world.

Using Automation

Automation is changing how businesses manage and optimize campaigns. Companies using automated bidding and campaign management tools report a 20% increase in efficiency. They also save significant time and costs.

Using Automation - DSers
Source: GetResponse

In 2024, automation will become even more widespread. AI and machine learning technologies will provide sophisticated solutions for data analysis, customer segmentation, and personalized advertising.

Increased Usage of Programmatic Ads

As Google and other platforms develop even more innovative, there will probably be a rise in automatically generated content and targeted adverts. Programmatic advertising is set to grow.

Increased Usage of Programmatic Ads - DSers
Source: Insider Intelligence

Forecasts predict that 72% of digital ad spending will be programmatic by 2025. This growth stems from the need for more efficient ad-buying processes and precise audience targeting. Data analytics and AI enable real-time bidding for ad space. This ensures ads are seen by the most relevant audience, increasing campaign effectiveness.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads for Dropshipping

The choice between Facebook and Google ads for dropshipping depends on your target market and type of business.

Keep the following points in mind when you make the decision:

How Much It Costs

As Facebook's audience is more focused and smaller than Google's, you could spend more money there than on Google Ads, depending on your budget and target demographic. Additionally, because consumers must view your ads multiple times before purchasing, it may take longer to see results from Facebook advertising.

Since your advertising will be seen by people interested in purchasing something comparable, you can see results with Google AdWords very quickly.


Given that more people are using Facebook Ads for marketing, there may be more competition for these. There might be less competition for Google Ads, but this also depends on your particular sector.


Facebook Ads offers far more precise targeting options than Google Ads, enabling you to target a particular audience with your advertisements.


Facebook Ads - Engagement - DSers

Due to Facebook Ads' direct placement in your news feed, people are far more engaged with them than with Google Ads.

Google Ads - Engagement - DSers

So which is, preferable for dropshipping: Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Practically speaking, it depends on your budget and target demographic. We suggest beginning with Google Ads if you're new to dropshipping, as less competition and less work are involved in generating results.

If you are looking for an in-depth guide regarding Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads, we encourage you to follow this guide - “Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads”.


Google Ads for dropshipping appears to have a promising future. If you have the correct plan, you may successfully run your dropshipping e-commerce business long into 2024 and beyond.

Additionally, dropshipping businesses will have more options as technology develops and becomes more interconnected. Entrepreneurs will continue to succeed with their e-commerce sites for many years if they adopt these technological advancements and trends.

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