How to Use Google Trends to Optimize Your Product Selection

You can leverage Google Trends to obtain more precise and multidimensional product data, and then optimize your product selection strategy.

How to Use Google Trends to Optimize Your Product Selection

In the previous article, we introduced DSers' product research feature, which can provide you with inspiration and help you quickly screen products in the early stages of product selection.

After this step, you can leverage Google Trends to obtain more precise and multidimensional product data, and then optimize your product selection strategy.

Now, let's take the example of a popular summer item, the pool water pump, and learn how to use Google Trends to optimize your product selection plan.

Determining Product Trends through Line Graphs

When you enter "swimming pool pump" into Google Trends, you will be presented with a line graph showing the recent popularity interest index for that search term.

From the popularity line graph of "swimming pool pump," we can observe several crucial points:

1. The popularity of swimming pool pumps started rising from April this year.

2. In the previous year, the popularity of swimming pool pumps began to increase in May and continued to rise until June, followed by a downward trend.

We can leverage these crucial points to optimize our product selection strategy:

1. Before the rise in product popularity, which occurs in April, we need to perform preliminary tasks such as research analysis and marketing planning.

2. Around May, when the product popularity starts to steadily increase, it presents a prime opportunity to sell the product.

3. Starting from June, the product popularity begins to decline. This might be a suitable time to reduce investment in advertising and consider selling other products.

By aligning our actions with these important points, we can enhance our product selection strategy accordingly.

Observing the seasonality of a product

In addition to using Google Trends to examine the recent popularity trends and predict the future popularity of a product, we can also analyze the product's seasonality by filtering the data based on the time dimension. This helps us avoid significant losses and improve capital utilization.

By narrowing the time range to 2004-present, we can observe that the popularity interest index for the keyword "swimming pool pump" shows relatively regular fluctuations. The line graph exhibits peak values during the summer season, and the popularity gradually declines towards the end of summer.

This information indicates the seasonal nature of the product, and we can use it to make informed decisions about our product selection strategy and allocate resources accordingly.

Regular market analysis and strategy adjustments are key to addressing seasonal demand changes. After understanding the seasonality patterns of our product selection, we can optimize our product selection strategy from the following perspectives:

1. Seasonal trend analysis: Analyze sales trends and demand fluctuations during different seasons to identify products with high sales potential in specific seasons.

2. Diversify product portfolio: When selecting products, choose a combination of products with different seasonal demands to balance the seasonal fluctuations in sales and revenue.

3. Introduce seasonal products: Introduce short-term seasonal products based on seasonal demand to attract consumers and increase sales. For example, offer limited-time discounts or launch new seasonal products.

4. Marketing campaigns and promotions: Develop corresponding marketing campaigns and promotional strategies for products in different seasons to increase product exposure and sales volume.

By implementing these strategies, we can effectively adapt to seasonal demand changes and optimize our product selection to maximize sales and profitability throughout the year.

To expand our range of product selection

Google Trends can provide significant assistance when you aim to expand the scale of your store and diversify your product selection.

By understanding what people are discussing when it comes to swimming pool pumps, we can utilize marketing techniques like bundle sales to increase order volume.

Additionally, by understanding the specific features of swimming pool pumps that people care about, we can select products that meet the demands of the general public.

In summary, selecting trending products is crucial for e-commerce success. Don’t forget to stay ahead of market trends, optimize your product lineup, and then you will have more possibility in achieving business success in e-commerce.

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