DSers Product Research: Your production selection Assistant

DSers Product Research: Your production selection Assistant

In the previous article, we discussed how to write a Dropshipping Business Growth Plan. Now that we have a clear framework, it's time to tackle the core aspect of the plan: determining what to sell.

Starting from the common challenges faced by many in the initial stages of dropshipping, I will provide some inspiration for solving these issues.

Uncertainty about product selection

It's common to face the problem of not knowing what products to choose when starting dropshipping.

At this stage, observing what products people are discussing on mainstream social media platforms can be a good source of inspiration.

However, manually searching through each platform can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Is there a way to easily identify the current trending products?

This is where DSers' Product Research feature comes in handy.

When you have no clue, try clicking into DSers' "Find Product" section and try your luck. DSers will show you lots of trending and popular product advertisements from TikTok, and your lucky product might just be hidden among them.

If you have a rough idea in mind, you can also narrow down your search by entering keywords for more precise results.

Researching and exploring more is always better than struggling on your own.

Product Research DSers

Don't blindly rely on intuition

Relying on intuition can be highly risky.

Many times, what you perceive as a "hot" product may actually have little to no demand. Therefore, conducting thorough market research in the early stages is crucial when selecting products.

In the initial stages, all you need is concise and intuitive data to help you better understand.

In DSers' Product Research feature, the search results will default to show you three simple dimensions: 1. Likes, 2. Comments, and 3. Shares.

Generally, products with higher likes indicate greater popularity and a larger market demand. When you're unsure about niche products, using DSers' Product Research feature to filter popular products can be a safe bet.

Product Research DSers

In addition to these three fundamental dimensions, you can further refine the data dimensions using filters based on country, industry, and likes ranking.

This allows you to obtain more accurate data to support your product selection decisions.

Product Research DSers

Learning from others' creativity

Marketing and promotion are crucial aspects of Dropshipping.

After clicking on the high-popularity search results in the search page, DSers will take you to the details page of the advertisement and automatically play the ad.

Here, you can learn how other influencers promote the product and what creative approaches they use. This allows you to optimize your own marketing strategies.

Product Research DSers

DSers' Product Research feature can help you quickly and efficiently filter products. If you want to obtain more comprehensive data to assist you in formulating complex and diverse product selection strategies, you may consider utilizing Google Trends.

In the next article, I will provide some perspectives on optimizing product selection strategies from the standpoint of Google Trends.

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