Halloween's Coming! Top 8 Halloween Dropshipping Products to Sell

Halloween's Coming! Top 8 Halloween Dropshipping Products to Sell

Halloween is about to get much more thrilling! People have already begun their Halloween shopping. Have you chosen what to sell this Halloween as an online retailer?

Let's take a look at the top 8 Halloween dropshipping products to assist you in taking advantage of this season and boosting sales.

Halloween's Coming: What Dropshippers Need to Know

What do most merchants do in order to accommodate the rising demand for costumes and seasonal accessories? Continue reading to learn about the best activities, events, and shopping trends for Halloween in 2022. Let’s look at some statistics from National Retail Federation to know some Halloween trends and activities in the US market.

How Do People Celebrate Halloween

How Do People Celebrate Halloween - DSers

Giving out candy (66%) was the most popular method for consumers to celebrate Halloween, followed by decorating their homes and yards (52%), dressing up (46%), carving a pumpkin (44%), and hosting or going to parties (25%). For Halloween 2022, it's anticipated that costumes and decorations will continue to be the top sellers.

How Much Do Customers Spend for Halloween

How Much Do Customers Spend for Halloween - DSers

Despite a rise in the percentage of Americans enjoying Halloween this year, the average projected spending has somewhat decreased. Costumes, sweets, decorations, and greeting cards will cost consumers an average of $100.45 per family.

Costumes will be the products consumers expect to spend the most ($3.6B). And this year, $3.4 billion in total planned expenditure on decorations was spent, which is significantly more than before the epidemic. However, there has been a noticeable decline in card purchases.

When Do Consumers Shop for Halloween

When Do Consumers Shop for Halloween - DSers

Halloween shopping is becoming increasingly popular among consumers; in 2017, 39% of consumers intended to shop in the first two weeks of October, while 45% planned to do so in September or earlier. In line with this pattern, it is a fact that some shoppers began their Halloween purchasing at the end of August. Thus, now is the ideal moment for you to sell Halloween-related products!

How to Gather Halloween Inspiration

Last year, internet sources provided the majority of consumer ideas for Halloween. More customers are anticipated to get Halloween inspiration online and on social media in 2022 due to increased social media users and the quick expansion of online purchasing.

In addition to Facebook and YouTube, this year's Halloween inspiration may also come from Instagram and TikTok. Being active on social media and promoting your Halloween merchandise is a terrific idea.

Should You Dropship Halloween Products

Yes, dropshipping merchants may increase traffic from potential customers by providing Halloween-related products, just like any other retail firm. Additionally, suppose your business combines available products with Halloween products. In that case, they will all see a surge in traffic as a result of the fact that you are riding the wave of Halloween traffic.

DSers dropshipping

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If you are an experienced dropshipper, an owner of a Shopify, Amazon, or eBay store, or an aspiring eCommerce businessperson, you should be aware that most online sales take place during the eCommerce holidays in Q4 and the first week of Q1. The start of the holiday season is marked by Halloween.

For online merchants and wholesalers, Halloween is the fourth-largest holiday shopping day. Regardless of their origin and region, the purchasers shop online to celebrate Halloween, even though its traditions and customs differ worldwide.

According to the National Retail Federation's (NRF) annual poll, consumers spent $10 billion last year on Halloween-related goods in the U.S. alone ($2 billion more than the previous year). The typical American spent $102.74 on Halloween celebrations in 2021, making it one of the least expensive holidays (compared to the costly Thanksgiving and Christmas). Thus, it is the key to its appeal.

So, don’t ask yourself whether you should sell Halloween dropshipping products or not, start to find your suitable products now!

Halloween Dropshipping Products to Choose & Avoid

Halloween Dropshipping Products to Choose & Avoid - DSers

A few factors should be considered while choosing Halloween merchandise on your online store.

A specific Halloween product has a few qualities that make it ideal for selling on your internet store:

  • Not readily available in ordinary stores: The majority of consumers will initially search at local retailers to get their Halloween products. Therefore, you will have more significant potential if you identify a Halloween product that isn't offered by the majority of retailers.
  • Fast delivery available: Since Halloween is observed on October 31st, customers who purchase Halloween-themed products from you anticipate receiving them before the holiday! You need a quick delivery option since you must ensure that your consumers receive their orders on time. We advise using a US-based source if at all feasible.

Of course, not every Halloween merchandise is appropriate for internet sales. Avoid purchasing products with the following qualities for Halloween sales:

  • Heavy or oversized products: Avoid selling Halloween products that are too hefty or large. They take up more space and make transportation less effective. As a result, shipping fees will increase, making it more challenging to maintain a profit.
  • Copyrighted products: Products copied from a brand are known as copyrighted products. When the brand behind a trademarked copyright product finds that you sold it without their permission, you might find yourself in serious trouble. Additionally, Facebook forbids the promotion of protected products on its network.
  • Consumables: Remember that you are responsible for the products you sell. It might be challenging to determine whether consumables are secure and whether they might accidentally harm someone. If a consumable Halloween product, such as candy, causes injury to someone, you risk being sued and facing severe consequences.

When choosing Halloween-themed products to sell, you should keep all of the following in mind.

Top 8 Halloween Dropshipping Products

Now, let’s start with the most crucial part, top Halloween dropshipping products. Below are the top 8 products that you can choose for your Halloween online store:

💡 Note: Some referenced statistics listed below belong to National Retail Federation.

1. Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes - DSers

This holiday wouldn't be the same without costumes, it seems. The best part about costumes is that this Halloween merchandise category may be frightening, humorous, original, heroic, or whatever else you choose.

Including a few festival clothes in your online store is worthwhile, considering that an estimated 47% of men and 46% of women want to dress up in costumes and spend over $3.2 billion on them.

2. Halloween Accessories

Halloween Accessories - DSers

With the help of accessories like wigs, cosmetics, masks, headwear, gloves, portable props, costume shoes, and head and tails, Halloween costumes may be modified in stores and warehouses.

Halloween's costumes may be customized in stores and warehouses using extras like wigs, makeup, masks, headgear, gloves, portable props, costume shoes, and head and tails.

3. Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations - DSers

Another significant category of Halloween goods for sale had $2.6 billion in the previous year's expenditure. According to studies, in 2022, 58% of women and 45% of men want to decorate their houses.

There are a ton of products for both indoor and outdoor décor covered by this sub-niche. For instance, LED lighting, candlelight, pumpkin lanterns, themed straws, imitation spiders, various inflatables, Halloween pillowcases, tablecloths, etc.

4. Halloween Party Masks

Halloween Party Masks - DSers

The masks can be used as a standalone costume or complement other Halloween attire. You can try to search on eBay. The first search page generates 49 sales on average.

By providing safety while having fun, washable and reusable masks will still expand the market for frightful accessories in 2022.

5. Candies and Candy Accessories

Candies and Candy Accessories - DSers

Among the top-selling Halloween products, candy comes out on top. The majority of the interviewees said they would purchase candy. Trick-or-treating and trunk-or-treating will nonetheless take place this year, despite the social distance. Therefore, it could be a good idea to include some Halloween candy-related accessories in your dropshipping store (such as a bag, bowl, bucket, holder, etc.).

Again, keep in mind that you are responsible for the products you sell. Candy is an everyday Halloween consumable, and if it causes injury to someone, you might face legal action.

6. Halloween Party Supplies

Halloween Party Supplies - DSers

Even if just 22% of women and 29% of men plan to host or attend a Halloween party this year, having party products in your online store is worthwhile. Everything required for a large gathering or a simple family meal is covered in this sub-niche, including dinnerware, cups, straws, games, pumpkin carving kits, etc.

For instance, you may think of marketing a contemporary Waterproof LED Ice Bucket. This product has a market on other eCommerce sites as well. The Halloween photo booth settings may also to the excitement of any celebration. You may also mention a handful of them.

When everyone comes together, it's always fun, and the photo booth props will make the occasion more joyful and unforgettable. People like creating amusing family moments, which they may immortalize for years with numerous images. There is no denying that these products are among of the greatest to sell around Halloween.

7. Halloween Jewelry

These products' benefits include being reasonably priced and able to be worn with many outfits. However, some accessories, like gothic collars, can also be worn during everyday situations.

8. Halloween Greeting Cards

Halloween Greeting Cards - DSers

Another enjoyable Halloween custom is sending Christmas cards. Compared to, say, costumes, this sub-offering niche on eBay has fewer potential customers. In 2022, 45% of consumers will be willing to purchase a greeting card. However, if your store is designed around the relevant niches, you could want to think about also selling greeting cards.

Final Words

This year, so many fantastic Halloween products are available on the market, and hope the products listed above will inspire you. If you're ready to start dropshipping, it will just take a few seconds to link your online business with DSers. For further tips on dropshipping, check out on DSers Blog.

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