Holiday Shopping: 10 Tips To Earn Huge Profits on Your Dropshipping Store

Holiday Shopping: 10 Tips To Earn Huge Profits on Your Dropshipping Store

Yay! Holidays are just around the corner and we are all excited to celebrate them with sweets, gifts, and a lot of happiness. Isn’t that amazing?

Sure, it is. But, you may be wondering how you can celebrate holidays as a dropshipping business owner? Is there a way to increase your profits?

The good news is, it is possible! Let's see:

In this post, we have researched and brought to you 10 valuable tips that help you maximize your profits around holiday shopping. Start exploring, start earning!

10 Tips to Earn Profits on Your Dropshipping Store Around Holidays

Dropshipping around holidays can be an extremely cheerful experience for you. Find out some tips that can make it profitable too.

1. A Mobile-Friendly Website

The first step towards earning huge profits around the holidays is to make a mobile-friendly website. The reason why we are first stressing this point is that your customers won’t wait for your unorganized website to load. They literally have so many other options.

Further, almost everyone checks out deals on their phones now. If you don’t have a mobile website, you are intentionally bouncing many, many visitors. So, open your Shopify or other website store and improve your mobile website experience.

2. A Review Stream


The second most important thing for holiday shopping is customer reviews. When you find a new store on Instagram, what do you do?

You check reviews of the brand on the internet.

So, you need to create a smooth review stream. Post reviews on your timeline, ask your customers to leave feedback on the website and ensure people are leaving star ratings on individual products. This will allow your customers to trust your brand for holiday shopping, which will automatically improve your conversions – and profits.

3. A Christmas Theme

Your website should be Christmas-y. This means adding a Santa hat and making your website worthy of noticing.

A little bling around the holidays won’t hurt anyone. It will only encourage and excite your customers to check out your amazing deals. They will immediately open the product section and start exploring.

This also means that you can create a special category just for Christmas gifts or similar products necessary around the holidays.

4. Holiday Deals

If you visit 10 of your competitors right now, you will realize that they are already preparing for holiday deals. Every e-commerce website and even offline stores offer holiday deals. In fact, in your AliExpress dropshipping business, you will get Christmas or holiday offers on AliExpress as well.

So, why not offer some benefits to your customers?

Curate some discount codes or a game or something exciting that motivates your users to buy from you immediately.

These deals will improve your sales and increase your profits considerably.

5. Gift Packages

gift packages

Other than holiday deals, one thing that we all long for is valuable holiday gift packages. There are so many people out there who don’t want to personalize gifts. They just need a pre-customized or prepared gift hamper that they can directly be shipped to their loved ones. For these users, start making gift packages of your orders.

Here, you have three options:

  • You can order items in bulk, make a nice-looking package, and ship it personally to your customers.
  • You can also put pre-made packages from AliExpress on your website. These gifting options are valuable.
  • Lastly, you can simply bundle order products and send them to your users as separate items.

6. Free Shipping

The easiest catch for holiday shopping is free shipping. Think about it, your user is anyways ordering items in bulk for so many relatives and friends. Wouldn’t they just love free shipping?

If your budget allows and you can manage to send packages without shipping charges, then offer free shipping above a particular order value. You can also offer free shipping on every order, whether big or small. This decision depends on your margin and feasibility to achieve the same.

If you do this, you will definitely experience an increase in traffic, conversions, and dropshipping profits.

7. Ads Benefit

Around the holidays, you have to take benefits of ads. You can run holiday shopping ads everywhere, on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and every other platform. This will help you to creatively market your business, improve traffic on your website, and enhance your profit margins.

What can you promote in ads?

You need to send out holiday-specific content.

There’s no point in sending out a generic post. You need to make graphics related to holiday shopping and then place ads, so users are compelled to purchase.

8. Retargeting Success


Around the holidays, you have to retarget your users. This is one of the best strategies to improve your holiday shopping profits.

This is because the users who have already purchased from you trust your brand. You can easily share a message with them to draw them to your store.

Here are a few tips for retargeting users:

  • Send a personalized feed.
  • Send an offer!
  • Create urgency (such as Hurry, We are on Sale!, etc.)

9. Express Shipping

Similar to free shipping, you can also try express shipping. For this, there’s some work to do:

  • Go to your dashboard and check the shipping of the products you are selling.
  • See if there’s an express shipping option available.
  • If there is, then evaluate the pricing of offering express shipping to users.
  • You need to compare this pricing with the shipping charges you are taking.
  • Also, compare this pricing with how early your users will get the order.

Once you do that, you need to make a list of products you can offer express shipping for. Now, go to the above pointers and start promoting this USP.

This can be one of your best offers around the holidays – express shipping. This type of deal is beneficial for people who shop at the last minute.

10. Use Dropshipping Tool

The final option on our list is to use a dropshipping tool.


DSers AliExpress dropshipping tool helps you manage your supply chain. This means you can integrate your store and AliExpress to your tool and handle everything from one dashboard. Let’s explore how:

  • DSers is simple to use. You don’t need technical guidance to start using its dashboard. Just purchase the tool, integrate Shopify and AliExpress, and start using it.
  • There’s an in-built supplier selection engine to help you find the right supplier or seller for a product. This will maximize your profits.
  • You can find products or gift packages on AliExpress directly from the DSers tool. This is a go-to solution for everything.
  • It is possible to place orders from the dashboard, and when you do that, shipping and tracking details are automatically added to the dashboard.

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DSers dropshipping tool is one of the best methods on our list to improve your dropshipping profits. This is because the tool allows managing your shipments without any hassle. You just have one dashboard for your supply chain integration. Know more about the tool on our website.


So, these were the 10 best tips for holiday shopping. Around this time of the year, everyone is shopping. Either they are purchasing gifts, buying woolens, or preparing for decorations. This is the season of huge purchases and huge discounts as well. If you use the above tips, you can earn huge profits.

Don’t forget to use the AliExpress dropshipping tool, DSers, to automate your supply chain management. It will only help you find the right dropshipping supplier and minimize your cost of dropshipping. Hence, maximize dropshipping profits. Read more about the tool on our website.

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