How to Change Your Shopify Store Name?

How to Change Your Shopify Store Name?

Shopify is one of the most well-known sales channels in the world, with several user-friendly features. In rare circumstances, Shopify customers may also modify their Shopify Store Name to help with sales.

Why Is Shopify Store Name Important

You will be asked to enter a name for your company when you register an account with Shopify. This is the name that your consumers will see. Your Shopify subdomain will be automatically established with the fixed following format:

The format will be based on the store name that you choose. This subdomain is available for internal use, such as connecting to your Shopify account, other settings, and maintaining your online store, among other possible applications.

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We do not recommend that you use this subdomain as the URL that customers see when they visit your online store. We strongly suggest that you get your own one-of-a-kind domain name that is congruent with your brand and easy to remember in order to improve your organization's reputation and trustworthiness.

You are free to change the name of your store, but you cannot change the name of your Shopify subdomain if you wish to follow our advice and use your Shopify subdomain as the URL that is shown to customers. Instead, you will need to establish a new store on Shopify.

You are free to change the name of your Shopify store for reasons related to aesthetics; however, doing so will not have any impact on either your custom domain or the Shopify sub-domain that you use.

Can You Change Your Shopify Store Name

Yes, it is possible to modify the name of your Shopify shop. Before making the decision to rebrand your online shop, take some time to reflect on this. Changes altering the name of your shop after you've already begun marketing and increasing brand recognition might backfire and ruin whatever progress you've made toward establishing a brand.

While it is feasible to alter the name, it is also hazardous. Before you open your shop, it's a good idea to consider the name thoroughly. Choosing a name for your Shopify store won't slip through the cracks if you put it on your checklist. However, not everyone is able to set up their businesses in a methodical manner, which is why Shopify has provided us with an array of other alternatives.

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However, changing your subdomain on Shopify is not feasible unless you open a new shop. Because you can backup your shop's CVS files, creating a new store is significantly simpler than beginning a new one. You may even clone your theme so that the whole site appears identical to the previous one. It's also worth noting that you can run many Shopify shops. So, if your new shop and domain name inspire a new business idea, you can simply open a second store.

Unless you particularly want your domain name to match your new shop name, this is not required. It is usually preferable if the shop name and domain name coincide since this enhances brand cohesion, although it is not essential.

When Should You Change Shopify Store Name

In addition to utilizing the most delicate Shopify theme to build an eye-catching storefront, the name of your Shopify business is an essential aspect of the store's success. Your shop will stand out from the competition if you give it a memorable name. As a means of connecting with your customers, it conveys an essential statement about your brand.

So, how can you get a consumer to fall in love with your product only by its name? Keeping your shop name fresh in the minds of customers is essential if you want them to return.

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Emotional or sense-related connections to a name might strengthen the storage path for that name. A non-emotional experience is relegated to our short-term memory, and we prefer to discard items that have no resonating meaning for us anymore.

As a result, creating an emotional connection with your Shopify customers is essential if you want to have a successful company name. It seems to be a difficult task. Changing the name of your Shopify business may be as simple as looking for 4 reasons to do so.

Unclear Shopify Name

The fact that your customers do not totally understand the name or spell it correctly is likely to be one of the most common problems you come across. As a consequence of this, it could have a negative effect on the awareness of your brand.

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Because of the cultural and linguistic differences between you and the native speakers of that language, your name could have an uncommon spelling and might be difficult for them to pronounce. This is a widespread practice in international marketplaces, especially for online retailers.

Short-term Trend Name

It's possible that a trend will have an effect on your business. In point of fact, it might be highly advantageous for your organization to capitalize on a trend with the name of your store.

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On the other hand, short-term trends generally create ties with certain groups or beliefs that are rapidly moving. Might you find, after some time has passed, that the trend is no longer relevant to the demographic of customers you want to attract, you should consider rebranding your Shopify store.

Similar Name to Competitors

Another clue that you should change your Shopify shop is the resemblance of your company name to that of others. Using a name that someone else already has or that is close to their idea may confuse your consumers. Besides, registering for a business license with an already-owned domain is not a good idea, it may cause so many complications. Therefore, you should make sure that your name is unique and distinguishes you from the crowd.

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Furthermore, adopting a similar Shopify name will harm your SEO score on search engines. To prevent this issue, you may increase your ranking results by using an extra Shopify SEO app.

Want to Alter the Course of Your Business

Another reason you may want to alter the name of your Shopify Store is to change the course of your company, such as expanding your items or moving into a new category. For example, suppose you offer t-shirts under the name "E383 - personalized t-shirt," but you want to extend the product line to include backpacks, shoes, caps, and so on.

Want to Alter The Course of Your Business - DSers

Keeping the previous name will have an impact on your company's success. Customers looking for hats, shoes, etc., will avoid your business since its name is a t-shirt. They will believe your business lacks the items they need. As a result, you may rename it E383 and provide a more specific description of the items you have.

Stepwise Guide to Change Shopify Store Name

For the reasons stated above, Shopify has developed for a long time and understood that the demand to alter the name of users is highly significant. As a result, they made the name change reasonably simple. However, before changing the name of your Shopify store, you should consider where this change will apply. Customers will see the name of your shop on:

  • Your shop's frontage
  • Your password-protected page for an unopened shop
  • Purchase alerts by email
  • SMS purchase alerts (If you utilize a logo on your shop, the first two elements stated above will be unaffected by a store name change – your logo will be the primary thing people see, not text containing your store name).

Simply follow the instructions below to alter the name of your store in the mobile app and website.

How to Change Your Shopify Store Name by Shopify Mobile App

Step 1: On your mobile device, launch Shopify. Then, tap on the Store button in the corner.

How to Change Your Shopify Store Name by Shopify Mobile App - DSers

Step 2: Locate the button “Settings” and push to proceed.

Step 3: Select “General” from the Store settings section.

Select “General” from the Store settings section. - DSers

Step 4: The Store name field in the Store information section will show your existing Shopify name. Delete it and replace it with a new one.

Step 5: Don't forget to save your changes by pressing the “Save” button at the top.

That's all for now, guys! Wasn't it simple?

How to Change Your Shopify Store Name by Shopify Admin Website

Step 1: Access Shopify admin from your desktop PC.

Step 2: Select “Settings” from the left navigation menu.

How to Change Your Shopify Store Name by Shopify Admin Website - DSers

Step 3: Select General, as in the mobile app.

Step 4: In the Store name area, you'll see your existing Shopify name. Delete it and replace it with a new one.

Step 5: Then, click the Save button in the upper right corner to save your changes.

That's it; you've finished renaming your Shopify Store.

Final Words

We went through everything from why some individuals change the name of their shop to how to alter your store's name and domain name, as well as domain names. We hope these suggestions help you get through this process of contemplating renaming your business! Remember that achievement takes time. It may take a few failures, but most individuals will succeed if they put up the effort.

By the way, before changing your name, you should carefully evaluate your aims and ambitions. Although renaming a Shopify shop is straightforward, consider it carefully beforehand. Make sure that the new name of your Shopify Store will benefit the sale. Read more eCommerce tips on DSers Blog!

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