How to Use Google Trends? 10 Brilliant Tricks for Dropshipping Growth

How to Use Google Trends? 10 Brilliant Tricks for Dropshipping Growth

What is important for your business?

Your ability to market your products, or SEO strategy, or customer strategy, or sell the right product.

Ideally, all these factors are important for your business. You need to start with the right product, move towards optimum SEO, and market your products using quality customer retention strategies.

Google Trends is the tool that can help us achieve all that easily. Let's see how:

How to use Google Trends?

Google Trends is not similar to your SEO tool, it is a handy tool helping us find trending products, industries, and everything else. For a dropshipping business, Google Trends is a blessing in disguise. It helps us monitor ongoing trends, find popular products, and optimize our SEO. In the following article, we have explained how to use Google Trends to maximize your dropshipping profits.

Understanding the Concept of Google Trends

Understanding the concept

Google Trends, as the name suggests, is a website to help you find trends. You can type a keyword and know its popularity patterns. From knowing about rising trends to understanding the future decline, Google Trends help you find patterns based on demographics, related queries, and related topics.

How to use Google Trends?

To start using Google Trends, open the web app before we start discussing how to use Google Trends.

On the website, without even searching anything, you can find popular trends. This includes Recently Trending, Latest Stories and Insights, etc.

When you search with a term or keyword, you can observe categories, including Interest Over Time, Interest by Sub-Region, etc.

How to Use Google Trends

If you are wondering how to use Google Trends, here are amazing tips to use Google Trends for your dropshipping business. These tips help you explore Google Trends in unknown unique ways:

1. Find Niches

The first step of how to use Google Trends is to find niches for your dropshipping store. When you are selling the wrong product in a niche or selecting a niche that caters to only leading providers in the market, you will end up wasting your efforts. Therefore, use Google Trends to figure out the audience for your niche, popularity, etc.

How to use Google Trends in this case?

Simply find relevant niches that you like. For this, you can personally select things that are trending and use Twitter to shortlist some niches. Once you have shortlisted some niches, go to Google Trends and search for the keywords. Look for region-wise and other data categories.

The best trends are the ones that are increasing currently. You can also choose niches that are already on a high.

2. Look For Products

Once you have found the relevant niche for your brand, move ahead and look for products. For example, if you have selected artificial nails, then you can search for dedicated products inside this category, such as press-on nails.

How to use Google Trends?

Go to Google Trends, search for trending topics inside your niche. This will give you an idea of popular products in the niche.

After this, search relevant product categories and compare product trends. The one having an upward graph may be relevant for your dropshipping store. Don’t forget to look at the relevant sections to know more about this niche.

3. Find Keywords

Find keywords

Now you know the niche and products you need to sell on your website. That’s amazing!

But, how can we promote our products? How can we use the right keywords to market our dropshipping business well?

For this too, Google Trends helps you. Scroll on your screen for every keyword and look at the Related Queries and Related Topics sections.

While Related Queries directly offers you some keywords, you need to click on individual topics inside Related Topics for more keywords.

4. Find Seasonal Trends

For every business, seasonal trends are imperative. These trends help you improve your revenue instantly and retain your value in the market.

For example, there was a time when Fidget Spinners were on the rise. If you would have caught this trend earlier and started selling Fidget Spinner, you would have not only created market value for your brand but also made a lot of money.

Find seasonal trends through social media. Ideally, you would naturally know about seasonal trends because you are also a buyer. You can follow an influencer to stay updated. Once you find these trends, search on Google Trends to know actual numbers.

5. Learn About Trending Topics

As the name suggests, Google Trends is about trending topics.

How to use Google Trends to find seasonal trending topics?

  • Directly go to Google Trends and look for topics on the top of the list.
  • Search your niche, for example, clothing, kids, etc.

6. Location Specific Marketing

If you are currently targeting one region, you don’t need to observe the trend of the entire world. While many trends traverse from one location to another, you need still to have a look at trends of your country or location.

For this, use all of the above methods and filter country to your country. It is the first option in the given filter options.

7. Deals for Target Audience

Sometimes, you can check trending topics for your target audience.

For example, you are selling products relevant to children. Search children on Google Trends and you may find what is trending in this niche. Go to the Related Queries and Related Topics section for the same.

We searched Children on Google Trends and found delta variant children in Related Queries. This allows us to understand the concerns for children around COVID-19. This data can help you use content marketing in the right manner or promote relevant products.

8. Eliminate Bad Keywords

Eliminate Bad Keywords

On Google Trends, when you search a keyword, you get results Interest Over Time. Set the time to 12 months and find out the popularity of the product in the previous year. A consistent spike in the product's popularity is definitely a good sign.

Using this, you can know if some keywords are not good for your business. You can avoid selling these products.

For example, at the start of 2020, customized masks were extremely popular. But, now, if you choose this niche, it might not offer you any benefit at all. With Google Trends, we can understand if there’s still acceptance around a product.

9. Explore Marketing Feasibility

One of the amazing features of Google Trends is Google Shopping. From the filters, where you see Web Search, you can select Google Shopping.

As a dropshipping business, you may be asking how to use Google Trends in this way?

This filter helps you see the trends around a topic over a year. This is specific to the shopping and ecommerce industry. After knowing these trends, you can easily understand when to place ads and market your products and when not to do it.

For example, if you are selling new year’s gifts, then Google Trends will confirm that you can use ads around November or December.

10. Improve Outreach on Social Media

Google Trends can particularly help you improve your outreach on social media. For instance, if you go to YouTube and search children's videos, you will get trending results on the top.

Open these videos and check for common keywords. Take these keywords to Google trends and verify the trend of rising and dipping of these keywords. If there’s a rise, you can start using these keywords on your YouTube and social media platforms.

Use Google Trends to Make Dropshipping Store

Google Trends helps you find products and trends for your dropshipping business. How can you create a store using these trends?

DSers dropshipping

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The best way of making a dropshipping store using the power of Google Trends is through the DSers tool. DSers is an AliExpress dropshipping tool helping you integrate your Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix store for better feasibility and functionality. This dropshipping tool simplifies your supply chain operations. Check out how:

  • DSers dropshipping tool has an AI-powered seller selection engine. This helps you find the right seller for a purchase. Based on the seller history and other data, the tool suggests which seller might offer the best deal to you.
  • You can integrate your store, AliExpress, and other tools into DSers. This way, you will get one dashboard for the entire functioning. This dashboard will help you place bulk orders with a click.
  • Since everything is integrated, the shipping details of every order are added to the dashboard automatically. You only need to open your DSers dashboard to track shipments and deliveries of orders.
  • There’s a feature to import your list of products. If you have an Excel file, you can import it directly to the DSers tool.
  • Further, you can update a pricing rule on the DSers dashboard. Once this is updated, every product uploaded on the website will be directly included as per this pricing rule.


How to use Google Trends?

We believe we have answered this question multiple times in this article.

Although dropshipping businesses regularly check Google Trends to stay updated, they don’t understand the entire concept deeply. With the knowledge offered in this article, it is possible to use Google Trends to grow your business and optimize operational efficiency.

You can also use DSers dropshipping tool with Google Trends to match the efforts in your online store. From the data received through Google Trends, your DSers dashboard can truly maximize your profits and help you grow. Know more about DSers AliExpress dropshipping tool on our website.

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