How to Write Your Instagram Bio in 15 Minutes

How to Write Your Instagram Bio in 15 Minutes

When you are setting up a dropshipping business, there are too many things to handle, like your dropshipping website, product list, and tool selection. In between this, an Instagram account for your dropshipping store becomes an afterthought.

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However, when you are finally setting up the Instagram account, there’s a lot of confusion about what to include, what should you write, and how should you attract your followers. The Instagram bio is not like your normal Facebook description. It includes a short description of your business and some other details like hashtags, CTA, website handle, etc.

So, how can you write the best bio for Instagram? Are there unsaid rules to write an Instagram bio? Let's see how:

Surely, there are! We have discussed everything you need to know about Instagram bio.

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What Is Included in the Best Bio for Instagram

What should you add to your Instagram bio?

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Remember to highlight data that is important for your brand value.
  • Allow a medium for your users to stay in touch.
  • Showcase your business value, your personality, and your personal voice.
  • Always highlight your Unique Selling Pointer (USP).

Luckily, we have a list of things that can you make the best bio for Instagram.

  • Add an elevator pitch, which is basically who you are and what you do, explained in one line.
  • Ensure you are explaining to your users that you are an expert in the area. You don’t necessarily need to write your experience for this. Simply add a clear and concise bio and include elements that showcase your experience.
  • You can use different and unique voice tones for your business. But, this should be unified across every communication channel. Creating a playful Instagram bio but a dull, formal website will not work in your favor.
  • If you have a specific hashtag for your business, don’t hesitate to use the hashtag for your business in the best bio for Instagram.
  • Including a CTA to your website or Facebook page or Shopify store is a good idea for your Instagram bio.
  • The entire layout, content placement, spacing, and all the other factors for your Instagram bio should be visually appealing. So, if you are adding a long sentence, then a one-word description, and then a mid-sentence, that would look highly unappealing on your Instagram bio.

How to Write the Best Instagram Bio in 15 Minutes

If you want to come up with the best bio for Instagram in under 15 minutes, here are some tips that help you include all the factors that we have discussed above. Read the pointers, take out 15 minutes from your business schedule, and add an amazing Instagram bio.

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1. Profile Picture

*It is a common notion that Instagram bio is just the content that you add in the about us of your Instagram. However, it includes your entire profile. Therefore, we start by discussing the profile image.

Even before opening your profile, your followers or visitors check your profile, they see your profile picture. It appears in the search and just a glimpse of your profile photo makes all the difference.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting your profile image:

  • You are using a high-quality image for the profile picture
  • It showcases your brand, its essence
  • This profile picture is consistently used across every social media channel

Most dropshipping businesses use the business logo as their profile picture. This is a good idea, but you need to design different logo sizes for different social media accounts.

For example, on Instagram bio, you need at least 110 x 110 pixels. If you move above 200 x 200, your followers may get a glimpse of just a blurry image.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that your profile picture (Read: Your logo) is your brand’s image. You need to spend considerable time designing a unique logo that depicts your unique value. This logo should not resemble other brands as that may confuse your users.

2. Name

Now that you have a profile picture or the logo, you need to select the name of your brand.

On Instagram bio, this includes a username and the name of your Instagram. Username is the name that is basically your handle. If your handle is something like clothing_store_3456, then that will only look unprofessional.

You need an Instagram bio handle with a business name. This is because your users find you on Instagram with your username. Therefore, when you are brainstorming your dropshipping business name, you should instantly check the available Instagram bio handle for these names.

The name of your business on Instagram bio is the same as your business name. So, you don’t have to think about this much. However, sometimes, there are trends on Instagram to write Instagram bio names in cursive, other languages, or other creative formats. Keep a check on these trends and change your name on Instagram accordingly.

3. Clickable URL

The best bio on Instagram includes links to your website and product links as well. You need to keep in mind that on Instagram, you can’t add clickable URLs except for the Instagram bio. Therefore, you need to add a clickable URL here. This can be a website page, a product page, or a seminar link.

For example, you are launching a new product, at that time, you can change the link in the bio and add the product URL.

4. Description

On Instagram, your description is the core part of your bio. You have only 150 characters to define your dropshipping business and attract customers. You need to use it all and you don’t have to explain everything. Incomplete sentences and short taglines will also work in this case.

Just add important information, give an idea of your business, and make it unique.

5. Business Details

Here, you can add the name of your business and link to your Facebook page. Whenever you are posting something on Instagram, you can automatically add that post to Facebook as well.

In this section, you can also reveal more about your business, what it does, and what value you offer.

6. CTA or Website

Lastly, Instagram allows adding different CTAs to your website. This includes the following:

  • Email of your company
  • Directions to reach you
  • Call or phone number
  • Reservation button for your bookings

CTA is important for your users to reach you. This means this CTA will help your visitors reach your website and shop from your dropshipping store.


Your Instagram bio is the first thing that your users will see. For example, if your Instagram reel pops up and the user wants to buy something from your dropshipping store, then they will open your Instagram account and check the bio. This bio should immediately give them useful information, including a CTA. With the help of this, you can improve your outreach.

To further ensure high efficiency, you can use a dropshipping tool like DSers. It helps you find relevant products, select the right seller for an order, and maximize profit margins. Know more details on our website.

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