How to Increase Your Productivity as a Dropshipper: Tips to Achieve More in 2022

How to Increase Your Productivity as a Dropshipper: Tips to Achieve More in 2022

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model that helps you sell products from a marketplace with your brand name. Your business doesn’t need to create an inventory. We can source the product from the marketplace and directly ship it to the customer.

Now, you may wonder why there would be no productivity in this business model.

When we fail to use the right supply chain methods or choose the wrong niche, there’s no productivity in the entire lifecycle. This means that, as a drosphipper, you end up struggling for revenue and streamlining workflows. So, how can you improve productivity as a dropshipper?

We have some valuable tips for you.

Increasing dropshipping productivity means nothing but streamlining your processes and improving the way you manage your business. This allows for reducing the workload, improving operational efficiency, and ultimately increasing ROI.

Some tips to help you increase productivity are:

1. Keep It Simple & Structured

The first tip to increasing productivity is to keep it simple. The key reason business owners use this e-commerce business model is because they need something valuable yet hassle-free. Therefore, we need to eliminate any additional challenges. You should keep your books clean, inventory count perfect, and cash flow moving.

There's an inherent complexity to how we source and deliver dropshipping products. Hence, it would help to design a seamless workflow for everything else in the beginning only. You can’t update books whenever you want and send tracking details at your convenience. Have a proper, simple system for everything.

2. Don't Multitask or Micromanage

Once you know how you should spend your time and manage tasks, absolutely avoid multitasking. One thing that we always suggest to business owners is to avoid using their minds in two places at the same time. If you are placing an order while on a call with a customer, you can easily end up mixing up the details. Worse still, you could end up typing the wrong shipping address.

Multitasking in this profession hurts your pocket. You will lose money with the wrong moves. There’s no way to track the parcel, and there’s no way to connect with the customer and expect them to understand the fault. You pay for these mistakes from your pocket.

Hence, try to take one task at a time to increase productivity as a dropshipper.

3. Get a Tool

Another important aspect of increasing productivity as a dropshipper is using effective tools. When you have only a few customers and 10-100 orders, you can manage everything seamlessly on your own. You can create excel sheets, maintain the cash flow, and track orders without missing anything.

However, as your orders increase, you are stuck in a loop of delayed customer responses and lost order tracking details. There’s just too much to handle. At times like these, a tool can help you work alone without any challenges.

For example, DSers is an AliExpress dropshipping tool that helps you streamline your work and supply chain. It allows selecting the right seller for an order, ensures bulk order placement, and syncs details automatically.

DSers dropshipping

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First, let’s check out some benefits of DSers:

  • DSers is an AI-powered engine that helps you select the best seller for a product order. Normally, you would need to check AliExpress manually to find the best deal. However, DSers allows choosing the seller automatically based on order history, reviews, and other important factors.
  • If you have orders piling up, you don’t need to place them manually. Simply integrate your AliExpress account and DSers to place all bulk orders in one click.
  • The order and shipping details of these orders are automatically synced to your DSers dashboard for a complete overview.
  • It is possible to select relevant, high-value products directly from the DSers tool. You don’t need to search on AliExpress anymore.

There are so many more features of DSers that help you streamline your supply chain. Here’s a complete overview.

4. Create a Marketing Calendar

Since your dropshipping business is dependent on marketing, you should create and maintain a marketing calendar. It is necessary to have some activities pre-planned for your marketing. Ideally, you may not have enough time each day to create a marketing plan or campaign every day. Planning ahead of time and creating a marketing calendar will help you keep your business in good shape.

5. Examine Your Efforts

Without knowing the performance of your business in the market, how are you expecting to grow? When you are not analyzing your efforts, your workflows, revenue, and productivity, you don’t know the change you are making.

It is important to analyze your efforts because:

  • It helps you find challenges in the workflow.
  • You can identify risk factors early.
  • You can identify opportunities quickly.
  • You can see the revenue increasing pattern.

Understanding these markers helps you know your business better. You can curate a winning strategy with the help of these numbers.

6. Have a Backup

There’s no guarantee whether a business will work or not. You have to have a backup plan.

Of course, you will spend time on sales and marketing, and you may end up making a lot of money from this business model. You may increase productivity with time, but we absolutely can’t prevent bad situations. When these situations arrive, you should have a goal in mind. There should be a backup plan to change your product range, glorify your business, re-attract customers, or start over. You should have one goal for the worst-case scenario.

7. Pick Suppliers Carefully

One of the important tips that you can consider before anything we have talked about is picking suppliers carefully. When you are sourcing products for a dropshipping business, you need to take care of the quality of the product, the popularity of the product, its packaging, and everything else.

If your sourcing algorithm is weak, you may end up losing money. Therefore, spend the most time on this activity. Search on Google, check on AliExpress, take help from Google Trends, and don’t stop researching.

It is amazing that the DSers tool has an in-built AI engine to help you select sellers and products, but your niche and product research should start individually. Before you start your search on DSers, you should know what you want to put in the product category.

8.Focus on Niche Products

The last tip on the list to increase productivity is to find niche products. If you wish to genuinely reach out to your customers, you have to find niche products.

Think about it, your customers can easily get non-niche products in the marketplace. It is the idea of getting hand-picked, dedicated products from a dropshipping store that drives your leads. Isn’t it?

Therefore, find your niche and literally stick to it. Know your customers and look for products that fit their interests and budget.


If you wish to increase productivity as a dropshipper, you have to really follow the above tips and streamline your workflows. Avoid becoming a do-it-all and reduce clutter in your workspace. Follow the above steps, create a workflow, and improve your revenue.

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