9 Tips on How to Boost Instagram Engagement in 2022

9 Tips on How to Boost Instagram Engagement in 2022

An ongoing trend over the last few years has been the increasing value of Instagram as a social media platform. We also have many other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tiktok. However, the features offered by Instagram are indispensable. Not only for the general public or users, but also for businesses, dropshipping stores, and ecommerce providers.

Instagram has over one billion users and any small, medium, or large business can use this audience base to grow conversions.

However, while it is easy to gauge the importance of this social media platform, it is not as simple to boost Instagram engagement. Multiple industry leaders have already settled on the platform. How can you surge ahead of the competition?

Let’s explore some tips that will help boost Instagram engagement in 2022:

How to Enhance Instagram Engagement

There’s no doubt about the fact that this year is the year of the digital. We are experiencing growth in dropshipping models, online e-commerce, and digital adoption. As a result, a considerable section of your users rely on Instagram ads to buy products and shop online. If you wish to get noticed by this audience, you need to step up your Instagram strategy.

In this article, we have explained methods to achieve the same.

1. Relatable Memes

The first strategy to improve Instagram engagement is to post relatable memes. Many people have become influencers on this platform by sharing what people want to see.

For example, some time back, a meme of Kim Kardashian crying went viral with various tags. It remains quite popular on the platform. Using these images, you can also create memes and attract your audience.

Meme from Instagram - DSers
Source: Instagram

Why memes?

Memes are a language now. It helps people connect and share emotions. Therefore, with the right meme, you can receive a lot of comments, likes, and post shares.

2. Story Stickers

Instagram has many amazing story stickers. When you are creating a story, you can use one of these stickers for several functions:

  • Create polls
  • Ask questions
  • Emoji sliders
  • Quizzes
  • Reel stickers
  • Music stickers

You can achieve a lot with just Instagram stickers.

With that being said, it is necessary to understand the importance of stories as well. Many of your users and followers may watch stories regularly, but not your posts. This is because your posts can easily get lost in the crowd, but everyone tends to watch stories quite often and very easily.

So, start posting at least one story daily to improve your views, and try adding stickers to these stories for better engagement.

3. Trending Reels

You will always find some trends on Instagram reels. Either there’s a new song or the type of making new reels. Start using these trending reels to get noticed. When people are scrolling reels, they get relevant reels based on their search and the accounts they follow.

DSers dropshipping

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If you are consistently posting trending reels from your dropshipping account, you can get noticed really quickly.

Many small Instagram businesses have claimed that one of their reels went viral and things changed for the better thereafter. Use reels for your dropshipping store and experience the change.

4. Carousel Posts

In a carousel post, you can share around 10 images, graphics, or videos at one time. While this is just another option to post because we have already had that on Facebook, Instagram reacts differently to these posts.

For example, these days, there’s a trend of creating a series or flow with carousel images. You can add details in the first or a collage of images in the first, followed by individual images.

Many brands offer a tagline or gist of the post in the first picture and then continue with several images.

5. CTA

Call to Action has always been important online. These are used on websites, Facebook pages, Instagram stories, and everywhere else.

The reason why a CTA is necessary for your posts is that you need to direct your audience to the action page. If you have posted a picture of a sweatshirt from your dropshipping store but there’s no mention of how to order it, how will customers reach the action page?

Use phrases like "check the link in my bio," "visit our website," "click on the image for product details," etc.

Many Instagrammers are also using a clickable Instagram feed. In the bio, you can click on the link and find a replica of the Instagram feed. Find the post that you need to explore and check out products from that post. Isn’t that amazing?

6. Influencer Marketing

User-generated content is a valued form of marketing today. People tend to believe that other people like them. As a brand, you are separate from your customers, or normal consumers of similar products. Other people who have created a following (influencers) and are also consumers resonate well with their following.

The term "influencer" for social media came into existence only a few years back. It means growing a following on social media and helping your audience make buying decisions. For example, fashion influencers work with many clothing brands, review their products, and offer advice to users.

This type of content is imperative – more than you think.

As a buyer, wouldn’t you validate the authenticity and quality of a product from an influencer page?

Collaborate with influencers, send them free products, and ask them to review your dropshipping store. This will help you reach the dedicated audience that these influencers have built. Share these posts from your dropshipping account to make your visitors believe in your brand or business.

7. Giveaway

We all love things that come for free. There’s no second-guessing that! Isn’t it? Therefore, since the concept of the giveaway has been launched, it has been popular.

Instagram giveaway - DSers
Source: Instagram

You don’t have to do a big giveaway. Just pick one product that sells a lot, create some social media posts, and start receiving attention.

These days, Instagram giveaways have some kind of unsaid rules:

  • Tag a few followers.
  • Ask the tagged people to follow you.
  • Tell something about yourself.
  • Share the post.

This way, your audience that is participating in the giveaway gives you a lot of attention and more followers.

8. Create Polls

We have already discovered that you can create polls from Instagram stickers. The reason this is a separate heading is that polls generate so much traffic.

When you are scrolling through Instagram stories, you tend to stop on polls. It takes a second to answer polls. Similarly, many other users tend to pay more attention to a polling story.

There are many ways to create a poll for Instagram engagement:

  • This or that posts with your products.
  • Yayy or Nahh posts with a new category.

For example, take two of your best-selling products and create a poll. Learn how well your audience is divided, get data related to user preferences, and improve Instagram engagement.

9. Stay Consistent

Staying consistent is an unsaid rule that you need to follow on every social media channel. There’s no way you can earn better Instagram engagement without staying consistent. When you stop posting, your users get disheartened and many may even unfollow you.

Hence, create a marketing calendar and regularly post to eliminate low engagement phases.


Any dropshipping business can gain a large audience on Instagram with consistent efforts. You need to use tricks that are liked and appreciated by your users, understand the importance of user-generated content, and post regularly without long breaks.

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