How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide

It seems obvious that you would want to boost your exposure and reach on the platform given that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. However, because of the fierce competition, this may be a challenging undertaking to do.

Thankfully, there are a few particular Instagram marketing techniques you may use that have worked well. You might, for instance, plan your postings to get the most interaction, collaborate with an influencer to raise awareness or assign a content producer to create more engaging material.

Additionally, you may think about holding an Instagram giveaway to please your present fans and draw in new visitors to your profile. Simply said, an Instagram giveaway enables you to give away anything in return for a follower, a remark, or another specified action.

How to Run an Instagram Giveaway

Instagram Giveaways are always a great deal as it gives you customer retention, increase brand awareness, and give you and your product the limelight that it deserves. Here is how you can do your own Instagram Giveaway way too conveniently:

1. Choose the Giveaway Prize

Selecting the product, service, or experience you'll provide as your reward should be your first. This depends depend on your objectives; for example, if you want to raise awareness of a new product, you should probably give away that thing as your prize.

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As an alternative, you could wish to collaborate with a company to design a reward that is special and will interest each of your target markets.

Last but not least, consider presenting an experience rather than a particular product or service, such as a weekend getaway, a spa day, or the opportunity to network with an influential person in your field.

💡 TIP: Select only that prize that matches your niche, for instance, if you are a Gaming Content Creator and wanted to grow your audience, then you can offer ‘n’ number of subscribers an “In-Game Pass” for free or the “Game Currency” whatever like this.

2. Establish the Contest's Entry Requirements

Again, your final objective will determine your admission requirements. For instance, if you only want to raise brand awareness, you might encourage each participant to like your post and leave a remark with the name of a friend. By doing this, you can immediately expand your reach and maybe get new followers.

As an alternative, maybe you wish to bring attention to your website's blog or another page. If so, you may direct participants to your blog or website so they can see the entry requirements there, such as a question you'll want them to respond to in the Instagram comments area.

Last but not least, you may have worked with a company that requested you to add a request to follow their brand as part of your entry criteria in return for receiving one of their items as a reward.

3. Choose a Purpose for Your Instagram Competition

You may more precisely adjust your plan and keep track of whether or not your giveaway was effective by choosing a clear target.

Depending on what makes the most sense for your company, your objective may be to improve website traffic, get more followers, enhance engagement, or increase sales.

4. Think of a Brand Collaboration or Partnership

For this, let’s take again that gaming content creator example that we talked about earlier. Try to collab with a big gaming content creator to grow your audience. It will give you or your brand the clout that promotes it on a large scale and the perfect target audience. Take an example of Indian Gaming Content Creator Carryminati (aka Ajey Nagar) and ASUS brand collaboration. The partnership started last year after that, sales of ASUS ROG are on 9th sky.

5. Choose a #Hashtag for your Campaign

Hashtags on Instagram typically enhance platform exposure and help your content appear in Explore channels. To promote your offer, think about coming up with a catchy and distinctive marketing hashtag. You may add the #[Brand_Name]giveaway #[Brand_Name]contest, or something similar, in addition to the hashtag #giveaway.

6. Add Timer to Your Instagram Giveaway

Put a time restriction in your caption and add "Giveaway Closed" at the conclusion to let participants know when it's time to finish the conditions. You may write, "Giveaway! Over the next 24hrs, please tag a buddy in the comments and name your favorite vacation destination for a chance to spend the night at one of our resorts." as an example.

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In an ideal world, the time restriction will engender a feeling of urgency and encourage followers to interact with your post more rapidly, in addition to helping your giveaway remain at the top of your fans' Instagram timelines.

7. Start & Publicize Your Instagram Competition

You may now start and promote your post after selecting your reward, entry requirements, prospective partners, hashtag, time limit, and objective. Remember that Instagram users like posting at certain times of the day, so make your plans accordingly.

Additionally, if you additionally share giveaway information on a blog post, Facebook page, or another social media platform, you'll probably get more attention for your offer. For best results, take into account additional venues for your giveaway promotion.

Ideas for Instagram Giveaways

There are a few various actions you might ask your participants to do in return for the opportunity to win once you're ready to publish your contest.

Listed below are some of the most popular giveaway concepts:

  • Followers who "like" your post will be entered to win a free item or service. This increases engagement.
  • To enter, have followers write in the comments area with the name of a friend they would want to win. This enables you to expand your audience and get your business in front of fresh Instagram leads.
  • For a chance to significantly increase the reach of your business, ask fans to like your giveaway and repost it on their own channels. If ten followers with 100 followers each do this, you have a chance to reach 1,000 new people.
  • Ask people to follow your brand, a partner, or both in order to enter to win. This strategy is well-liked since it makes it simple to get more followers.
  • Ask participants to submit pictures of themselves using your service or product as part of a photo contest. Given that the postings made by your participants will be viewed by their own networks of followers and friends, this is yet another simple way to increase brand recognition. For maximum exposure, you should request that participants use your brand's hashtag or tag it.
  • Put this in a caption: Some businesses post pictures with the instruction, "Caption this for a chance to win," but leave the caption field empty. When your giveaway is over, you may add the description to your post with credit to the winner once your participants have had a chance to submit imaginative captions for your photograph.

Tools to Run Instagram Giveaway

It's time to choose a winner when your giveaway contest has ended, but how can you do it fairly? Here are 3 tools to run a succcessful Instagram Giveaway.

1. Wishpond

Your Instagram giveaways may be organized and tracked with the aid of Wishpond, a terrific tool.

Run an Instagram hashtag giveaway with Wishpond, and you can see every participant on your dashboard. Users may even include a voting feature to choose the best submission.

This kind of tool's objective is to assist you in improving your giveaways and promotions. It would be beneficial to invest in a platform like this if you want to regularly organize Instagram competitions.

2. WooBox

You can quickly and effectively design and manage effective competitions, giveaways, polls, coupons, forms, and more with WooBox.

You may choose one or more random winners from your Instagram comments by downloading them. This program also makes it simple to export Instagram comments and gather winning contact information.

This is a great choice if you're wanting to utilize a cheap tool. For minor giveaways, there is a free plan; however, for bigger competitions, there is an enterprise-level power plan.

Using a program to monitor and manage your freebies is a terrific idea. Let's see a giveaway in action right now.

3. EasyPromos

Similar to Wishpond, EasyPromos streamlines the process of managing an Instagram giveaway or contest.

You may use this tool to keep track of comments made on one or more posts. You may use it to decide whether commenters tagged the appropriate number of friends and to aid in selecting the winner at random.

The base package is reasonably priced and has no frills. If you want to offer straightforward giveaways without using landing pages or marketing automation, this is a fantastic solution.

As an alternative, there are various premium services that will provide the tools you want if you are managing enterprise-level giveaways.

You may choose from a few techniques to really randomize your winner. Here are several possibilities:

Utilize a Free Random Number Generator

Although it would be tiresome, especially if you had hundreds of entries, you can think about tallying the total number of people that took part in your offer before using a random number generator to choose the winner.

Let's imagine, for example, that 500 people have commented on your post. Google's number generator will show up as a box in the search results when you put "random number generator" into the search bar (you can also use another number generator tool if you want).

The number of participants should be the greatest, with 1 being the lowest. The generator tool will output a random number when you click "Generate." Simply count till you reach the username that corresponds to that number in your comments area by going back to your post.

EasyPromos App

You may think about organizing your contest using organizing like EasyPromos' Instagram Sweepstakes App, which can assure speed and impartiality when selecting a winner.

You may filter finalists using the EasyPromos app depending on how many friends have been mentioned. The tool can choose one to 1,000 winners at random once your offer has ended, and it can also choose alternative winners at random. Before the final sketch, you may use the tool's test run.

The best aspect is that EasyPromos provides a link to a certificate of authenticity that confirms the draw was conducted at random, guaranteeing a certain amount of openness and honesty between you and your participants. The certificate may be altered to fit your brand.

Use a Name-generation Tool

This last method is probably the most time-consuming, but if the number of giveaway participants is limited, you may want to think about selecting your winner by username rather than a random number. This could be a nice choice for you, especially if you've already assembled your list of names into a spreadsheet.

Visit a website like and type each username into the text box there on a separate line if you want to utilize a random name generator. Then choose a name by clicking the button.

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