How to Use Instagram Story to Attract More Audience and Build Your Online Business

How to Use Instagram Story to Attract More Audience and Build Your Online Business

Are you looking for a way to connect with more of your audience and grow your online business? If so, you should consider using Instagram Story. An Instagram Story is a feature that allows you to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. This can be a great way to connect with your audience and build relationships with them.

Additionally, Instagram Story can be a great way to promote your business and products. To get the most out of Instagram Story, be sure to post interesting and engaging content. You should also make sure to use hashtags and tag other users in your posts.

Why Instagram Story Important

In a world where we instinctively reject many ads (YouTube's "Skip Ads") and pay not to sell (Spotify Premium), Instagram stories offer the benefits of savings.

It's like a conveyor belt for consumption: you innocently ride it by clicking on your friend's dinner photo. Before you knew it, you flipped over 30 Instagram stories, saw 5 ads, swiped up to see a link from the influencer's closet, and you were in the last 20 minutes of your life. You probably don't know where the minute went.

It's difficult to get off when you get on the conveyor belt.

Instagram Business Insights shows how many people clicked from one story to the next and how many people left the assembly line. Looking at the insights of a normal Instagram user, an average of 80% of users "tap" Instagram stories instead of "finishing", which demonstrates that people want to continue riding.

That's why Instagram Story is a great place to do business. Can't you believe it? So without any delay,

Here are 14 things you can do right now with Instagram Stories without any more hassle. You can increase your brand's profile, engage, and win more customers.

1. Statements and Announcements

The Instagram Story is ready to use and is a great way to share company announcements such as new products, new hires, and general updates.

These moments are a great opportunity to post behind-the-scenes footage of your company, but it's not always worth posting on your main profile. Your followers will feel familiar with the latest information and will get to know you and the company. You can add multiple photos to your Instagram story to make it more appealing to your followers.

These personal insights can be anything from packaging a new product to pranking a colleague. They help convey the human side of your business, thereby increasing brand awareness and engagement!

2. Team Up or Collaboration

Instagram stories provide a great way for brands and influencers to collaborate.

You can partner with related businesses that your followers may benefit from, or clients who happen to be influencers. This gave both companies a new notoriety, and they generally enjoyed producing it!

Just a warning: some of these types of collaborations can be rewarded, especially if influencers are involved. Still, there are many ways you can collaborate through Instagram Story. So think about how it can benefit your business.

3. Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights have undergone major changes since their release in December 2017.

For normal users, these act as "best bits" for personal show reels. However, for brands, the ability to pin the story to the top of the profile basically acts as an extension of bio.

As a business, you can use highlights to let users who visit your page know who you are, what you are doing, why you are doing it, and introduce your products and services. Turn your Instagram page into a pamphlet with an eye-catching cover to create a highlight story!

4. Creating Polls

The era of boring customer surveys is over. Just tap to get an answer. Using voting in Instagram stories is a great way to encourage engagement with your followers. You can use it for market research, customer feedback, or to get to know and enjoy your audience. The possibilities for voting are endless, and you can come up with creative campaigns that are unique to your brand or audience.

We believe that brand customer interactions in this story will only increase in 2022! Instagram continues to release features that promote true conversation and brand loyalty. Let's move on to the next idea.

5. Q&A (Questions)

Question stickers allow brands to invite their audience to ask fiery questions or ask their own questions.

This is a great feature for building communities and facilitating customer interaction. By showing that they care about the customer's opinion and that they are there to answer the question, the brand positions itself as trustworthy, human, and friendly. It is then that it leads to customer loyalty!

6. Reaction Slider

An amusing addition to Instagram Stories, permitting customers to reply to the content material of your stories.

Interactions on Instagram Stories all feed back to the set of rules governing how precise content is and how engaged customers are with it. It’s consequently a great tactic for manufacturers to apply response sliders to enhance their engagement rate!

Most of the time, manufacturers use this selection, with coronary heart eyes, to gage how much their target market likes a product.

7. Countdown

New to Instagram stories, countdown stickers are a great way for brands to promote contests, sales, and announcements.

Users can set reminders for the countdown period, and brands receive this data so they know exactly how many (and which) of their audience are most engaged.

8. Linking or Links

Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available for accounts with 10,000 or more followers.

If you belong to this lucky corporate group, you can include external links in your Instagram story.

As you know, Instagram doesn't allow links to work anywhere other than in bios (trying to keep the app working). Therefore, including the link in the story is a significant bonus. The link redirects the user to the browser within Instagram. When you take off, pick up where you left off.Make the most of this feature by including a clear subpoena in your story. "Buy Now," "Start Free Trial," "Book Today," and "Grab the Deal NOW" are all options.

9. Templates

You may have noticed that influencers and trending brands used story templates in Instagram Stories last year. These are well-designed templates for users to screen and fill in, primarily for followers to get to know them. There is a great opportunity for brands to join here! Think about your target audience and what they are engaged in. Then create a branded story template to complete and share. Also, fill it out yourself as it's a great way to give your followers more information about your company and culture.

10. Location Stickers

Instagram is all about approximate networking and bringing humans together over shared interests. Increase the discoverability of your Instagram Stories via the means of tagging locations!

They might be introduced to that location's professional story, and consequently, humans that don't comply with you'll be in a position to observe them. It is such a short and easy trick with the view to getting you some extra impressions for your stories.

11. Hashtag Stickers

Similarly, hashtags in Instagram Stories have the same effect. It means that your story may be introduced to a bigger story by the use of that hashtag (that turned into a mouthful).

You can conduct research to determine which hashtags are most commonly used by your audience and competitors, and then incorporate them into your stories!

12. "New Post" Stickers

Due to the current behavior of the Instagram algorithm, the time it takes for an Instagram post to get engaged is important. As a result, more and more users are starting to promote their latest posts in Instagram stories, usually blocking thumbnails and making them click on their profile to see them. Users with more than 10,000 followers can use CTA to link to posts and use "swipe up to like" to engage higher and faster. This trick needs to work with a large number of accounts that are currently using it, so try it on your business Instagram.

13. Contests or Giveaway

Do you have a great product or service to give as a gift? Host a contest with your brand's Instagram story and create a splash! The good thing about conducting tests throughout the story is that you can only participate for 24 hours a day. This can give your followers a sense of urgency. Photo or shoot the prize and add rules for participation. Please reply to this story using the email address you entered. Once the contest is over, you can collect all the data and randomly select the winner.

You can also use Instagram stories to promote the contests running on your main profile. Due to current algorithms, many followers may not be able to see posts announcing a free gift. Use the story to tell your followers about it and push it in the right direction to get involved. Hashtags such as # giveaway, #contest, and #competition make it easier for people who don't follow you to find your story and extend your reach.

14. LIVE Sessions

Instagram Live is a great way for businesses to drive engagement. Be prepared to let your followers know it's going to happen and promote it elsewhere.

The more viewers and engagement you have with your live video, the more likely you are to see it on the Discover page under Top Live. Therefore, try to involve as many people as possible. This gives you and your colleagues time to plan what to do and what to say during the live stream.

If you're wondering what your business can use Live for, the possibilities are endless! Many brands use Live to introduce new products and features, document events, hold movie interviews, hold Q & A sessions with followers, or offer limited-time discounts.

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Instagram is trying to make live streaming the next big thing, so letting your followers know that you've started a live stream will help you promote Instagram. There is also a live video at the top of the story bar. So when you step onto the story conveyor, the first thing people see is your video.

So, after looking at all 14 ways to use Instagram Story to attract more followers and grow your online business, we can conclude:

Instagram Stories' conveyor belts reach over 300 million people every day, and it's easy to include them in your social media marketing strategy. Show how great your business and products or services are with the short-lived and relaxing nature of the story!


In conclusion, using Instagram stories is a great way to attract more followers and build your online business. You can use them to share behind-the-scenes footage of your business, post sneak peeks of new products or services, or even take followers on a tour of your office or manufacturing facility.

By using creative strategies to keep your followers engaged, you can build a strong and loyal following that will help you grow your business.

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