DSers Interview: What Users Think of DSers

DSers Interview: What Users Think of DSers

We asked some of our users what they think of us, what would they change, and to share some advice with you.

"It eliminates all the boring tasks that Oberlo and Dropified cannot do for me."

Who better than you to talk about DSers?

Tom is in his 60’s, living in the not-as-warm-as-he-wished beautiful city of San Francisco.

He has been dropshipping around a year now as an alternative to storefront options, he has several general sites, covering 15 different categories of products.

Ferraz is a member of our ever growing Brazilian community.

At only 23, he decided to run his own dropshipping business after some bad luck in previous ventures. Far from his family and working from home in Brazil, he enjoys having no boss to answer to and focuses on products for the house and technologies for your home.

Let’s hear from then!

How Did You Discover DSers and What Made You Decide to Choose Us?

Tom: I researched alternatives to Oberlo and came across DSers in my searching. I am using DSers almost exclusively now due to their customer support. Abigail is the Best!

Ferraz: A friend of mine shared some informations about DSers in a group, and after that I started researching everything the platform could do for me.

I'm using it because it eliminates all the boring tasks that Oberlo and Dropified cannot do for me.

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What's Missing in DSers for You?

Tom: The ability to add more than 100 variants, as many products have over 100 and with no way to delete some of the variants, we have no option but to not list the product regardless of how good it is.

What Advice Would You Have for New or Experienced Dropshippers?

Ferraz: Read the help center, it will show you some tricks and make some research!

Tom: For those new, learn from those more experienced. Be prepared for a lot of trial and error to find what works in all respects.

What Are Your Wishes for the Future?

Tom: Prosperity and abundance for all.

Ferraz: Perform all that I have not done in the last 22 years. Dropshipping will hopefully take me to places I've never imagined.

Thank you both for your time and kind words, a lot of success to you!

As you can see, Tom and Ferraz have two very different profile, and yet both found in DSers the tool that fits them.

Dropshipping is an adventure, everybody can do it, as long as they have the will to.

Our goal is help those who take part in this journey and to offer them new solutions, we are not perfect and still have a long way to go.

As Tom mentioned, there are still some limitations on DSers, like products with over 100 variants, we are working on it and you can expect a new feature for it by the end of March!

We are always open to suggestions and ready to face new challenges, please share your opinions and ideas with us, and your fellow dropshippers!

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