Is AliExpress Safe? Here’s Everything You Need to Know about AliExpress

Is AliExpress Safe? Here’s Everything You Need to Know about AliExpress

When we talk about some of the biggest eCommerce portals out there, AliExpress has to be one of the prime choices. Though, if you are new to AliExpress, then you might find some of its products having a substantial estimated delivery time or the pricing of a few products could be too good to be true.

Don’t worry – if you also wonder if AliExpress is safe or not, then read this post and get your queries resolved.

Things to Know about AliExpress

Founded by the Alibaba Group in 2010, AliExpress is one of the biggest B2C eCommerce platforms in the world. The website hosts more than 150 million buyers with most of its customers coming from Russia, Europe, and Latin America.

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Back in 2016, AliExpress crossed Walmart to become the biggest online retailer in the world. Last year, the eCommerce giant gained a whopping revenue of $72 billion, and the company expects to surpass it in the coming year.

Why is AliExpress One of the Safest eCommerce Platforms

If you have doubts like “Is AliExpress safe” or not, then you should consider the following things in mind.

Brand Value

As I have listed above, AliExpress is owned by Alibaba, which is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world and is known for a wide range of successful ventures. This automatically makes AliExpress a highly trusted and reputed business entity.

Unbeatable pricing

A lot of people find the pricing of various products listed on AliExpress too good to be true. This is because you could be buying an item directly from the manufacturer or a wholesaler, making it a highly profitable purchase.

Buyer Protection

To provide a better shopping experience, AliExpress has also come up with a Buyer Protection feature. If you are buying a product with the protection feature, then your purchase would be applicable for a full money-back guarantee and refund.

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International Shipping

Another good thing about AliExpress is that it provides seamless shipping options to hundreds of countries in the world. During the checkout, you can just enter your address to know the shipping option and the expected delivery time in advance.

Security Tips to Use AliExpress Like a Pro

Even though AliExpress provides a hassle-free and secure shopping solution, you can consider following these tips to get a better experience.

Order from a Reputed Seller

Since AliExpress has millions of sellers, it can be a bit tough to pick an ideal option. Even though AliExpress is safe, you should check the details of the seller you are interested in. The best way to do that is by reading their overall feedback and customer reviews of their listed products.

Look for the Buyer Protection Feature

Before you purchase anything from AliExpress, consider checking the “Buyer Protection” feature for the respective seller.

Look for the Buyer Protection Feature - DSers

You can find it listed on the product page that would automatically protect your purchase. In case of a dispute, you can easily apply for a refund and be sure of getting an on-time delivery.

Be Vigilant

Most importantly, while buying any product from AliExpress, you should be vigilant. For instance, you can consider checking its image and the size chart to ensure there won’t be an issue with your purchase later on.

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You can also check if the seller accepts your preferred mode of payment and what is their return/refund policy. Furthermore, try to note the estimated time of delivery in advance so that you would have realistic expectations regarding the arrival of the product.

Learn to Filter Sellers on AliExpress

Since there are millions of sellers on AliExpress, the platform has come up with a smart solution to filter them.

Learn to Filter Sellers on AliExpress - DSers

On the native interface of AliExpress, you can filter results based on a preferred prize range or the original location from where the product would be shipped. You can also look for products with free shipping or sort them based on numerous other parameters.

DSers: Start Your Dropshipping Journey with AliExpress

Since AliExpress is such a vast platform, it also provides dropshipping services that you can access via DSers. It is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool that is already trusted by over 150K users out there.

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Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


Place Bulk Orders in Seconds

With DSers, you can place hundreds of orders from AliExpress in seconds and can save up to 96.7% time in ordering. The platform will let you verify the seller, check the shipping time, and the shipping method – all in one place.

Supplier Optimizer

DSers has also come up with a unique Supplier Optimizer feature that would drastically increase your profits while optimizing the quality of your store. The feature would automatically compare the listed sellers for your domain, letting you pick the most trusted and profitable option.

Tons of Automatic Options

It is one of the smartest dropshipping platforms that can automatically track your orders, so that you can keep your customers updated. You can also get an automatic order status update and apply pricing rules to set the pricing for your product based on different parameters.

Other Features

One of the best things about DSers is that its basic version is available for free. That would let you kickstart your dropshipping business on a budget. You can also experience tons of other high-end features like bundled products, stock management, shipping settings, variant mapping, product division, and so on.


I’m sure that the guide would have answered your questions like Is AliExpress Safe or how to pick the right seller on AliExpress. Even though AliExpress is one of the safest eCommerce platforms, a few users complain of the long shipping time for their purchases.

This is because most of the sellers on AliExpress are based out of China, but you can always filter them to shorten the shipping duration. Besides that, if you want to come up with a dropshipping store by taking the assistance of AliExpress, then you can also consider exploring DSers.

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