Boost Your Conversions with Effective Landing Page Examples and Tips

Boost Your Conversions with Effective Landing Page Examples and Tips

If you own an online store, then you might already know the importance of having a dedicated landing page. Landing pages can be a vital part of your marketing funnel and provide a lot of value to your audience as well.

Though, your landing page’s content and design can make or break the efforts of your marketing plans. Therefore, in this post, I will make you familiar with some amazing landing page examples so that you can learn from other pros and improve the overall experience for your leads.

What are Landing Pages & How Do they Differ from Product Pages

Before we discuss a few landing page ideas, let’s cover some basics. In nutshell, it is a dedicated section on your website where people from your marketing funnel (like paid ads, social campaigns, marketing emails, etc.) land.

Landing pages are designed to improve your conversion goals by providing value to your audience. These pages can further be redirected to different products, provide details about your business, or have a dedicated page for a single conversion goal. Landing page design can also helps improve conversion rate if it's attractive and reasonable.

Compared to a regular product page, landing pages are more aesthetically pleasing and informative. It has been observed that visitors who directly land on a product page are 72% more likely to bounce than on a landing page.

What are landing page - DSers
Source: 6KU

Here, you can see that a product page looks pretty basic and won’t add value to your audience. On the other hand, a landing page is more appealing to the eyes and is quite informative that would let you capture leads easily.

Do You Need a Landing Page for Your Store?

Short answer: Yes

If you are running a marketing campaign on social media or search engines, then a landing page can play a vital role in converting your visitors to prospective leads. Besides that, here are some of the most promising examples of hosting landing pages.

Better Conversion: The most prominent reason for creating a landing page is that they can help you with lead conversions. Compared to product pages, they can be a whole lot interesting and generate better ROI for your paid marketing plans.

Do You Need a Landing Page for Your Store - DSers
Source: HubSpot

Target Specific: Another good thing is that you can come up with different pages or segments for specific customers. This will let you track the exact ROI from different sources easily.

Other Benefits: Apart from that, landing pages are also great for A/B testing and would let you understand your audience in a better way. They are quick and easy to create and can even boost your leads by up to 55%.

8 Best Landing Page Examples to Learn from

Great! Now when we have covered the basics, let’s have a look at some of my favorite landing page examples that helped brands achieve their marketing goals in no time.

1. Gilette

Gilette is a marketing genius and some of the brand’s marketing campaigns have done extremely well. Here’s one of the best landing page ideas that you can see with a minimalist approach.

1. Gilette Landing Page - DSers
Source: Gillette

By using a handful of words, the brand could easily convey its message to audience. A visitor can know about the details of the product if they want and could also see its real-life image.

2. Kodiak Cakes

If you want to come up with a single landing page to promote an entire range of products, then you can implement this strategy. Here, Kodiak Cakes came up with a funnel page for their newly launched butter syrups.

2. Kodiak Cakes Landing Page - DSers
Source: Kodiak Cakes

Apart from listing their benefits, key ingredients, and unique selling points, the brand also included the diverse use of the products. All of this is done by following a consistent and visually appealing storyboard.

3. Stripe

Who says that finding landing page ideas for any software product can be tough? If you also think the same, then you can have a look at the following page on Stripe.

3. Stripe Landing Page - DSers
Source: Stripe

Again, the company followed a minimalist approach with some smart copywriting. Besides listing the USPs of the product, a CTA and even its dashboard’s images are included. This will let users know more about the functions of Stripe at a single glance.

4. Good Health

Good Health has also come up with an interesting concept that you can consider drawing inspiration from. It is one of the best landing page examples for consumer products, which is quite easy to create.

4. Good Health Landing Page - DSers
Source: Good Health

The brand simply listed the features of the entire product range and then had dedicated sections for each one. In this way, you can easily showcase your products and present them as a bundle too.

5. Monday

Monday is a popular productivity tool that is extensively used for team communication and collaboration. Their landing page simply lists the prominent benefits of the tool and how it can help you.

5. Monday Landing Page - DSers
Source: Monday

As you can see, the page has also included a screenshot of the product with a listing of how many clients already use it. This is one of the best landing page ideas to gain the trust of your visitors with social proofing.

6. Casper

For all those who are looking for landing page examples for B2C products, this would be an ideal pick. This is the landing page for Casper, which is one of the leading mattress producers in the USA.

6. Casper Landing Page - DSers
Source: Casper

From the brand’s reputation to the product’s USP and delivery details to social proofs, you can find it all in a minimalist manner.

7. Denmark Apparel

The next spot on our list of some of the best landing page examples is Denmark Apparel. The online clothing store has come up with the following page where their leads for an ongoing marketing campaign would drop.

7. Denmark Apparel Landing Page - DSers
Source: Denmark Apparel

The page displays the ongoing discount for men’s apparel with several other details related to the brand. This can help the brand gain the trust of its visitors and generate more sales at the same time.

8. Flower Moxie

Lastly, if you are looking for some creative landing page examples, then you can check this simplistic design by Flower Moxie. Instead of displaying a catalog of their products, the brand simply showcased their real-world styling.

8. Flower Moxie Landing Page - DSers
Source: Flower Moxie

A user can simply click on any styled image, and they would be redirected to its product page. This is one of the best examples of how landing page ideas have evolved and shifted their focus on providing value to their audience.

Quick and Smart Landing Page Tips to Implement

Now when we have covered some amazing landing page examples, you can certainly work on a striking page for your store. Though, to improve their performance and get better results, consider following these landing page tips.

Tip 1: Get to Know about Different Types of Landing Pages

Mostly, landing pages can be classified into four different categories. Therefore, before you start with their creation, you should understand their types and select the most suitable option.

  • Top funnel page: They are like campaign pages that tell a story about your brand or act as social proof.
  • Mid funnel page: These are mostly created as a part of a retargeting marketing campaign to spike the interest of existing leads.
  • Bottom funnel page: These common pages are designed as a part of your upselling campaigns and are mostly developed around common products.
  • Retention page: Lastly, you can create dedicated pages for existing customers to offer referral codes, discounts, and more.

Tip 2: Minimize Clutter

If you are creating your first landing page, then chances are that it can be a bit cluttered and have unwanted details. Remember, the goal of creating a landing page is to generate more sales. Your pages should have clear and defined call-to-actions so that you can easily convert your leads into customers.

Tip 3: Compelling Content

It is a known fact that an average consumer is bombarded with marketing ads every day.  Your campaign should stand out from the crowd and provide value to your visitors. To catch their attention, make sure you come up with compelling copies that should be followed by interesting content to grab their attention.

Tip 4: Easy to Skim Layout

The overall layout of your landing page can be a dealbreaker. I would recommend following a minimalist approach so that you can include visuals and texts without causing any confusion.

Tip 4: Easy to Skim Layout - DSers
Source: Invesp

You can learn from the landing page ideas that I have listed above to simply look for more on the web. This will help you keep the layout of your pages consistent and visually appealing.

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Closing Words

The simplest way to put it all is that better landing pages led to a better conversation with increased sales opportunities. Therefore, if you are also struggling to boost the sales of your online store, then make sure you check out the landing page examples that I have listed here.

You can also implement these smart landing page ideas to get constructive results with your marketing campaigns. Though, if you want to create or manage a dropshipping store like a pro, then simply explore DSers. Owned by AliExpress, it offers free dropshipping solutions to meet your diverse requirements in one place.

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