8 Best Marketplace Websites to Sale and Earn More in 2024

8 Best Marketplace Websites to Sale and Earn More in 2024

Updated by March 18,2024

There are several locations where you may open shops while selling goods online. While some business owners choose to create their own online store, others prefer to use marketplaces to sell their goods.

Global marketplace websites are becoming increasingly popular, attracting buyers and sellers. But, as any smart retailer understands, you need to sell where your consumers are making purchases. If you're unsure about whether a marketplace website is right for you or which one(s) you should choose, read this article to learn more about the opportunities that come with selling through them.

What Is Marketplace Website

A marketplace website is a platform where clients may purchase a wide variety of goods from many suppliers.

A marketplace website has these two key characteristics:

  • Several merchants from various backgrounds all trade on the same platform.
  • The website or app allows users to make purchases without leaving it.

Internet markets have established themselves as a foundation of online retail. The most well-known examples of international internet markets are probably websites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Why Do People Use Marketplace Website

Marketplace websites are a popular option for many retailers, and for a good reason. Using a marketplace website has a number of advantages, including:

  • A ready-made customer base: You may offer your items to sizable customer bases on well-known online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Small companies may benefit greatly from using marketplace websites, since they can expand their clientele and get fresh leads.
  • Increased brand recognition: If you appropriately list your items, hundreds of search results might include your listings. Even if a user doesn't always click through to your goods, just having your brand show in the results can assist in bolstering brand awareness in the customer's subconscious.
  • Customer trust: is a major advantage of an online economy. Customers already trust major platforms like Amazon and eBay, so they feel more comfortable making purchases from them than from a store they've never heard of before.

Naturally, you must weigh these advantages against other factors, such as the commission rate you must pay to your preferred marketplace and the likelihood that you won't have complete control over the fulfillment process or client experience.

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8 Best Marketplace Websites

In order to assist you in deciding which platform will best meet your ecommerce objectives, we've compiled a list of the top 8 international online marketplaces.


It should come as no surprise that Amazon is one of the most widely used marketplaces, both among consumers and businesses. Amazon is the second-largest search engine on the internet and a significant marketplace website for buying and selling things.

1. Amazon Homepage - DSers

In addition, Amazon can provide your business with next-level awareness and provides an unmatched shipping and fulfillment service. Before opening a standalone online store, several big firms chose to begin on Amazon first in order to develop a following of devoted customers.

You must first register your brand with Amazon's brand registration before you can create an Amazon store. Then, just like with a website builder, you can create your own Amazon store by choosing a theme and adding pages.


AliExpress, which is based in China and offers service to more than 230 nations and territories, is a genuinely global marketplace website. On AliExpress, fees are renowned for being minimal; depending on your product category, you can only be required to pay 5-8% of your entire sales.

2. AliExpress Homepage - DSers.

You can be confident that your clients are well taken care of, and inquiries are answered immediately thanks to AliExpress's excellent reputation for customer service and experience. As soon as your buyer receives their shipment, you will also be paid.


The arts and crafts sector is mostly served by Etsy, an online store that has gained prominence in recent years. The marketplace has vendors that produce and market everything from vintage goods to personalized goods and collectibles.

3. Etsy Homepage - DSers

The things featured on Etsy are frequently unavailable to purchase on other online marketplaces (except from, maybe, the seller's own web store), making it a special venue for both vendors and customers.


Although it still serves as an online auction house for used goods, eBay has evolved into one of the largest marketplaces in the world, offering goods in practically every category conceivable. Selling goods on eBay has a number of advantages. Only Amazon is bigger in the US, and eBay is the second-largest marketplace there.

4. eBay Homepage - DSers

Customers don't need to identify your specific eBay store to buy from you. Simply having your listings appear in search results will do. Additionally, eBay has a Global Delivery Program that enables you to delegate shipping to eBay, which will then send your product to more than 60 million customers across the world.

Price is the most crucial consideration when selling on eBay. Due to the size of the industry, it is likely that different merchants will offer the same or very comparable items. In order to stand out, you must make sure your price is reasonable.

When it comes to fees, eBay provides a variety of pricing options with a range of advantages, such as listing enhancements and lower commission costs. It's easy to learn how to sell on eBay; all you have to do is open a business account, define your account's shipping and return policies, and then upload your inventory.


Did you know that in addition to being an online shop in and of itself, Walmart is also a marketplace website? Including crafts, books, and computers, Walmart's website offers items from over 35 distinct product categories that can be sold by independent merchants.

5. Walmart Homepage - DSers

Additionally, you don't have to be located in the US to use this; 5% of Walmart third-party sellers are now headquartered overseas, making this an excellent choice for foreign retailers aiming their products at US customers.

Walmart has six distribution hubs spread out around the nation, and it has pledged to deliver virtually all purchases within two days of the customer's order. Before giving you the go-ahead for active sales, Walmart will undertake one last assessment. You can sync your inventory and import order information for fulfillment if you have a Shopify store that is connected to Walmart's marketplace.

Mercado Libre

Mexico-based Mercado Libre is a sizable internet marketplace. Mercado Libre, which launched in 1999, has grown to be Amazon's main competition in Mexico. So it's absolutely something to think about if you're interested in connecting with people here.

6. MercadoLibre Homepage - DSers

In addition, there is probably a market for your goods, given that Mercado Libre offers over 150 product categories. Around 650 million people visit the marketplace each month, and the biggest product categories include sporting goods, electronics, and clothing.


Over 50 million people visit the Malaysia-based marketplace website Shopee each month. A huge benefit of Shopee is that sellers may advertise products for free on the marketplace and are exempt from commission costs if they have completed less than 100 orders.

7. Shopee Homepage - DSers

The fact that Shopee accepts a variety of payment options, such as debit and credit cards, ATM transfers, and cash on delivery, is another reason why sellers enjoy it. Due to Shopee's numerous fulfillment centers throughout Southeast Asia, which will handle receiving and shipping your purchases to clients, you also won't need to bother about order fulfillment.


One of the major online markets in India is Flipkart. In fact, just in October 2021, the online store brought in $4.6 billion! The site started out as an online bookshop, but it has now grown to include furniture, food, and apparel.

8. Flipkart Homepage - DSers

You can create a merchant profile on Flipkart for free, and its user-friendly layout makes it simple for people of all skill levels to use. This frees you up to concentrate on marketing your goods in front of a possible 200 million consumers.

Additionally, you'll be covered by its seller protection program should anything go wrong, and the marketplace has one of the greatest worldwide delivery networks. You don't need to be concerned about how you'll send your goods worldwide because there are more than 200 pick-up locations and over 10,000 delivery agents.

Experts' Guide to Select the Best Marketplace

Now that you know more about our top eight international online markets, it's time for you to choose the one that's best for you. Some considerations to keep in mind while selecting a marketplace website to sell your items are as follows:

  • Do you require a specialized online market designed to offer particular goods? For those who wish to offer handcrafted or handmade goods, Etsy is a terrific choice.
  • Determine the costs you'll have to spend for each market. To determine what you can afford, you will need to factor these into your entire budget.
  • Examine the market you've chosen's worldwide reach. How high are the conversion rates, and does it target the appropriate nation for you?
  • Does the marketplace offer assistance with fulfillment? For the majority of retailers, this is crucial, especially if you want to reach customers abroad.

In a Nutshell

Major ecommerce success can arise from selling your goods on a worldwide internet marketplace, but it doesn't guarantee it will be simple.

There is a lot of noise and competition in the current online purchasing environment, but if you can locate the marketplace website that is best for you, you might be reaching millions of people.

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