Oberlo Review: Find Out if Oberlo is a Legit Dropshipping Solution

Oberlo Review: Find Out if Oberlo is a Legit Dropshipping Solution

Gone are the days when starting an online business used to be a tedious job. Now, with the help of readily available tools like Shopify, Wix, or WooCommerce, you can easily set up an online store.

Though, to find the right products for your store and manage its back-end processing, you would have to use tools like Oberlo or DSers. Therefore, in this Oberlo review, I will make you familiar with its overall features, pricing, pros, and cons – letting you decide if it is the right tool to fit your needs or not.

What Is Oberlo All about

To start our Oberlo review, let’s cover some basics first. In nutshell, Oberlo is a popular dropshipping aggregator tool that would let you find all sorts of products for your store. Let’s say you have just created your store’s frontend using Shopify. Now, Oberlo can act as a medium to import products from AliExpress, manage your orders, and perform other operational tasks.

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As of now, Oberlo powers thousands of online dropshipping stores. While you can get started for free, you would have to buy Oberlo’s premium plan once its free trial gets over.

Oberlo Review: Overall Features

Now when you know what Oberlo is all about, let’s dive in a little deeper. To continue with our Oberlo review, let’s quickly discuss how this platform can help you.

Import Products from AliExpress

Ideally, this is one of the most vital features of Oberlo. The platform is integrated with AliExpress and lets us browse thousands of products. You can search for products in different categories on AliExpress and import them to your store. Please note that to do this, you need to link Oberlo to your eCommerce platform like Shopify.

Customize Product Listing

After listing your products, you can customize them as per your requirements. For instance, you can add new copies, descriptions, or images. There is also a provision to change suppliers for any product.

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Automatic Inventory Updates

By integrating with AliExpress, Oberlo can automatically update the inventory status of any product. Therefore, you don’t have to keep monitoring a product manually. Oberlo will let you know before it goes out of stock.

Dynamic Pricing

If you have an Oberlo premium subscription, then you can also make the most of its automatic pricing feature. The option will let you set up rules that Oberlo can automatically use to create dynamic pricing to maximize your profit.

Order Tracking

Besides that, the "Pro" plan of Oberlo also offers an automatic tracking of order statuses. Using this feature, you can easily track the present status of the order and can also keep your customers informed.

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ePacket Delivery

This is a newly added feature in Oberlo that supports fast delivery of products by integrating services of USPS and Hongkong Post. While the add-on feature would cost a lot, it will let you minimize the shipping duration of products to 7-10 days.

Other Features

Apart from that, there are a couple of other features that you can access via Oberlo, including the following:

  • Tracking of sales and profit margins for any selected duration
  • Managing multiple users for your store and setting up dedicated permissions
  • Multiple languages and local currency providers
  • Third-party integration for analytics, performance management, and so on
  • Product-hunting tool to find suitable products for your store

Oberlo Review: Pricing, Pros, and Cons

In our Oberlo review, you could have seen that various features are restricted to its "Pro" version. To understand this, you should know the overall pricing plans that are offered by Oberlo.

Starter: Free ($4.90 monthly)

This is the most basic plan of Oberlo that you can access for free. Sadly, the version has limited features and you can only have up to 50 orders. After completing the free trial for the first 30 days, you would have to pay $4.90 monthly.

Basic: $29.90 monthly

This is the first premium plan of Oberlo that would cost $29.90 per month. It will let you host up to 1000 products and process a maximum of 500 orders monthly only.

Pro: $79.90 monthly

This is considered the best plan from Oberlo, and it includes all the premium features that are listed above. With the Pro plan, you can process unlimited orders and can also have multiple staff accounts.

Oberlo Review: Pricing, Pros, and Cons - DSers
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  • Seamless integration with AliExpress
  • It lets us handpick our favorite products
  • Users can also manage their stocks, inventory, and product listings
  • Also available as a browser extension


  • Oberlo works only for Shopify (and no other platform like Magento or WooCommerce) It only provides a free trial for the first 30 days (and you must upgrade your account after that).
  • To scale up your business with Oberlo, you would have to spend a lot.
  • Even after importing products from AliExpress, you can encounter syncing and updating issues.


The overall verdict of our Oberlo review would rate it as an average to a decent product. While Oberlo offers a couple of resourceful solutions, it isn’t free. Besides that, scaling up your store with Oberlo can be a tedious job and you can encounter syncing issues with AliExpress as well. To avoid them, you can consider using an official AliExpress dropshipping tool instead (like DSers).

Getting Started with Oberlo

After reading our Oberlo review, you can easily decide if it is the right solution for you or not. If you want to take the assistance of Oberlo to manage your dropshipping store, then you can simply follow this drill.

Step 1: Set up an Active Oberlo Account

To get started with Oberlo, you can simply create an account by visiting its website. Here, you can enter your email ID, set up a strong password, and select a subscription type. You can explore it for free for the first 30 days and can later upgrade to a premium version.

Step 1: Set up an Active Oberlo Account - DSers
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Step 2: Integrate Oberlo with Shopify

Great! Once your Oberlo account is activated, you can go to your Shopify dashboard. Now, you can visit the Shopify App Store, look for Oberlo, and add its application. After that, you can follow a simple stepwise process to connect your Oberlo account to your Shopify dashboard.

Step 2: Integrate Oberlo with Shopify - DSers
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Step 3: Explore Products to Sell

You can just head to your Oberlo dashboard and start looking for any product to sell on AliExpress. There are various filters and available options to find just the perfect product for your store. You can also handpick products from Oberlo verified sellers to save time.

Step 3: Explore Products to Sell - DSers
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Step 4: Start Selling!

In the end, you can just select products of your choice and import them to your Shopify store from Oberlo. You can further manage the listing of your products or their availability from here. There are dedicated features that you can access to set up prices for products, track orders, analyze sales, and so on.

Step 4: Start Selling! - DSers
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Try DSers - Better Alternative to Oberlo

As you can see from our Oberlo review that the tool has so many limitations and can get a bit complicated. To overcome these limitations, you can simply take the assistance of DSers, which is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool. It is quite easy to set up and will let you manage your dropshipping store on the go.

Free and User-friendly

One of the best things about DSers is that it is available for free (and you can later upgrade it if needed). It is also extremely easy to use, and you can seamlessly integrate it with other platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, or Wix (unlike Oberlo).

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


Handpick Products Instantly

You can explore a wide range of products from thousands of suppliers in numerous categories. Though, if you want to save your time and efforts, then try the "Supplier Optimizer" feature of DSers. It will let you instantly select an ideal product from the best-rated and most-profitable suppliers.

Automatic Features

DSers also offers a wide range of automatic features to help you manage everything in one place. For instance, you can get an automatic update of order statuses or sync tracking numbers without any manual hassle.

What More

There are tons of other resourceful features that you can access via DSers. Some of these high-end solutions are bulk orders, bundle products, variant mapping, stock management, product division, automatic pricing, and so much more.

What More - DSers

Bottom Line

That’s a wrap from us! I’m sure that after reading this genuine Oberlo review, you’d be able to know more about its functioning. To make it easier for you, I have listed the overall features, pros, cons, and even pricing of Oberlo in this detailed review.

If you want, you can simply follow the above-listed steps to get it started with Oberlo. Though, if you are looking for a more powerful and user-friendly alternative, then try DSers. After all, it is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool that is equipped with some of the best features out there and is available for free.

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