What Is One-Product Dropshipping Store (and 5 Successful Examples)

What Is One-Product Dropshipping Store (and 5 Successful Examples)

As an online business owner or dropshipper, you may have heard about the growing trend of one-product dropshipping stores, known for giving clients a targeted and practical online shopping experience.

This guide will give you a closer look at one-product dropshipping stores. Whether you are new to dropshipping or an experienced online business owner, this guide will provide valuable insights and strategies for building and running a successful one-product dropshipping store.

What Is One-Product Dropshipping Store

A one-product dropshipping store is an e-commerce website that sells only one product or a small set of related products. The store employs the dropshipping business model, which entails that the owner does not maintain an inventory of the products but depends on a third-party supplier to complete orders and send products straight to buyers.

A one-product dropshipping store is an e-commerce website that sells only one product or a small set of related products - DSers

One-product dropshipping stores are frequently employed in niche markets when there is little or no competition and high demand for a specific product. The business owner may establish herself as an authority on that product and gain clients' confidence by opening a store that sells just that development.

Benefits of Having a One-Product Online Store

A one-product dropshipping store may create a successful online business while lowering complexity and risk. Here are some benefits of having a one-product online store.

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  • Niche Focus: By offering just one product, you can provide customers with a particular experience. Customers searching for a specific solution frequently find this narrow emphasis appealing.
  • Higher Conversions: Customers coming to your store are likely intensely interested in your one product. This self-selecting audience usually results in higher conversion rates.
  • Large Profit Margins: As there are no inventory expenses or complicated supply chains with dropshipping, more sales go straight to profit. When money rises, more opportunities will present themselves.
  • Lower Risk: One consequence is easier to manage, optimize, and control. There is less that can go wrong operationally.
  • More Straightforward Business: A one-product store is far less complex than one with dozens of products across many categories and suppliers. Marketing, operations, customer service, and more can all stay narrowly focused.
  • Responds Well to Growth: While keeping things simple is beneficial, a one-product store also can expand into related products and new niches over time in a controlled fashion.
  • Highly Automated Potential: Many critical tasks running a one-product store, from marketing to selling to customer service, can be automated using dropshipping tools and software.
  • Niche Authority: By becoming the authority in your product niche, you can build a loyal customer base and substantial brand equity.

One-Product Store vs General Dropshipping Store

One-Product Store vs General Dropshipping Store - DSers

Let’s check out some comparisons between the one-product stores and general dropshipping stores in some terms below:

Niche vs. Broad Approach

One-product store: Particular specialty emphasis. Sells a single, unique specialty item. Makes it possible to optimize and market in a highly focused way.

General dropshipping store: A wider assortment across several product segments and categories. It is challenging to build a brand and a specialized approach that are both laser-focused. More sectors need to be covered by marketing and content.

Customer Base

One-product store:

  • Appeals to a particular audience of customers interested in that specific product solution. It’s the specialized, niche customer base.
  • Can, over time, grow a highly devoted client base as the go-to supplier for that product. Clients may return and recommend you.
  • Consumers that enter the store are already very interested in that particular item. Interested, self-selecting audience.

General dropshipping store:

  • A far more broad consumer base that appeals to various customers interested in a range of items across categories. It’s a large and varied customer base.
  • More transactional consumers buy a variety of things, fewer chances for stores to cultivate client loyalty and repeat business. Individual goods or brands are the objects of allegiance.
  • Effectively attracting a wide variety of potential buyers for various items. Less self-selecting.

Marketing Strategies

One-product store:

  • The benefits of that particular product to a specific specialized demographic were the subject of all marketing efforts. Extremely focused advertising.
  • May develop extremely niche-specific information, knowledge, and authority. Deep, specific expertise.
  • May focus just on that one product, keyword, and specialized audience when optimizing content and SEO strategies. Extreme specialized SEO is feasible.

General dropshipping store:

  • Marketing must include a wide range of goods across markets and niches. Broader, more varied marketing strategies are needed, which might be more challenging to optimize.
  • Developing competence and authority over such a wide range of goods, categories, and niches is difficult. The knowledge that is harder to leverage and more generic is needed.
  • SEO is much more complex and challenging to scale with many distinct products, categories, keywords, and niches. Wide-ranging SEO is necessary but challenging to do successfully.

Inventory/Suppliers Management

One-product store:

  • As the foundation of your company, you should only manage, procure, and guarantee the ongoing availability of one product. very few product options.
  • That product only needs to be supplied by one independent third-party vendor. Maintaining a supplier connection is simple.
  • A dropshipping approach is employed. Thus there is no inventory to handle, store, or transport. No logistics or supply chain is necessary.

General dropshipping store:

  • Many items in several categories, styles, and price ranges must be managed in partnerships, conditions must be negotiated, purchase minimums must be met, and supply must be maintained, among other things. many vendors and sophisticated products.
  • Sourcing products from a wide range of providers across categories. Operational capacity is strained by a complicated network of interactions, terms, minimums, and dependencies to orchestrate.
  • Even with a dropshipping model, managing inventory levels, storage costs, shipping costs, and logistics across multiple goods become essential. Management of inventories takes effort, resources, and money.

How to Build A One-Product Store

After understanding the apparent differences between a one-product dropshipping store and a general dropshipping store, let's start your one-product store now with these simple steps below:

Get Your One Product - DSers

Get Your One Product

If you're only going to sell one thing, you should pick something that is really, really good. Product research doesn't always entail something complex or data-heavy.

Finding out if there is a demand for your products might be as easy as looking at Google Trends. Instead, you may join Facebook groups and discover Pinterest boards, Instagram hashtags, Tiktok videos, and the other social media profiles of your target market.

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Have a Branding Plan

Successful online businesses must establish a strong brand, including a single-product store. Determine what makes your product unique, define your brand voice and values, generate visual design components, and tell a compelling tale to build a powerful brand for your one-product business. During all marketing and consumer touchpoints, position and promote that narrative consistently.

Ensure your strategy effectively identifies your strengths, defines your brand, develops images and a compelling narrative, applies consistently, is legally protected, actively promotes, and considers collaborations. Each one-product store needs a distinctive brand to be successful. Success depends on providing value, establishing authority, and differentiating via brand.

Prepare Website Content

Next, seriously consider the website content for your single-product dropshipping site. Engaging content highlights essential benefits, imparts knowledge and experience, targets search traffic, creates social proof, gathers helpful resources, has calls to action, and is mobile-optimized.

A strong content strategy and regular publication keep your message in the spotlight. High-quality, optimized content across your website generates authority, increases awareness, fosters trust, and draws traffic with high intent that tends to become devoted, repeat clients and advocates. Any one-product dropshipping firm that is successful must build a solid content engine.

Start Designing Your Online Store

Start Designing Your Online Store - DSers

Designing a straightforward yet engaging online shop is crucial when beginning a one-product dropshipping business to drive traffic and increase revenue.

Step 1: Get the suitable theme

Having a solid but appropriate theme is crucial to draw in customers. Customers should have a pleasant and straightforward experience browsing your store's website. Menu bars have to be uncomplicated. The call-to-action (CTA) buttons should be obvious and precise. Such themes are simple to obtain on the Shopify theme store and other theme marketplaces.

Step 2: Build your home page

You can rapidly create a responsive home page once you select the ideal theme for your shop. Be mindful of the graphics, color scheme, and CTA buttons you use. The front page should entice visitors and clearly communicate the essential value of your offering.

Step 3: Add product page

They are turning into consumers at this point, thus their purchase procedure must be flawless. Because of this, you ought to make a product page that converts well. A powerful CTA button and top-notch product photos are required. Also, as clients always want more information about a product before taking a final decision, an engaging product description is crucial.

Step 4: Add social proof on your website

Social proof is a powerful tool for validating your company. As was already said, it increases the rate of buying activity and the reputation of your brand. On the product page or the home page, you can show customer comments or reviews.

Tips to Choose the One-Product for Your Shopify Store

Understanding one-product dropshipping store may help you be confident to start, but don’t miss these tips below to maximize your business effectiveness.

Outstanding Product Is the Key

As a single-product business, the product you decide to sell in your Shopify store must be exceptional in every way. It must have a significant influence on customers' lives, represent your brand and expertise, inspire strong loyalty, demand a premium, show superior value, stand out competitively, and provide the groundwork for long-term success.

Product-centered Design

For a Shopify store with a single product, it's crucial to use a product-centered design strategy. For a seamless experience, make sure your product aesthetically and practically represents your brand at every touchpoint.

Incorporate high-end, complex design to stand out and command greater prices. Encourage collaboration and participation through simple, enjoyable design.

Solid Social Proof Brings You Customer

Choosing a single product with proven and scalable social proof to sell in your Shopify store positions you for success in attracting and converting premium-paying customers with high loyalty.

Solid social evidence establishes trust, boosts credibility, provides social validation, gives peace of mind, enables word-of-mouth promotion, offers competitive differentiation and supports constant ongoing growth.

Attractive Product Copywriting

Influential copywriting is essential for choosing a single compelling product to sell successfully in your Shopify store. Persuade through benefits, not features. Establish expertise and authority. Share real examples, not just generic claims. Build trust, partnership and loyalty. Justify higher pricing through superiority, not low cost. Facilitate easy and trusted upselling. Ensure loyalty that allows safe experimentation.

Successful One-Product Shopify Store Examples

Below are some successful one-product Shopify store examples that you can learn from before start your own one-product dropshipping store.


Fybelle  - DSers

The target market for the single-product brand Fybelle is young ladies. From the predominant pink hue to the picture sessions with female models to the vivid, energizing video, everything about Fybelle's homepage has a feminine aesthetic.


Dryrobe - DSers

For fans of sports, particularly water sport athletes, Dryrobe sells top-notch windproof and waterproof robes. Because of the beautiful animated hero picture including fantastic scenes of people wearing Dryrobe items while surfing and swimming, visitors will like their web presence.

Foot Folder

Foot Folder features a simple, contemporary, and svelte appearance. The Sole File, the site's solitary offering, is highlighted by a stunning combination of eye-catching language, balanced whitespaces, high-quality graphics, and tiny animations.

State of Kind

State of Kind - DSers

State of Kind, a skincare brand with just one product, has a "do more with less" philosophy that is reflected in the website's simple, minimalistic design. It is challenging to read and not overwhelming because it doesn't use a lot of words or pictures.

Kulala Land

Kulala Land - DSers

Bright colors are used to great effect in Kulala Land. Yet backdrops and product graphics aren't the only things that use color. Even the typefaces have vibrant colors and an inviting, young vibe.

Final Words

In conclusion, one-product dropshipping stores have proven immensely successful and scalable. With this framework and examples as a guide, any entrepreneur or business can evaluate whether a one-product dropshipping store model suits their vision.

When done well, one-product dropshipping stores offer a path to purposeful, profitable and perpetual growth that is hard to beat. Get more knowledge on dropshipping business on DSers Blog.

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