5 Ways to Create Great Order Confirmation Emails

5 Ways to Create Great Order Confirmation Emails

If your business sells products online, chances are you send a confirmation email once a valued customer completes a purchase. But are these emails genuinely working for you?

While order confirmation emails give customers peace of mind, they can also be a valuable asset to your business when used correctly.

An informative and engaging email can significantly enhance the customer experience. Moreover, it can nurture customer relationships and boost your company's efficiency by reducing customer inquiries.

Read on for the best ways to level up your emails and begin seeing results.

Essential Elements of Order Confirmation Emails

Let’s start with the basics. There are certain elements every effective order confirmation email should include to keep your customers up-to-date and satisfied.

Order Cost and Summary

Confirmation emails have long enjoyed one of the highest open rates of any communication a business sends. In fact, one recent study indicates that over 55% of confirmation emails are opened by recipients  – that’s considerably higher than most marketing emails.

Order Cost and Summary - DSers
Source: Beco

The reason most people open them is to confirm that their purchase was successful and view their order summary. This is reassuring, but can also serve a more practical need.

For example, customers may need to keep the email as a receipt for tax-deductible, work-related costs or have to input the details into a system such as Paylocity expense management software. For this reason, it’s essential to include relevant details, such as product names, quantity, prices, and total.

Shipping and Delivery Confirmation

Ever rushed an online order? Sometimes customers will use a confirmation email to check they haven’t made a mistake when making an online purchase, such as giving the wrong delivery address. In your email, ensure you confirm the address and an expected delivery date.

Give a realistic timeframe to prepare customers for how long it might take. This provides them with peace of mind and reduces the chances they’ll need to get in contact about expected delivery times.

Shipping and Delivery Confirmation - DSers
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What’s more, by confirming the courier and providing tracking details, customers can track their order and even provide the courier with special delivery instructions.

It's also a good idea to include proof of delivery in your confirmation email. Not only does this help reassure customers that their order is on its way, but it also provides your business with evidence of delivery should any disputes arise. Be sure to include details such as the name of the courier, the tracking number, and the expected delivery date.

Payment Details

Today’s customers are justifiably concerned about online scams and fake websites. So a professional confirmation email that confirms purchase and payment can go a long way in showing customers that they’re dealing with a reputable, trustworthy company.

Confirming the payment amount and method helps alleviate concerns and gives customers a record they can save.

It is also beneficial for your business. If there are ever queries or challenges to a payment, you can refer to the confirmation email.

It's important to also include an email validation step to ensure that the email address provided by the customer is valid and free of errors.

Contact Information

All order confirmation emails should include contact details for your customer service team. If a customer needs to contact you about their order, this email is likely the first place they will look. Providing these details upfront makes it easier for the customer, improving their satisfaction from the get-go.

Your confirmation emails should include as many contact methods as possible, such as phone number, email, web chat, and address. You can also use this opportunity to address potential queries in advance.

For example, if you ship internationally, you could link to a page on your website that addresses why a package might be stuck in customs. This preempts questions around common issues and allows customers to find answers quickly and efficiently.

Contact Information - DSers
Source: Ruffwear

Return and Cancellation Policy

Of course, every business hopes that their products and services meet customers’ expectations. But there is always a chance that buyers will want to return an item or you need to issue a refund.

Having a transparent and flexible returns policy gives customers greater trust in your brand. They can make a purchase knowing that if there are any issues, they won’t be out of pocket.

Include as much information in your confirmation email as possible or link to the returns policy on your website. Issues to consider addressing include how long a customer has to return an item, the return address, and the process.

Best Practices for Order Confirmation Emails

Good Email Design is also crucial to creating an effective confirmation email. Whether your business is in its infancy or you simply feel your confirmation emails could do with a glow-up, there are various best practices you should follow.

Adhering to these will allow you to create effective order confirmation emails that can benefit your brand beyond a single purchase, increasing customer satisfaction and your company’s productivity and efficiency.

Best Practices for Order Confirmation Emails  - DSers

Keep Messaging Clear and Simple

The subject line is the first thing your customer will see, so don’t overlook it. Keep it short and sweet and include the customer order number, so it’s easily identifiable in a customer’s inbox.

Include the customer’s name where possible as this makes an email more personal, helping the customer to feel more valued.

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Aim for brevity in the email body, too. Thank customers for their purchase, then provide all the information they’ll need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you want to provide extra information to enhance their purchase, you can. However, keep in mind it may be best to link to your website to keep the email concise. You can even use an AI email assistant to improve the writing style, proofread, and error correction.

For example, if a customer has purchased your latest video conferencing software, you could link to useful articles on your blog, such as the benefits of a VNC connection or a guide to secure remote access.

Personalize According to Branding

A confirmation email’s primary purpose may be to provide a summary, but an email comprising plain text and a list of items is rather dull.

Remember, every email you send is a continuation of your brand image, so consider an extension of your website branding. These emails are a brilliant opportunity to get creative, engage customers, and convey elements of your brand messaging.

Personalize According to Branding - DSers
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Remember the customer journey doesn’t end when a buyer clicks “Purchase”. The next stage of their journey is equally as important and another opportunity to build a relationship with them, share your brand ethos, and encourage brand loyalty.

One of the most effective email marketing strategies you can use is to include a call to action (CTA) in your confirmation email. CTAs encourage customers to take specific actions, such as leaving a review or following your brand on social media. Not only do CTAs help you engage with your customers, but they also provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. By using email marketing strategies like CTAs, you can turn your order confirmation emails into a powerful marketing tool.

Spread this branding in your confirmation emails by Incorporating your logo and other graphics to make it more visually appealing. Keep the tone on brand, whether that’s light-hearted or more business-like. You can also use humor and wit in the copy if it’s relevant to your brand.

Most of us have seen hundreds of confirmation emails that are rather soulless. So don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with new ideas to make yours stand out.

Add Upsell Opportunities

A confirmation email is a perfect opportunity to promote other related products or services that are relevant to a customer based on their recent purchase. It’s best if these are personal, a process that can be streamlined by using pre-designed email templates that incorporate key products when other related products are purchased.

Let’s say you’re an online business owner that sells personalized business stationery. Every time a purchase is made, why not upsell the benefits of related products. For example, highlighting that digital business cards can incorporate a link to a LinkedIn page would be particularly attractive to people such as sales professionals.

In addition, consider promoting more premium versions of the purchase they have already made. This can plant the seed for their next purchase and can be particularly effective if you offer a discount on their next purchase.

Offer Value by Including Relevant Content

Companies must take every opportunity to increase customers’ engagement with their content – and that includes order confirmation emails. Depending on what industry your company is in, this can take many forms.

A business that works in the HR or accounting sector might link to helpful content, such as a “What is wage garnishment” blog post.

In addition, brands in other sectors may use a confirmation email to link to their social media pages, promote their newsletter, request a product review, or invite customers to a survey of their online shopping experience.

Offer Value by Including Relevant Content - DSers

Remember, order confirmation emails have a very high open rate. For that reason, they represent an invaluable opportunity to promote customer engagement with your brand, which plays a big part in customer loyalty.

Specify a Clear Course of Action

This is both for you and the customer. On your side, it means detailing how their order will progress from here. So give them an estimate of when it will be dispatched and clarify whether they’ll receive a shipment confirmation email when this happens.

In addition, provide a link to track the order status on your website. This can include stages like “order received” and “packing”.

You should also cover all the other possible actions that your customer may need to take, such as how they can get in touch with you, how they can return or exchange their order, where they can leave feedback, or what products they might be interested in purchasing next.

Level-up Your Order Confirmation Emails Now

Don’t underestimate the power of an effective order confirmation email. As discussed, they can serve a greater purpose beyond just confirming an order.

Boasting one of the highest open rates of any marketing email, they are an invaluable opportunity to enhance the customer experience, nurture customer relationships, and promote brand engagement.

That said, keep in mind that thorough research is the bedrock of good marketing. For example, if you’re searching for product packaging that promotes your brand, you’d no doubt research different materials, read a guide to eCommerce packaging, and contact different suppliers.

Similarly, if you want to send the most effective confirmation emails, researching your database is essential. Consider surveying customers to better understand their interests, analyze email open rates to gauge their effectiveness, and use A/B testing to trial different subject lines, email designs, and copy.

By creating thoughtful order confirmation emails, these communication methods can be a great asset to your business. The more your emails shine, the greater your customer engagement will be, which will ultimately help your business to succeed.

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