What Do Pre-Order Mean for Your Online Dropshipping Store

What Do Pre-Order Mean for Your Online Dropshipping Store

If you're running an online store, you may have heard of the term "pre-order." But what does that mean, and what implications does it have for your business? Put simply, pre-ordering is a way of reserving a product that's not yet available. For online stores, this can be a great way to generate interest in a product before it's released. Pre-orders can be a great way to drum up excitement for a new product, and they can also help you to gauge interest in a product before you invest in stocking it. By taking pre-orders, you can also avoid having to guess about how many units to order, since you have the exact number of units to order:

Have you ever run out of any merchandise to promote on your eCommerce store? Or perhaps you've got run out of cash for production your merchandise? Or perhaps you're simply inclined to release an amazing new revolutionary product?

Introducing a pre-order button and presenting pre-order objects will be the proper answer to your on-line store. By commencing pre-orders, you'll be capable of promote objects you don`t have yet. Your customers could have the possibility to buy a positive product earlier than it is prepared to deliver or maybe earlier than it's been produced.

What Exactly Pre-Order Means

A pre-ordered product is simply imparting an object on the market for your eCommerce internet site that isn't in inventory on the moment, however so that it will be in inventory at a detailed date. When you open pre-orders for your online store, you allow your Customers get the objects they need via way of means of booking them earlier than they may be formally available, while not having to fear approximately those merchandise promoting out.

Pre-orders were utilized by many shops and providers for years, as an example in gaming and tune businesses. What do pre-orders imply for shops? First, they provide shops and providers awesome information of what the modern-day call for sure merchandise is. Secondly, they assure a sure quantity of income and revenue.

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Pre-orders may be used correctly in any enterprise from hand-made objects to luxurious clothier items to video games. Many famous shops inclusive of Apple use pre-orders to tailor manufacturing of latest merchandise and their cargo for numerous places according with the nearby preferences.

Pre-orders are great for funding creative projects for musicians, writers, developers and artists, and for new manufacturers to save money.

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons:

Pre-Ordering Pros and Cons

If managed properly, then pre-ordering can take your sales and reputation to the 9th sky. But for it, you should manage it properly, if you fails, then it can damage your website and store’s reputation. So, before having a ‘Pre-Booking or Pre-Ordering Button’ for your store, considers these following factors:


1. Pre-Order Guarantee you a certain amount of profit and sales in that period of time.

2. You can use this as a survey for your store or your website to determine the consumer’s buying behavior and market demand. Also, you can determine the target consumer for the particular product in future.

3. You can take Pre-Orders to create a Buzz for your store in the market because they allow you to market the product along with the store on a great scale.

4. Because of Pre-Orders, the product suppliers don’t have to worry about the unsold or remaining stocks.


1. Pre-orders cannot be seen as a complete and reliable strategy for a successful online business. It guarantees a certain amount of product sales, but if you want to increase sales, that's not enough.

2. It`s the producer who controls the turnaround of the product, and in case of any cancellations or delays out of your supplier, your on-line commercial enterprise can face the chance of dropping Customers and credibility. It`s important to recognize the precise date while the product can be launched and to be had for your inventory earlier than you place the date for your store.

3. If you figure on eBay or Amazon, pre-orders won`t paintings due to the fact those structures have strict necessities for short shipping. In case of delays and poor remarks out of your Customers, you can lose your account.

Have you made a decision that pre-orders are the proper approach for you? Keep analyzing to discover a few guidelines on the way to effectively use them for your eCommerce store.

How to Use Pre Order Button to Boost Sales

A lot of companies take benefit of introducing a product earlier than it's miles released. Business proprietors can take a look at the marketplace earlier than they make a enormous capital investment. You also can use pre-ordering this way, for example, while you examine out of your dealer that your huge order may be numerous days late. Customers can use the Book Now button to place a backorder. You can also use the pre-order feature to get the attention of the target market before a particular item is produced.

Always notify your customers when the product is available again

You can use an easy pop-up that collects the e-mail addresses of Customers who need to be notified of the precise date of the product release. You will understand precisely what numbers of Customers need to acquire a notification, and you may be capon a position to devise the destiny stock orders.

Always offer a New Product for Pre-Order only

Online save site visitors want to be the primary to get a warm new item. If you realize that this sort of product will arrive quickly however will now no longer be in inventory for the following few weeks, you may sell the product earlier and appeal to the eye of your Customers with the possibility to pre-order it. In this way, you may discern out how huge your subsequent order need to be.

Promotion of Pre-Orders

If you need to apply pre-order for a newly launched product, you ought to create exhilaration round it and get extra traffic for your website. Think approximately going for walks paid advert campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to inform your goal audience.

Customer Communication

It`s crucial to tell your present Customers approximately pre-orders as well. You ought to ship an e-mail to anybody who's in your subscriber list. You ought to additionally put together an approach in case the manufacturing or transport of the product is delayed. You want to tell your present and capability Customers the use of e-mail or social media.

Another Useful Information which can be shared:

·       T&C (Terms and Conditions) of your service

·       Pre-Orders quantity available

·       ETA of your Order

·       Mode of Payments Accepted

How your customers can cancel the order (If cancelation available)

Include all of the essential statistics on a pre-order product web page

You can use the word “pre-order” within side the product call in order that your consumer will see it at the order affirmation electronic mail and at the delivery notice.

You must additionally encompass an anticipated pre-order delivery date and further statistics on how pre-orders paintings or a hyperlink to a web page that carries such statistics.

Keep Short Timelines for Return or Cancelation

Don`t make your Customers look forward to too long. You ought to recall a timeline among 2 weeks and a pair of months. Pre-orders works properly with this form of timeline. If you begin pushing your merchandise from three months to a year, your Customers are possibly to lose their hobby or neglect about approximately their order.

Proper Pre-Order Payment Strategy

You can use one or two Payment Methods for Pre-Order money collection

·       Let your Customers make orders and request charge while this object is in stock. The most effective hassle is that your Customers may also extrade their thoughts and cancel pre-orders.

·       Authorize the information of your customer`s credit score card and rate it mechanically while the product ships.

Requesting complete charge earlier isn't always a excellent concept due to the fact many Customers don`t sense snug doing this, however you could use this charge approach whilst you promote particular or treasured products.

How to Get Started with Pre-Orders in Online Store

Business proprietors who run their shops on distinctive eCommerce systems can take gain of the use of a pre-order function of their keep in the event that they applying a pre-order extension. If you're strolling an eCommerce save on Shopify, there's a huge desire of Shopify plugins that will let you provide a pre-order choice to your internet site visitors. These apps have a variety of superior features, for example, automated electronic mail notifications, customizable pre-order now buttons, analytics, and more.

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Shopify Pre-Order Manager through DSers is like minded with all subject matters and distinct stock monitoring apps. It lets in you to without difficulty receive orders for objects which are out of inventory through mechanically changing “Add to cart” button to “Pre-order”. You also can pick out which objects to your save or their editions may be scheduled for pre-ordering. With the geo-vicinity feature, you may activate the pre-order choice handiest for sure countries.

So, there are three main elements to run a successful Pre-Orders campaign

·       Create a High ‘Hype’ with multiple channels or social media

·       Inform your customers at the product web page of the precise cargo date

·       Keep in contact with Customers who made pre-orders

Most merchandise won`t promote themselves, so that you ought to integrate promotional and advertising efforts to make certain your pre-orders are a success. If you operate them effectively, pre-orders can emerge as a easy and effective device for growing income and developing your eCommerce business.


In conclusion, pre-ordering can be a great way to increase excitement and anticipation for a product launch, as well as generate early sales. However, it's important to plan your pre-order campaign carefully and to make sure that you're able to fulfil all of the orders that you receive.

Failing to do so could damage your store's reputation and hurt your business. With careful planning and execution, though, pre-ordering can be a great way to boost your business' success.

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