Your Guide to Product Packaging: Add Some Perfect-Ness

Your Guide to Product Packaging: Add Some Perfect-Ness

To almost every customer, the product packaging matters. Many believe that product packaging should be able to secure the product during online orders’ transit. Others want a secure and appealing package.

So, what do we mean by product packaging?

The product package is the outer appeal of the product. But, it also includes how well the product is packed, is it safe in the packaging, and how beautifully you have used graphics and fonts.

We can consider that every layer of packaging (till the customer gets to the original product ordered through your dropshipping store) is a part of product packaging.

For example, the white plastic wrapping that secures your parcels from theft during transit. There may be an extra cardboard box inside along with fillers to prevent the breaking of the item.

So, how can you ensure that you select the right product packaging for your dropshipping store? Here’s a dedicated guide for the purpose.


Before We Start, Answer This…

Before we start exploring the art of packing your orders with care, let’s understand more about the business. Here are a few things that you should consider before you jump to the next section:

The Product

  • You have to know your product inside out to create the right type of packaging.
  • Is it breakable?
  • Is it delicate?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Is it girly?
  • Or something out of the box.

Knowing this will help you understand the ways to keep product packaging secure for your business.

The Customer

  • After this, know who is your customer?
  • Will more men buy this product?
  • Will girls buy it?
  • What is the age group for the product?
  • Is it environmentally sound?
  • Specify your customer to the inch to know what type of packaging your user will like.

For example, if you are selling something that is environment-friendly or that will attract environmentalists, it would be a good idea to create sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.


The mode of purchase of the product matters. If you are selling online, you need to ensure that the package doesn’t rattle, break, or bend. You also have to make sure that the original tags are safe.

But, in place of this, if you are selling in the supermarket, you can simply get customized paper bags or boxes.

How to Decide Product Packaging

What are the things that can be included in your packaging? Keep exploring to know more:


The product packaging comes in many forms, such as a box, paper bag, polybag, and many other types.

While we may always choose the box first as it is the easier no-brainer approach, you have to keep the following factors in mind:

  • What is the product? Is it round, something liquid, breakable, etc.? If you are selling clothes in your dropshipping store, you can simply use sachet packets or paper bags for shipping.
  • One of the factors that no one asks you to evaluate is the competitor packaging. Check how they are sending their products. Evaluate possible mistakes and rectify them to gain a competitive edge.
  • Lastly, every packaging is attached to a budget. If you are purchasing sachets or paper pouches, they may cost less than cardboard boxes. So, you have to consider your budget alongside everything we are going to discuss next.


The second step is to design the product packaging. Some tips for the same:

  • The design of your packaging should clearly define your product. There’s no point in spending so much money if your customers can’t understand what’s inside the package.
  • However, it is still possible to create generic packaging with the logo and color of your brand. Keep it simple, clean, and hassle-free.
  • Many businesses also use product pictures for the packaging. For example, chocolate packaging usually has chocolates on the design.
  • If your budget allows, create a 3D product packaging to make it unique and more appealing to customers.
  • Lastly, check if your packaging goes with the theme of your product. If your product is subtle but packaging too vibrant, it may look odd.


To add information about the product on your packaging, you need to take a step back and check the first section. Have a look at 3 pointers and then add relevant data on your packaging.

For example, you can add more about how your product was made, what it contains, and how to use it. For an eco-friendly product, you can add the ratings and give assurance to your users. This information should be strictly necessary. Adding unnecessary elements is not worth it.

Unless you are adding personalized messaging, keep the information on the packaging crisp.


You should absolutely send a feedback form to your customers to know how they feel about the packaging. This includes knowing,

  • Did you like the product?
  • Was the packaging good?
  • Do you want us to include more information in the packet?

Once the product is delivered to the customer, send them a feedback form and know how well your product packaging is received. You can get tips for customizations and changes.

How to Customize Your Packaging if You Are a Dropshipping Business

If you are a dropshipping business owner, then you must be wondering how do I customize packaging? When your products are directly being delivered from the source to your customers, here are some tips that may help you:

How to Customize Your Packaging if You Are a Dropshipping Business

1. Create an Inventory

As a dropshipping business, you can create an inventory for some products or events. For instance, during Christmas, you can pre-purchase products and ship them personally with custom packaging. This may cost you extra in shipping, so you need to adjust it according to your budget.

2. Contact the Seller

One of the simplest methods is to talk to the seller and agree on the packaging. You can get the packaging customized and send it to the seller once. Whenever there’s an order from you, they can use the custom packaging and send orders to users.

It may be hard to strike a deal with an AliExpress seller, but nonetheless, it won’t hurt to try.

3. Add a Note

Most sellers allow adding a note with the package. You can include a customized note from your dropshipping store to your customers. This may not customize the entire packaging of the product, but adding a hint of personalization also helps.

4. Send an Email or Message

Lastly, when your order is shipped, send a personalized message to every customer thanking them for their order and offering discounts or offers in return. You can simply send an email or message at the time of the delivery of the product as well to enhance the experience.


Product packaging is an important part of your e-commerce shipments because that’s what customer sees first. Even when the product inside the packaging is high-quality, the poor packaging can end up ruining the experience of your users. Therefore, read the above tips, modify your packaging, and improve user satisfaction.

If you are a dropshipping store, you can use the DSers tool for many modifications. For example, you can easily integrate your email marketing tool with DSers and improve the delivery experience of your users. It is an AliExpress dropshipping tool to streamline your supply chain efficiency. Read more about it on our website.

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