How to Recover My Banned Facebook Ad Account

How to Recover My Banned Facebook Ad Account

Facebook Ad is an excellent approach to driving traffic and boosting sales for your business. But have you ever wondered what you would do if your ad account were suspended, especially in the context of continuous changes in Facebook policies over the past few years?

The good news is that you may regain your banned ad account rather straightforwardly. This article will show you how to recover banned Facebook Ad account.

What Is a Facebook Ad Account

What Is a Facebook Ad Account- DSers

A Facebook Ad account allows individuals and businesses to develop, manage, and execute ads on Facebook. Advertisers may target their audiences based on their geography, demographics, interests, and behaviors, among other factors. They can also define the budget, bidding strategy, and ad placements, track the performance, and adjust to improve advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, a Facebook Ad account might have several users with various access levels. It is crucial to note that Facebook has particular policies for advertising that must be followed to avoid getting banned.

Importance of a Facebook Ad account for dropshipping businesses

As a dropshipping business, you cannot ignore Facebook advertisements since they are a terrific way to reach potential clients and drive your sales which will help grow your business. You can target those who have visited your websites or interacted with your content on Facebook, establishing a relationship with your target audience, and your brand will become more recognizable.

Nevertheless, it is vital to build and implement suitable strategies to avoid missing out on sales and conversions and wasting advertising budgets. You can use advanced tech tools and techniques to accomplish this goal.

For instance, you can leverage smart ecommerce analytics tracking to ensure you don’t miss any lead generation and sales opportunities on social-media-referred web traffic. Ecommerce analytics empowers dropshipping businesses with actionable data, enhancing decision-making, optimizing operations, and elevating the shopping experience.

Reasons for Facebook Ad Account Bans

A Facebook ban refers to a punitive action taken by Facebook against a user, page, or group for violating the platform’s community standards, policies, or terms of use.  If your account being banned involves restrictions, certain features won’t work. One example is publishing ads. On the other hand, account revocation means a complete ban from using the entire platform.

Users who receive a ban typically receive a notification explaining the reason and duration of the ban, if applicable. Facebook account bans’ durations vary based on the reason and violation severity. Facebook has two ban types: temporary and permanent. Temporary bans span specific periods like 24 hours, three days, or seven days, determined by the violation nature. They result from issues like community standards breaches, spam, or repeated warnings. For severe cases, temporary bans extend to weeks or even months.  

In contrast, permanent bans occur for grave violations or repeated offenses, with no time limit and permanent account loss. Ban duration is subject to Facebook’s policies and violation details. To emphasize, the exact ban duration varies due to specific circumstances.

There are several common reasons why Facebook may ban an ad account. Let’s delve into it!

Violation of Facebook Ad Policies

Violation of Facebook Ad Policies - DSers

Before running ads on Facebook, businesses and individuals must know various essential policies. So what exactly are Facebook Ad policies? They are a collection of rules and guidelines that control the types of advertisements and content that may be promoted on the platform.

These policies are designed to protect users’ safety and well-being while demonstrating respect for them. In addition, they contribute to guarantee that the platform remains a prestigious place for businesses to sell their products and services.

Here are the three most common policy violations:

  • Using prohibited content: You are not permitted to utilize ads content that promotes illegal activities, misinformation, discriminatory practices, cheating and deceitful practices,  violence, hate speech, nudity, suicide, and self-injury, weapons, drugs or tobacco, financial products like auctions or loans, or other sorts of unsuitable content.
  • Targeting restricted audiences: Your Facebook ad account will be blocked if you target audiences based on sensitive personal categories, including national origin, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and other protected factors. This is intended to prevent discrimination and guarantee that all Facebook users are treated fairly.
  • Invading privacy: Advertisers must follow applicable data privacy regulations and offer users clear and transparent information on data collection and use practices.

Violations of Facebook's Ad rules can lead to various repercussions, including ad rejection, ad removal, account suspension, and even legal action brought by Facebook against the advertiser. Your ad account will be restricted or banned if you continuously disobey the rules or run ad content that significantly or frequently violates these standards.

But don't be too concerned; all advertisers may be reported for ad policy violations from time to time. To prevent any potential penalties, it is critical to review and adhere to these policies properly.

Repeated Disapproval of Ads

Repeated breaches of Facebook Ad regulations will result in your ad being rejected and your account being banned. Facebook takes its standards seriously and works to offer an excellent customer experience. If you regularly violate policies, it might harm the general user experience and trust in the platform.

When an ad account is suspended, an individual or business can no longer run ads or access pages or groups. This has a tremendous influence on reaching target clients and promoting the business.

To avoid having ads being rejected, you need to explore several techniques. Adherence to Facebook's advertising standards and avoiding the prohibited content mentioned above is necessary.

Moreover,  you should be aware of any disapproving notices and take immediate action to resolve any concerns. If you require assistance in addressing any ad policy violations, you may contact the Facebook support staff.

Suspicious Activity or Violation of Facebook Community Standards

When it comes to community standards, Facebook has a ton of them, and users must follow them when using this platform. They are created to provide all users with a safe and healthy environment.

The community standards include various concerns, including hate speech, harassment, and violence. If Facebook identifies suspicious activity on an account, like spamming, fake likes, or using automated tools to establish several accounts, it can suspend the account. This is to maintain the platform's integrity and prevent the spreading of spam or harmful information.

A suspicious activity like using fake accounts can lead to an account ban since it violates Facebook’s community standards. Users are required to use real names and provide truthful information. This is because individuals frequently utilize fake accounts to send out spam, malware, or other malicious content.

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Furthermore, advertisers who use fake accounts to run advertisements may be participating in deceptive tactics and breaking Facebook's ad policies, which may result in an ad account ban.

To avoid breaking Facebook’s community standards, reviewing and staying up-to-date on these standards is crucial. You should be wary of suspicious behavior on your account and take necessary precautions to safeguard it by using your actual name, uploading appropriate material, using a strong password, activating two-factor authentication, and monitoring your login activity frequently.

Payment Issues

Payment Issues - DSers

There are several issues related to the payment that will make your ad account blocked.

  • Use the same payment method for different ad accounts: Facebook can recognize previous offenders, so if you have been banned, do not utilize the same payment method for a new ad account.
  • Inconsistent payment: Your ad account will be assumed to be unreliable, and Facebook may ban it if payment is late. So make sure to pay any outstanding invoices on time.

These tips will help you avoid payment troubles and pay smoothly:

  • Update payment information on time: Your payment information, including credit card information, contact, and billing address needs to be accurate and up-to-date, which will help to prevent payment delays
  • Avoid fraudulent payment methods: Only utilize secure and prestigious payment methods like credit cards, Paypal, etc.
  • Think about automatic payments: Set up these approaches for recurring bills (tent, utilities) to make payments on time without any delays.

Steps to Take When Your Facebook Ad Account is Banned

Having a Facebook ad account is an incredible experience; however, you can take some steps to resolve the problem. Here is a step-by-step guide to follow when your Facebook ad account gets banned!

Review the Reason for the Ban

Facebook often sends a notification by email to explain the reason for the ban. What you need to do is carefully read that email and understand the violation which led to the ban. The reasons include promoting illegal products and services, using misleading ad content, consistently breaking Facebook’s ad policies and terms of service, and violating Facebook’s community standards.

To locate the cause of the ban, you should review Facebook's ad history and communication. This means you need to check your email, review your ad campaigns to see if any ads broke the ad policies of Facebook, match your website or landing page to review the content and look for feedback from the Facebook support team or experienced advertisers.

Appeal the Ban

There is a potential that your ad account was accidentally blocked. As a result, you should request a review of your account to have the ban lifted. You can also appeal the ban if you have made changes to follow the ad policies of Facebook.

To seek a review, go to the “Request Review” tab, enter the form ID, and then submit your request. After that, watch your Facebook Help Center Support inbox for any responses. After the evaluation, your account will be either restored or permanently banned. Always be courteous when appealing. You should thank the staff for reviewing the ban and then describe what transpired.

When requesting a review, you might want to craft a strong appeal, and here are some useful tips:

  • Acknowledge mistakes: If you broke any policies that resulted in the ban, simply mention it in the appeal. Be responsible for your mistake!
  • Propose solutions: In your appeal, explain what you have done to resolve the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.
  • Be succinct: Keep your appeal short and to the point. Avoid mentioning irrelevant material that might detract from your primary point.

Contact Facebook Support

Contact Facebook Support - DSers

Contacting a Facebook professional through live chat support is an excellent option to resolve a deactivated Facebook ad account.

  • Go to the Facebook Business Help Page.
  • You will be presented with "Find answers or contact support."
  • Click “Get Started”.
  • Choose Ads or Policy and Security.
  • There is a link that says, "Need more help? Contact Support” at the page bottom.
  • Select "Chat with an Agent," fill in the needed information, and you will be directed to a live chat agent.

With this technique, you can chat with a human specialist. He/ she will explain why the ban was imposed and what steps should be taken. If your account was flagged by error, removing the suspension would be expedited.

To prepare for the conversation with Facebook support, you must have relevant information on hand. Don’t forget to be truthful, detailed, and thankful while speaking with the agent.

Adhere to Facebook's Policies

After an account ban is lifted, you still need to follow Facebook’s policies for these two main reasons:

  • Avoid future bans: If you continue to break ad policies, you risk being banned again. This can lead to lost revenue and prospects for your business.
  • Maintain a positive reputation: You can keep a positive reputation on Facebook and with your target clientele. This contributes to developing trust and credibility, which may lead to improved engagement, conversions, and consumer loyalty.

One of the most effective ways to stay compliant with Facebook policies is reviewing ad content before publishing. Your content must be accurate and not be prohibited, like hate speech, false information, or explicit content.

In addition, it is vital to monitor ad performance regularly to guarantee that your ads do not break any of Facebook’s regulations. This means you need to control the ad’s engagement, CTRs (click-through rates), and other metrics.

Tips to Prevent Future Facebook Ad Account Bans

Tips to Prevent Future Facebook Ad Account Bans - DSers

While it is possible to recover a banned Facebook ad account, the most crucial thing is to stay safe. These pointers will help prevent future ad account bans:

  • Read and understand Facebook's Ad policies: There are so many regulations that have to be followed when running ads on Facebook. Make sure to grasp Facebook Terms of Service in general and ad policies in particular.
  • Avoid using misleading or false content in ads: Facebook prohibits many types of content so make sure your ad campaigns do not include them.
  • Adhere to community standards: You need to follow these important standards that are based on privacy, authenticity, safety, and dignity.
  • Regularly review ad performance: Facebook’s ad policies are constantly changing so regularly reviewing helps spot any changes that may impact your campaigns and alter them accordingly.


In conclusion, having a Facebook ad account blocked may be a vexing setback for any business. Nevertheless, if you understand the reasons for the ban, know how to appeal the ban, and follow ad policies developed and implemented by Facebook, you can recover your account and prevent future bans. Discover more marketing guides on DSers Blog.

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