Does eCommerce Need Registered Agent Services? 8 Best Registered Agent Services 2024

Does eCommerce Need Registered Agent Services? 8 Best Registered Agent Services 2024

Updated by March 18,2024

In the rapidly growing world of eCommerce, online businesses face numerous legal requirements and obligations to operate legally. The registered agent is critical in helping the business remain compliant with laws and ensuring that the business meets all legal requirements and deadlines.

Thus, it can be easy to see the importance of registered agent services to eCommerce businesses. Let’s take a deeper look at this article.

What Is a Registered Agent Service

A registered agent service is a third-party individual or company designated to receive important legal and tax documents on behalf of a business entity. The registered agent service acts as the official point of contact for the business. It is responsible for receiving the legal summons, subpoenas, and other official correspondence from government agencies.

What Is a Registered Agent Service - DSers

A registered agent service is required by law in most jurisdictions for businesses to operate legally. The registered agent service is crucial in ensuring that a business stays in good standing with the state and avoids legal or financial penalties.

They ensure the business complies with all legal requirements and deadlines. They can provide additional services such as compliance monitoring, annual report filings, and other legal and regulatory support.

Does eCommerce Need Registered Agent Services

Yes, eCommerce businesses need a registered agent to operate legally like any other business entity. eCommerce businesses may have even more outstanding legal obligations and requirements than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, given the potential complexity of online commerce and the various legal jurisdictions involved.

In addition, a registered agent can help an eCommerce business to stay compliant with state and federal regulations and deadlines, ensuring that the business avoids legal or financial penalties.

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For example, the registered agent can help the business stay up to date with state and federal tax obligations and help ensure that it meets all legal requirements for maintaining its status as a legal entity.

A registered agent is an essential component of any eCommerce business. It helps ensure that the business remains in good standing with the state and federal government and helps the business navigate the complex legal requirements of online commerce.

How to Find the Best Registered Agent Services

Find the Best Registered Agent Services for Your Online Business - DSers

When finding the best registered agent services for your eCommerce business, several key factors must be considered. Here are some tips to help you find the right registered agent for your business:

  • Consider experience and reputation: Look for a registered agent with experience working with eCommerce businesses and a good reputation in the industry. Check for reviews and testimonials from other businesses to get a sense of their track record.
  • Look for reliability: A good registered agent should be reliable and available to receive legal documents during regular business hours. They should also have a system in place for notifying you promptly when they receive any legal correspondence on your behalf.
  • Check for additional services: Some registered agent services offer different features and services that may be useful for eCommerce businesses, such as compliance monitoring, annual report filings, and other legal and regulatory support.
  • Evaluate pricing: Compare pricing across registered agent services to find the best value for your business. Remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best, and you should prioritize reliability and quality of service over cost.
  • Look for online tools and resources: A good registered agent service should offer online tools and resources to help you manage your legal obligations and keep track of important deadlines and requirements.

Best Registered Agent Services 2024

Now let’s check out the referenced list of the best registered agent services 2024:

1. Northwest

Northwest Homepage - DSers

Northwest Registered Agent has made a name for itself as a top supplier of registered agent services since it opened for business in 1998. NRA is an excellent option for consumers searching for the best registered agent services, full LLC packages, and industry-standard customer assistance.


  • Competent registered agent services are available around-the-clock, 365 days a year.
  • Superior client service.
  • Access to a web-based document management system.
  • Complete document and email scanning, forwarding, and uploading, even to your online account.
  • Full-service mail reduction, business address, and other privacy-related services.


  • Excellent customer service for 20 years in this industry.
  • Extremely upfront with their prices.
  • Data security is the top priority.
  • The essential bundle provides free registered agent service for a year.


  • The customer care crew has excellent knowledge, but it's not always delivered promptly.
  • More economical choices are available.

2. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness Homepage - DSers

One more registered agent choice for business owners is ZenBusiness. Consumers choose them because of their accessibility, reasonable filing costs, and high level of service. Although ZenBusiness is a more recent supplier of registered agent services, clients still favor them.


  • An easy-to-use online dashboard for handling legal papers.
  • Adds protection.
  • Ensures worry-free compliance.
  • Provides ongoing document access for scanning and receiving documents.
  • Serves as a registered agent with yearly report filing.


  • A fair and transparent pricing system.
  • Availability of extensive client assistance.
  • Offers a guarantee that is risk-free.
  • Many positive consumer testimonies.


  • The purchasing interface is a little awkward.
  • The sales team uses upselling quite effectively.
  • They have less of a track record than other registered agents because they are a more recent service.

3. LegalZoom

LegalZoom Homepage - DSers

One of the most seasoned suppliers of registered agent services is LegalZoom. Even if their prices are higher, your company will still receive the superior quality of service it deserves because of its expertise, strong brand recognition, and wide range of features.


  • Mail notifications to keep you informed of the most recent business news.
  • Unlimited cloud storage for maintaining the security of your corporate records.
  • Access to the compliance calendar, which includes the due dates for yearly reports and important tax mail.
  • Experienced identity theft prevention and credit monitoring for your business.
  • State filing and administration of documents and fees.


  • Excellent legal knowledge.
  • Strong reputation for the brand.
  • The 60-day refund period.
  • Access to some of their other legal services at a reduced cost.
  • Good IP defense and assistance with trademark and patent applications.


  • Their primary service is not registered agent services.
  • Do not provide a free year of registered agent services.
  • Consumers that simply require a registered agent might be able to discover more affordable choices elsewhere.

4. Better Legal

Better Legal Homepage - DSers

Better Legal is one of the most well-known companies in the nation that offers registered agent services. If you choose this business, personal compliance experts will take care of all of your legal paperwork chores on your behalf.


  • Each state has devoted registered agents.
  • Customized customer assistance.
  • Help with yearly reports.
  • Same-day document scanning, sending, and delivery.
  • App tracking, operating agreements, and organization building.


  • Outstanding expertise.
  • All services are offered for a single price.
  • Rapid turnaround.


  • Packaging flexibility is nonexistent.
  • Limited hours for client service.
  • There are less expensive choices available.

5. Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance Homepage - DSers

Harbor Compliance provides excellent compliance knowledge and is a highly cheap registered agent service. Small firms searching for a registered agent may still explore elsewhere for a supplier with additional skills and experience.


  • Safe internet access and email notifications for same-day access to legal papers.
  • Notifications for annual reports, software tracking, and reminders.
  • Client portal with a local registered agent address, pre-filled state paperwork, and other features.
  • Online accounts for more straightforward maintenance of legal papers.
  • Round-the-clock customer service for filing help (includes a flat fee).


  • Assist clients in complying with regulations.
  • Good services are provided at reasonable pricing.
  • LLC service.
  • Get papers immediately.


  • The customer service staff isn't very knowledgeable or experienced.
  • The formation packages do not include registered agent services.
  • They provide decent services for the price, but they are not exceptional in any way.
  • Diminished registered agent services.

6. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer Homepage - DSers

A reputable online law practice, Rocket Lawyer offers a broad range of legal services for both commercial and private needs. This business, which mostly serves small businesses, is renowned for its outstanding customer service and various business legal services.


  • Free first-year registration of registered agents in every state.
  • Guaranteed complete satisfaction with RA services.
  • Handling legal papers using a customer interface.
  • Expert advice and legal form consultation.
  • Email alert system for the most recent information and events.


  • Large base of clients.
  • Good reputation.
  • Has a seven-day free trial period.
  • Offers excellent legal templates.
  • Legal advice and services are available online.
  • Subscribing to legal services is a distinctive and important choice.


  • Expensive
  • To view their rates, customers must give their details.
  • Provide no refunds, full or prorated
  • Limited customer support

7. IncFile

IncFile Homepage - DSers

One of the most well-known registered agent services is IncFile, which is favored for its reasonable, tiered pricing that makes it affordable for many corporate organizations. If money is a concern for you while launching a new business, the organization provides free registered agent services.


  • Free registered agent service for a year if purchased along with a formation.
  • Yearly reports.
  • Add-on tools for LLC creation.
  • Accessible business formation services.
  • Foreign LLC certification.
  • Access to certificates of good standing.
  • Change or renewal of the registered agent.


  • Affordable service with a starting price of $0 plus state costs.
  • Helpful web resource.
  • Quick order processing.
  • LLC service packages include suggested registered agent services at no additional cost.
  • Free registered agent service for a year.
  • A platform that is simple to use and has reminders for yearly reports and compliance.


  • Representatives of customer support are only accessible during regular office hours.
  • Even though they provide exceptional value, there are less expensive solutions.

8. InCorp

InCorp Homepage - DSers

InCorp has you covered entirely with a wide range of business creation services, superior security, an easy-to-use website, and a year of free RA solutions.


  • Customer assistance is available 24/7/365.
  • A secure website with a user-friendly interface from McAfee.
  • Compliance and business formation services.
  • Free online registered agent services for one year.


  • The iOS app is accessible.
  • EntityWatch functionality.
  • Price match promise.


  • Few online consumer reviews.
  • These packages do not include registered agent service.

Final Words

If you're an eCommerce business owner, don't risk legal and financial penalties by not having a registered agent. Consider finding the best-registered agent services for your eCommerce business today to ensure that you are meeting all legal requirements and have peace of mind.

Take the next step to protect your business and ensure its success by exploring the various registered agent services available and choosing the one that best meets your unique needs. Discover more helpful tips on DSers Blog.

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