What Is Reverse Dropshipping and How Does It Work

What Is Reverse Dropshipping and How Does It Work

If you're researching how to start a dropshipping business, you'll undoubtedly come across articles covering a wide range of dropshipping types. Have you heard of the term "reverse dropshipping" recently?

Do you have any idea what that means? If that's the case, you'll find all you need in this post.

What Is Reverse Dropshipping

Reverse dropshipping is a business concept in which internet vendors get high-quality items for clients in nations where mass-production sites are often located, such as China, India, Indonesia, and other Asian countries. Reverse dropshipping products are produced in the United States, the United Kingdom, or other nations that typically outsource bulk production to Asian countries.

There's a reason why an industrial powerhouse like China or India is a magnet for reverse dropshipping sellers. Many Chinese buyers are looking for high-quality goods, but getting them within their own nation is challenging. China's high manufacturing level has resulted in inferior quality for most locally produced goods. As a result, Chinese customers, particularly the wealthy, must seek out alternative avenues to fulfill their opulent preferences.

What Is Reverse Dropshipping - DSers

If we want a more exact explanation of reverse dropshipping, we'd say it's when you acquire high-quality things made in the West and sell them to rich, predominantly Asian buyers via eCommerce websites like AliExpress or many other platforms.

Reverse dropshipping is a business concept that is comparable to ordinary dropshipping but differs in one important way. Instead of receiving a large quantity of low-quality goods at a low cost, reverse dropshipping firms receive high-quality, handmade goods. As a result, when reverse dropshipping works, the profit margins are substantially bigger.

How Reverse Dropshipping Works

We've already covered the fundamentals of reverse dropshipping, so now we'll go through how it works. In general, if you understand how traditional dropshipping works, you'll have no trouble grasping the notion of reverse dropshipping.

How Reverse Dropshipping Work - DSers

The key thing to remember is that reverse dropshipping is selling pricey, high-quality items made in Western nations to wealthy Asian buyers. You will work with domestic dropshipping providers as the owner of a dropshipping business. They will be in charge of producing and storing items, as well as packing and distributing orders to your clients.

You can establish a gallery with the goods on your website, determine their prices, and keep track of their inventory. You will be in charge of publicizing your offer and attracting clients. For example, you can offer a product that is currently accessible on eBay, Etsy, or another eCommerce platform on your website. You'll need to establish pricing that covers both the dropshipping supplier's cost and your marketing charges while still making a profit.

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For instance, if a product you want to sell costs $30 wholesale, you may offer it for $75 in your store. The affluent consumer will visit your website and purchase a product at your pricing. After that, you send the order to your supplier and pay the wholesale price, keeping the profit. Distribution will be handled by your manufacturer. You may choose whether to pass on the shipping charges to your consumers or to cover them yourself.

Reverse Dropping Pros and Cons

When understanding what is reverse dropping and how it works, you may want to try to involve this model. However, you should consider its pros and cons to make the right decision.


Many businesses aren't aware of or investing in reverse dropshipping, which is a specialized kind of dropshipping. Companies who engage in reverse dropshipping, on the other hand, get a slew of perks.

Better Margins

The fact is that the reverse dropshipping profit margin is better than the standard model is one of the most appealing features of reverse dropshipping. The profit is rather minimal because most drop shippers rely on purchasing low-quality items in bulk (see markup vs margin). In reality, relying on low-quality items might harm your business.

Better Margins - DSers

You can focus on selling smaller quantities of high-quality items by reverse dropshipping model. It implies your markup, as well as your margin, will be greater. You will, however, need to devote more time and effort to learn how to locate dropshipping providers who can work in the other direction.

Less Competition

Because reverse dropshipping is still a niche sector, there is still space to grow. You'll only be competing against a few enterprises rather than hundreds of drop shippers. These companies may also lack a solid understanding of how to sell online. You can easily stand out from the crowd and take control over the market if you utilize a dropshipping website builder to create a pleasant experience. This also implies that your dropshipping advertisements will be less expensive.


While reverse dropshipping has a larger profit margin and a less crowded industry, there are a few reasons why other businesses aren't implementing it. The disadvantages of reverse dropshipping are as follows:

Tough to Market

One of the most challenging aspects of reverse dropshipping is selling the best dropshipping items internationally. While PPC for eCommerce may be effective in your nation, it may not be in others. It's also possible that they utilize different social media sites or that there's a language barrier. You must first learn about the market you're entering, their specific wants, and any cultural variations that may affect your ability to sell. To make this simpler, you may need to create some dropshipping positions and recruit locals in the locations where you wish to sell.

Tough to Market - DSers

Investing in affiliate marketing rather than dropshipping, where you have influencers and bloggers from your target market assist drive traffic to your website, is one method to offset this issue. Even the greatest dropshipping websites may only succeed if they have enough daily traffic. If you want your business to succeed, you must do this.

Many Barriers to Entry

When it comes to reverse dropshipping, there are a few obstacles to overcome. For starters, many nations have very severe rules over what things may be marketed and who can sell them. Importing some products, such as electronics, food and beverage, prescription, and other items, is likely to be controlled in the market you're interested in. So, if you're thinking of selling food, wine, or baked products online, the reverse dropshipping model is probably not the best option, and it's one of the most common dropshipping rookie blunders.

Second, logistics may be quite challenging. International shipping is now easier than ever, yet it is still far more difficult than domestic shipping. Whether your suppliers ship in bulk or manage order fulfillment on a per-order basis is up to you.


Tariffs are another complication in international transportation. Tariffs are levies levied by a country, province, or state when foreign goods are sent. While tariffs are imposed in practically every country, some are astronomically high.

Tariffs - DSers

These tariffs may also alter dependent on the connection between two firms, so your expenses in a nation where you've been reverse dropshipping for a long time could suddenly increase. It's critical to look at current and past tariffs while researching a reverse dropshipping business to see if it's worth pursuing. If the costs of getting your items to your consumers exceed your earnings, no amount of demand planning will assist.

When Do You Need Reverse Dropping

You might be thinking if you should start to reverse dropshipping now that you know the advantages and disadvantages. The reverse dropshipping strategy allows you to sell your items in new areas while also increasing your profit margins. And as the demand for your products grows, so will the number of prospective customers. If you want to invest in new areas and are prepared to push the boundaries, reverse dropshipping is the way to go.

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Final Words

Reverse dropshipping is a unique take on a well-known eCommerce business strategy. You may start selling things in a large market with little or no competition using this technique.

While the industry is still relatively untapped, pursuing reverse dropshipping may be the finest move a prospective eCommerce entrepreneur can do. If you still do not know where to start, browse on DSers Blog now for further helpful information.

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