These Product Selections Can Help You Save A Significant Amount On Logistics Fees!

These Product Selections Can Help You Save A Significant Amount On Logistics Fees!

For most novice dropshippers, one of the immediate challenges when starting their business plan is insufficient funds. In the previous article, we discussed how to lower startup costs by selecting lower-priced products.

In this article, we can also explore how to reduce startup costs by selecting products with lower shipping costs.

Products with lower shipping costs

At the product level, there are three main factors that affect shipping costs:

1. The size of the goods in terms of weight

Including first weight price and additional charges for exceeding the initial weight.

2. The size of the goods in terms of volume

Additional charges may apply if the product exceeds specified dimensions.

3. General cargo or special cargo

In logistics, general cargo refers to regular commodities like household goods, while special cargo refers to specific goods like fragile items or hazardous materials. General cargo has simpler transportation and handling processes, while special cargo requires special packaging, storage, and transportation methods, such as chemicals or artworks. For instance, rice is general cargo and batteries are special cargo.

Reducing Logistics Costs by Opting for Goods through General Cargo Channels:

The general cargo channel is typically suitable for regular goods, with relatively lower shipping costs.

We can leverage the light weight and small size of the mentioned regular goods to choose a general cargo channel with lower shipping costs, thereby reducing logistics costs.

In summary, we recommend that novice dropshippers in the initial stages consider the following product categories:


Such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and headpieces, which are small jewelry and accessories.

2.Everyday essentials:

Such as small decorative items, bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillows.

*As shown in the example below, when using DHL shipping from China to the United States, regular goods like wigs with small size and light weight have a shipping fee of $15.5, while special goods like large and heavy fans have a shipping fee of $210.


While reducing logistics costs, we also need to consider factors such as delivery time, delivery success rate, and after-sales services to assess the reliability of logistics

Products from one supplier

As a novice Dropshipper, it is advisable to choose a single supplier to purchase products from. This approach offers several benefits.

Firstly, if we include products from different suppliers in the same order, it is likely that these items will be shipped separately, thereby increasing logistics costs. Therefore, opting for a single supplier can avoid this problem.

Secondly, a single supplier typically sells products that have strong relevance to one another. We can leverage this aspect to create bundled promotions for these products. By controlling the weight and volume of the bundled promotional items within reasonable limits, we can increase profitability by boosting sales without incurring additional logistics expenses.

For example, you can consider bundling and shipping the following products:


Products suitable for holiday sales

E-commerce platforms often launch promotional activities during holidays, offering not only discounted prices on items but also discounts on shipping costs.

Therefore, selecting products suitable for holiday sales can not only benefit from price reductions but also enjoy discounts on shipping fees. This can significantly reduce the startup capital required for novice dropshippers.

For example, AliExpress frequently organizes large-scale sales events such as Choice Day, Singles' Day, and Black Friday. These events often come with discounts on shipping fees, free shipping, or reduced shipping costs.


It is crucial to stay informed about these promotions and take advantage of them to minimize costs and maximize profits.

By the way, in addition to shipping discounts, AliExpress and suppliers often provide coupons during holidays. Using coupons at checkout can help us save a significant amount of money.


DSers is an assistant tool that allows you to automatically apply coupons with just one click during the ordering process. It helps simplify the steps and allows you to directly enjoy discounted prices. By using DSers, you can easily access coupons, making your dropshipping business more convenient and efficient.


In the next article, we will discuss how to reduce marketing costs by optimizing product selection strategies. If you are seeking inspiration for product selection, please follow my blog as I will continue to bring you exciting articles.

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