How Can Beginner Dropshippers Choose Seasonal Products?

How Can Beginner Dropshippers Choose Seasonal Products?

When beginner dropshippers start their dropshipping business and choose products, they need to be mindful of products with seasonal demand or sales cycles, as this can impact profitability.

What are seasonal products?

Seasonal products are those that may sell well during specific seasons but have lower demand during other seasons, leading to fluctuating profitability.

Where can I find seasonal products?

1. By observing social media:

 - Track popular topics and hashtags: Follow popular topics and hashtags related to the current season, such as summer, winter, holidays, etc.

- Analyze user-generated content: Pay attention to the content users are posting and sharing on social media that is related to the season, such as seasonal activities, outdoor events, holiday celebrations, etc.

- Engage in social media groups and discussions: Join social media groups relevant to your target market or participate in discussions related to seasonal products to interact directly with consumers.

2. By using AliExpress

- Browse best-selling items: Explore the best-selling items on the AliExpress website, especially in categories that are relevant to the current season. Pay attention to products with high sales during specific seasons, as this can reveal seasonal demand in your target market.

- Search for seasonal keywords: Enter seasonal keywords like "summer clothing," "winter accessories," etc., in the search bar on AliExpress to observe the search results and recommended products.

- Pay attention to promotions and deals: AliExpress often has seasonal promotions and discounted products. Keep an eye on these promotions and deals to understand the sales trends and market demand for seasonal products in your target market.

Seasonal products list

Based on data from multiple websites, e-commerce platforms, and social media, I have summarized some products that have distinct seasonal features based on the seasons and holidays.

Perhaps you can find some inspiration from them.

Categorize by season:

Categorize by holidays:

Utilizing seasonal products can increase sales by meeting customer demand, creating urgency, capitalizing on trends, differentiating from competitors, and enabling targeted marketing strategies.

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