Looking for Shop Name Ideas? Here’s How to Come up with an Interesting Name for Your Store

Looking for Shop Name Ideas? Here’s How to Come up with an Interesting Name for Your Store

When it comes to online stores or brands, we need to think of so many things to maintain a unique presence in the market. Out of them, your brand’s name would be the most important thing as it would be its introduction to your audience. Coming up with unique shop name ideas can be tough, but it should be the most thoughtful decision of your marketing plan. Here, I will help you come up with a unique and interesting name for your shop by including suggestions from leading experts in the business.

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What’s There in a Name? Everything!

Gone are the days when any run-of-the-mill or random name would make sense for an online store. For instance, if you are coming up with a dropshipping store, then your name can mean everything and should seamlessly reflect your business idea.

It's Your Introduction

Ideally, the name of your shop would be its introduction to the world. It would depict how your audience finds you and would let you narrate a story about the brand’s value and identity to others.

It Makes Your Brand “Human”

When we read a brand’s name (like Apple or Pepsi), we create a picture around it. This is because by providing a unique name to your brand, you will make it easier for your audience to connect with it naturally.

It Can Help You Generate Revenue

A unique store name will help you stand out from the crowd for sure. Based on your brand’s name, you can come up with its website, social handles, and other marketing material that would eventually help you drive profit.

Let’s consider the example of Alibaba. The name is unique, short, and sweet. It depicts a sense of magic and is uniquely identified with the eCommerce platform. The name is an introduction to the brand and imparts an optimistic appeal.


Things to Consider While Coming up With Shop Name Ideas

Most of the experts recommend that you should take some time to come up with shop name ideas. Furthermore, from its domain availability to its ease of retention, there are a few other things you need to consider while choosing an effective brand name.


Most importantly, your brand’s name should depict the meaning behind your business. Instead of coming up with some random name for your shop, try to have an authentic identity that would resonate with your audience. You can go personal and think of something that means a lot to you while thinking of your shop name ideas.


There was a time when people would come up with gibberish words or random names for their shops. Well, this is something that can be avoided as your shop’s name should be relevant to your domain.

Let’s say your brand is related to pet care, then having words like bark, fur, treats, mew, tails, etc. would add more meaning to it. That’s why you should think of the domain you belong to and make sure that the brand’s name is related to it.


Apart from adding meaning and relevance to your shop’s name, make sure that it is available. Too many times, we come up with unique shop name ideas only to realize that they are already taken. You can do a quick domain search at first to know whether an existing website with the same name is already registered or not.

quick domain search
Source: Ionos

Besides that, you can also check on social media to find handles for the shop name. Make sure you do an extensive search on the web to ensure that the name is unique and is not owned by any other business.


Let’s have a look at two names from the beauty industry – MAC and its parent brand, The Estée Lauder. Needless to say, it is easier to remember MAC than the name of its parent company.

Therefore, you should also come up with a memorable brand name that can easily be retained by your audience. Ideally, they should not make too much effort to remember it, otherwise they might forget it  in the long run.


Lastly, make sure that your brand’s name is unique. that will help you create a distinctive appeal in the domain. For example, if you come up with a name like “Macy” then it would be a bit generic and there is already another giant brand (Macy's) with a similar name.

Therefore, your motive is to think of shop name ideas that should be meaningful, relevant, and easy to remember.

How to Come up With Shop Name Ideas?

You already know the do’s and don’ts of coming up with different shop name ideas. Keeping these things in mind, you can try the following suggestions to think of a unique name for your brand.

Start Brainstorming

By now, you would know about the things to consider while coming up with shop name ideas. After considering all these parameters, you can brainstorm on all kinds of ideas and mix-and-match different words.

BrandName.com - Naming Strategies
Source: YouTube

Try to come up with a unique name that is short yet easy to remember. Since there are so many dropshipping stores out there, you should have the kind of name that would make your store stand out from the crowd.

Try Online Shop Name Generator Tools

There are all kinds of shop name generator tools that you can also try while thinking of various names. Surprisingly, most of these online tools are extremely beneficial and would help you roll up some creative juice.

Even Shopify has an online store name generator that you can try. You can just define your brand’s image in one word, and it would automatically generate all kinds of names for your dropshipping store. Following the same approach, you can enter numerous keywords one by one and come up with some unique shop name ideas.

Instant brand-names with Shopify's store name generator
Source: Shopify

Explore Readily Available Shop Name Lists

If you are looking for some awesome shop name ideas, then you can search for them online. You can take inspiration from tons of websites out there that have listed thousands of store names in different domains. Here are some of these popular and unique lists of shop name ideas that you can also explore:

1000+ Shop Name Ideas by BizNameWiz

700+ Online Shop Name Ideas by NamePress

300+ Shop Name Ideas by Word Start

2700+ Business Name Ideas by Get Store

1000+ Brand Name Ideas + Shop Name Generator by Namify

DSers: The Official AliExpress Dropshipping Tool

After getting a store name for your dropshipping business, it is time to pick the best tools that would act as its backbone. One of them would be DSers, which is the official dropshipping tool by AliExpress. The platform has millions of products listed by thousands of sellers that would let you kickstart and expand your dropshipping store in no time.

DSers dropshipping

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  • There are tons of advanced options to manage your stores, suppliers, and thousands of products in one place.
  • With its unique Supplier Optimizer feature, you can pick the best-rated supplier for products with maximum profit margins.
  • You can order products in a bulk, create bundle offers, do variant mapping, set up shipping settings, and do so much more.
  • With its automatic features for pricing, syncing of tracking numbers, and updating of order statuses, you can certainly save a lot of time managing your online store.

As you can see, coming up with a meaningful and interesting name for your shop can be a challenging job. Though, if you follow the above-listed suggestions, then you can certainly think of some creative shop name ideas.

Try not to rush the process and brainstorm some ideas with your team. You can even run a poll and suggest some of these ideas with your friends. Once you have a unique name for your online store, you can take the assistance of DSers to set up your store with amazing products from some of the most reliable sellers.

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