What Is Shopify Collabs and Why Should Your Brand Use It

What Is Shopify Collabs and Why Should Your Brand Use It

One of the significant updates to Shopify's eCommerce ecosystem in recent years is Shopify Collabs, a new platform that enables collaboration with other content creators in your niche.

This article will prove to you why your brand should use Shopify Collabs.

What Is Shopify Collabs

What Is Shopify Collabs - DSers

The platform announced the debut of its most recent project, Shopify Collabs, in August 2022. Since it places a stronger emphasis on community management and recruiting, this platform varies from the previous one. Shopify Collabs allow business owners to work with new influencers to market their brand on their live channels.

The extensive database of Shopify contains information on these influencers, including their vital statistics like follower numbers and engagement rates. To construct successful programs and increase their awareness in their particular marketplaces, the platform also allows sellers to generate affiliate links and discount coupons.

Additionally, Shopify Collabs offers a very comprehensive dashboard that shows how influencers are influencing the brand. Sellers may view the number of sales, the kinds of gifts used, and the commission they provide.

How Does Shopify Collabs Work

How Does Shopify Collabs Work - DSers

Shopify Collabs is essentially a community management app. You can hire and manage your brand ambassadors and influencers in one location by downloading the app. As a result, retailers can:

Look for suitable influencers with their brands: Using the database of millions of creators maintained by Shopify, retailers may look for suitable partners. Using keywords, hashtags, and follower counts in searches may help you focus on creators who are compatible with your brand.

Send presents and monitor them: From their Shopify store, merchants may give artists items and discounts.

Make discount coupons and affiliate links: By developing unique discount codes, referral links, and commission arrangements, merchants may encourage creators.

In charge of commissions: Through PayPal, merchants can automatically track and pay affiliate commissions.

Follow development via a dashboard: Through dashboards, merchants can track their accomplishments, including sales made, gifts used, and affiliate revenue, and make adjustments as needed.

Shopify Collabs vs. Shopify Dovetale

Shopify Collabs vs. Shopify Dovetale - DSers

Dovetale (also powered by Shopify) is a platform for cooperation and community development created to assist online retailers in managing creators and growing affiliate networks. Shopify Collabs is somehow different due to the following things:

New name and look: The capabilities and features formerly known as Shopify Dovetale Collabs are now known as Shopify Collabs. The Dovetale feather has been removed and replaced with the Shopify shopping bag in Shopify Collabs, a separate software that you still need to add to your store.

Does not require a separate login: When Dovetale was around, you had to log into the app to use its features. That is no longer the case under the Shopify Collabs name. Installing the app and signing into Shopify is typically all that is required.

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No need to create individual staff accounts: When using Dovetale, you hadve a team manager to oversee your influencers. This wasn't related to the employees who could access your Shopify store. Staff permissions are now fully controlled within your Shopify admin, thanks to Collabs.

Change in the domain name: Links pointing to your Dovetale page will immediately update to go to your Shopify page when this is done.

Free: Dovetale's lowest basic package used to cost $99 per month before Shopify took control. Conversely, Shopify Collabs is free for all Shopify users.

Why Should Your Brand Use Shopify Collabs

It might be challenging to differentiate your eCommerce business from your competitors. There are only so many methods to distinguish your items, after all. Collaboration with other companies in your area is one strategy for differentiating your company, though. Shopify Collabs can help with this.

Improve Brand Visibility

Improve Brand Visibility - DSers

Customers might quickly become disoriented in a noisy, busy marketplace. By collaborating with producers with comparable audiences and products, Shopify Collabs is a fantastic method to increase the visibility of your brand. You may locate experts in design, coding, photography, and more, or you can find influencers growing their following around themes like cuisine, fashion, and travel.

Shopify Collabs is an excellent place to start if you don't already have partners lined up. You may go through the list of creators to identify businesses that produce comparable products or brands that uphold your ideals.

When you collaborate with creators, they will advertise your brand on their social media channels and drive visitors to your website.

Increase Sales

Shopify Collabs streamline your communication with affiliates. The software will compute the commissions for each affiliate automatically, and you can get a detailed summary of the sales made by your affiliates.

Additionally, the site allows you to pay affiliates directly. Additionally, it will produce metrics on each affiliate's development so you can recognize the top achievers. This enables you to continue working with those that do well.

In essence, Collabs can handle these duties and ensure the success of your affiliate campaigns instead of recruiting a large workforce just for affiliate marketing.

Easily Manage Creator Relationships

Easily Manage Creator Relationships - DSers

Finding the ideal creators for your business among thousands of applicants is simple with Collabs. That's not all, though. On the platform, store owners may quickly collaborate with and hire their preferred creators.

Collabs produce tailored insights that assist businesses in maximizing the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives. These insights may be used to establish the measurements for a new campaign and suggestions for makers. You may collaborate with other authors and keep track of their outputs using the unique connections and discount codes provided.

You can also quickly see your whole sales funnel across channels, from your customer database to orders and inventories, thanks to Collabs' direct integration with Shopify admin.

Easier Payments

Shopify stated that affiliate link payments would be made straight through Paypal. This implies that you no longer need to send your affiliate partners checks via other drawn-out processes. You don't have to provide them with your financial details or other personal information.

This is advantageous for you, the merchant, and your affiliates. Additionally, sending and receiving these payments is utterly hassle-free from anywhere in the globe!

Shopify Collabs doesn't quite compare to other influencer management platforms despite all these benefits for merchants because:

  • Only PayPal is accepted for payments.
  • No feature for multilingual translation.
  • A minor degree of personalization.

Develop Better Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Develop Better Influencer Marketing Campaigns - DSers

Connecting with influencers who are willing to talk about your brand, goods, and sector is now easier, thanks to Shopify Collabs. It aids in reducing the amount of time needed to develop an effective influencer marketing strategy.

With Shopify Collabs, you can quickly locate the ideal influencers for your campaign without spending hours researching potential influencers or attempting to contact them on social media.

Additionally, it provides retailers with access to a variety of influencer data, such as projected reach, follower numbers, and more. This aids them in making wiser selections regarding their choice of influencer partner.

All these things make your influencer marketing campaigns faster and more effective. Time and effectiveness are the most considerable in any campaign because they will directly affect your brand.

Content Creators will Find Your Brand

The key to successful influencer marketing is combining the correct audience and product. Brands used to look for content creators on marketplaces and contact them. However, Shopify has reversed this procedure.

A network for influencer marketing called Shopify Collabs Discover, which includes all of the businesses that have joined Shopify Collabs, is the foundation of Shopify's strategy. Influencers may browse this site to identify the items they feel best correspond to their target audience.  After all, content creators are the ones that know their viewers the best. (Note: Although this was inactive at the time of writing, Shopify is still accepting early bird applications.)

Easily Manage Brand Data

Shopify Collabs offers a vast array of analytics information that can be connected to your primary Shopify account. As a result, merchants may keep track of both their development and their affiliate statistics in one location.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to make modifications whenever they see fit, guaranteeing that they can constantly stay up with market needs.

How to Install Shopify Collabs to Grow Your Brand

The following describes how to set up Shopify Collabs in your Shopify store:

Step 1 - Install Shopify Collabs: Go to Shopify App Store and search for Shopify Collabs and install it.

Go to Shopify App Store - DSers

Step 2 - Create an account:

  • On the Shopify admin dashboard, click on App > Shopify Collabs.
  • The terms and conditions for utilizing Shopify Collabs must be read and accepted.
  • Create your brand name, brand website, and brand’s Instagram account > Click on Next.

Create an account - DSers

Step 3 - Create your application page:

  • Click on Get started to start creating the application page.
  • Fill in the 4 sections, including Page design (Logo, brand name,...), About your brand (Title, description, button), Collab benefits (Headline, list items,...), and Images.
  • After filling in all the information, click on Next.

Create your application page - DSers

Step 4 - Set up Profile: Choose the platforms you want to target and the qualifying information you need from your expected applicants. Then, click on Next.

Set up Profile - DSers

Step 5 - Prepare a survey: Prepare a survey for creators. This will help you quickly decide who will be suitable. Then, click on Next.

Prepare a survey - DSers

Step 6 - Share your application page:

  • You may get a link to share on the Your application page is finished!
  • In the section titled Add a widget to your store, you may also alter a widget to customize your share links.
  • Click on Save & finish.

Final Words

That's pretty much all! Not all of it is contained in the Shopify Collabs app. Several other elements make it considerably simpler to include influencer marketing in your brand marketing strategy. But these are the fundamentals, and they are sufficient to get you set up and moving in the right direction. Discover more helpful knowledge for your eCommerce businesses at DSers Blog.

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