Complete Guide to Optimize Your Shopify Product Image Sizes

Complete Guide to Optimize Your Shopify Product Image Sizes

Shopify is a top-rated e-commerce platform that includes everything a business needs to sell online. Then, amazing visual contents are certainly a must-have for online businesses, and those that employ them effectively reap the most benefits.

The image requirements for Shopify are rather straightforward. And after you've mastered the best practices for Shopify photo sizes, you'll be able to develop a visually appealing business that gives your customers a pleasant experience. Thus, in this post, the appropriate sizes for all sorts of photos in a Shopify store will be discussed.

What Is Image Optimization

It entails enhancing the following areas of your Shopify store:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Recommended Shopify image sizes
  • Page load time

Essentially, Shopify picture optimization entails resizing and compressing your product images into smaller sizes to make them load faster, as well as adding metadata to the images so that Google can figure out what they're about. You can make such tweak yourself or delegate the task to image manipulation service.

Why Shopify Product Image Sizes Optimization

You've spent many hours honing your product images. You've spent even more time and money on photo editing to make each of your items stand out. If you're wondering why you should pay attention to Shopify image sizes and image optimization as well, here are a few reasons:

Why Shopify Product Image Sizes Optimization - DSers

Improve user experience: Online consumers can better perceive items, comprehend specs, and get a virtual look and feel when your images are designed to be seen throughout all devices in a non-blurry, non-stretched manner. This improves their buying experience in general.

Improve page loading speed: When your image sizes are optimized, none of your web pages become overly hefty. It makes no difference how many photos you put on a page. This ensures that your website loads in under 3 seconds, which is the maximum amount of time a customer is willing to wait. Other Shopify shop performance optimization recommendations might be reviewed and used if you need to make your website speedier.

Improve other SEO efforts: Page load speed is amazing when your photos are optimized, and it contributes to your total SEO efforts. It tells the search engine that your website contains the information that online customers are seeking, which helps you rank higher.

Let's go into the specifics of how to optimize your Shopify product images sizes after knowing why it's crucial to pay attention to Shopify picture sizes and image optimization.

Common Shopify Image Sizes

Here is the summary of the best Shopify picture sizes to utilize, based on our experience working with many Shopify professionals and optimizing photos for thousands of merchants. These cover a variety of picture positions in your online store for various objectives.

Common Shopify Image Sizes - DSers

Here's a quick rundown of the most frequent Shopify picture sizes:

Image type 

Width x Height (pixels)

Image type 

Width x Height (pixels)


32 x 32 

Newsletter section image 

1600 x 300


450 x 250

Slideshow banner images, Testimonials image

1600 x 1000

Mega menu images 

360 x 360 

Password page background image 

1600 x 1000

Newsletter popup image 

425 x 575

Image with text overlay - Banner images, Blog featured image, Full shop background image

1800 x 1000


800 x 800

Video placeholder image 

1600 x 900

Featured promotions 

840 x 840 

Blog page top banner, a Contact page (top banner)

1800 x 800

Image with text, Product images, Collection images 

1024 x 1024

Checkout page (top banner)

1800 x 300

How To Optimize Your Shopify Product Image Sizes

Above is the summary for those who need quick information about Shopify product images sizes. If you want more detailed information, keep reading to gain more things for your best Shopify store.

Understand General Product Image Specs Stated By Shopify

The size of the Shopify product photo is an important aspect of the e-commerce platform. Customers must be able to zoom in on photographs, thus you must have images that are large enough. Not only that, but also you will not want to cause a delayed load time on the Shopify page by uploading an image that doesn't fit the Shopify image standards.

Understand General Product Image Specs Stated By Shopify - DSers

When it comes to the ideal size for Shopify sizes, this e-commerce platform doesn't have a set standard. Users can submit images with a maximum resolution of 4472 × 4472 pixels and a file size of 20 MB.

The minimal picture size on Shopify, on the other hand, is claimed to be 800 x 800 pixels. Anything less than that may impair the user's ability to zoom in on product photographs and impede their experience.

Recommendation For The Best Shopify Product Image Sizes

When Shopify's designers and specialists were approached about square product photos, they advised utilizing 2048 x 2048 pixels. This, they claim, is the perfect Shopify image size, providing merchants with a better mix of image quality and site loading speed.

Recommendation For The Best Shopify Product Image Sizes - DSers

When it comes to the ideal resolution for Shopify photos, 72dpi is suggested. Yes, you may use lower-resolution photographs, but keep in mind that the quality of your product images may suffer as a result. With 93 percent of customers citing picture quality as the most important decision factor, you don't want to put a stumbling block in the way of your conversions by submitting a low-quality image.

Optimize The Ratio For Each Type Of Images On Your Shopify Store

Aside from the primary product image, Shopify provides other opportunities to showcase your brand with images in front of visitors. You can follow the same principles as we did above. However, we recommend addressing Shopify's many features one at a time.

Optimize The Ratio For Each Type Of Images On Your Shopify Store - DSers

Let's take a look at the 5 main sorts of Shopify photos and their sizes:

Shopify collections image size: The e-commerce firm does not have a suggested Shopify collection picture size. You may use whatever size you like up to 4472 × 4472 pixels. However, it is recommended that the photographs should be kept to a size of roughly 2048 × 2048 pixels. The greatest product photographs are square because they provide the highest quality when zoomed in and out.

Shopify slideshow image size: The suggested Shopify slideshow area measurements are 1200 × 2000 pixels wide and 400 x 600 pixels high. When viewing the same on a mobile device, keep in mind that some automated cropping and readjusting occurs. Because mobile devices clip the top/bottom and left/right of the photos, it's ideal to have them middle-aligned.

Shopify header image size: The optimum Shopify picture sizes for the header, according to Shopify, are between 100 and 250 pixels. However, for optimum visibility, it is recommended to use photos with a height of no more than 120 pixels.

Shopify banner image size: It's critical to consider the theme you're using when uploading an image for the Shopify banner. This is due to the fact that each Shopify theme has its own set of measurements. The size of a Shopify mobile banner is not determined by Shopify because it is mostly dependent on the theme you are choosing. It is also recommended that you enter a customization code to support your picture on both mobile and desktop to resolve this issue.

Shopify logo size: The maximum logo size advised by Shopify is 450 x 250 pixels. While it doesn't have to be the exact size, make sure your Shopify store's logo doesn't go over the limit, as the sidebar has a width of 250 pixels.

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Choose The Proper Format For Your Images

Let's have a look at the most often used image file types in the realm of product photography before you start optimizing your product images. We'll also go through what each one brings to the table so you can easily have your own selection.

Choose The Proper Format For Your Images - DSers

JPG/JPEG: One of the most widely used picture file types is JPG/JPEG. It is frequently utilized across a variety of systems and tools due to its tiny file size and wide color range. Its simple compression also makes it possible to establish a balance between image quality and file size. To keep photos optimal, Shopify suggests utilizing JPG file format for product images because it delivers high quality and is relatively modest in size.

PNG: PNG is another popular image format for Shopify. It's popular because it allows you to minimize file sizes without sacrificing image quality. Furthermore, it promotes openness, allowing business owners and designers more control. The sole disadvantage of this image format is that, because to the lossless compression, the file sizes might be rather big.

GIF: The GIF Shopify image format compresses and reduces product pictures to 256 colors only, resulting in a tiny file size. This style is commonly used by retailers that wish to add some animation to their store pages. It's also a format that's widely recognized by browsers, ensuring that everyone can see the GIFs.

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TIFF: TIFF is another lossless compression picture format that may be used in Shopify stores. A variety of editing and online tools enable it, making it simpler for store owners and marketers to play with with the photos and modify them for campaigns. It has a high-resolution display and allows you to store many photos and pages in a single file. However, this file size is frequently quite enormous.

BMP: BMP is a popular picture format in the Windows environment. It provides data compression as well as cross-platform interoperability. The format provides beautiful photos since it is uncompressed. The file sizes, on the other hand, are the greatest. So, unless you have a Shopify picture size optimizer, you should use one of the other image formats.

Final Words

While the ideal product picture size for Shopify is not the only factor that influences sales, it is unquestionably the most important.

So, use these methods above to optimize your Shopify product images sizes and provide a seamless and appealing browsing experience for your online visitors. If you need further information, as well as, helpful tips for your online stores, read on DSers Blog!

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